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G.O.S.S Chapter 372: Jiraiya!

If we talk about lightning, then, of course, the Kumo would be the best choice. As for the earth element, the Rock has the best users.

In addition to lightning and Earth, Roja needed the Yin and Yan.

The Shadow bind of the Nara is a Yin technique while the Akamichi and the medical Ninja uses the Yang element.

“In this case, Konoha would be a better choice. I can learn two elements that I can’t use currently. The other elements need practice. If I’m lucky, I can get what I want without the need of going to the Kumo camp.”

After Roja thought for a while, he didn’t go immediately, he just returned to practice for another two days wanting to learn the Chakra natures and increase his Chakra reserve.

In two days, Roja’s Chakra surpassed that of an elite Jonin and reached the standard of a Kage. You can say he is an S class Ninja right now.

There is no such thing as a kage level Ninja, but there are S Class ninjas who could fight with Kages. S class ninjas aren’t necessarily Kages, but a Kage needs to be an S class Ninja.

“Let’s go, follow me.”

On the third day, Roja simply ate breakfast and ordered Kurenai.

Kurenai witnessed Roja’s inhuman speed of practicing Chakra. She felt that whatever he does right now, it won’t be that shocking anymore.


Kurenai didn’t ask where to, she just responded and started following him.

Roja looked at her and said: “Then you will lead the way, let’s go to Konoha’s camp.”


Kurenai shouted subconsciously. Her expression was blank as she looked at Roja.

What? Where did he say he wants to go? Konoha’s camp?

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to lead the way?” Roja smiled at Kurenai and said: “Maybe if we go there, they could save you from my hand.”

Kurenai listened to Roja’s words and hesitated. If Roja’s strength was just that of an Elite Jonin, she would lead the way without hesitation. But his strength is unfathomable, if he went there, only God might know what will happen!

She didn’t know what Roja wanted to do at Konoha’s camp.

“That… What do you want when you get there?” After taking a deep breath, Kurenai asked.

Roja glanced at her and said: “I want to learn the way to change Chakra nature… If you know how to, we wouldn’t have to go there.”


Kurenai’s cheeks turned red as if she was just slapped in the face. She was only a Ninja that graduated not long ago, and this was a period of war. She didn’t have the chance to practice chakra nature.

After hesitating for a while, Kurenai finally led the way.

Although it wasn’t a good thing to lead Roja toward the camp, even if she refused, he could find his way alone.

Konoha’s camp location wasn’t a secret. It’s better for her to lead the way and try to prevent a conflict between Roja and Konoha from starting.

Konoha’s camp was located in a plain area.

For a ninja From Konoha, the mountain and valley isn’t a favorable terrain. If the enemy can use earth release, they would be dangerous. So a plain area was best for them to have a camp.

After all, there were hundreds of Ninja in the camp, and they won’t fear a sneak attack.

Roja and Kurenai’s figures appeared in front of the camp which was discovered by the patrolling Ninja who immediately went to report.


In the central tent in the camp, a meeting was currently taking place. After hearing the report, all faces changed.

These days, they were looking for information about Roja, they didn’t expect him to come to the camp alone.

“He’s actually coming to our camp… He’s really daring. Is he just going to attack our camp?”

Their faces showed anger.

Shikaku on the side couldn’t help saying: “Don’t be reckless. That guy’s strength is unfathomable. It’s really troublesome we need to be careful.”

Shikaku looked at the few people’s faces for a long time then turned his head toward the person with the highest position in the room.

“Jiraiya-sama, what do you think?”

One of the Sanin was sitting in the middle of the tent!

He arrived here shortly because of Roja’s business by the orders of the Third Hokage.

“Since he is here, let’s go and have a look. I want to see what he can do.” His face slightly sunk as he stood up with a smile and a voice full of arrogance.

All the people present were having cold looks on their faces.

The name of the Sanin was known all around the world. Their personal strength was undoubted and not to mention he came here along with 300 Ninja units.

The number of the ninjas in the camp exceeded one thousand, and the number of the elite Jonins was at least 30. With such a force, they didn’t doubt their victory.

Not to mention Roja, even if a kage was here, what can he do?!

Seeing the camp in front of him, Roja didn’t feel any tension or had any vigilance at all. He was relaxed as he moved forward while using Haki to look at the camp.

“The number of Ninjas in the camp isn’t the same as what you said. There is at least a thousand. It seems like reinforcement arrived.”


Kurenai responded dully. She could see that the camp expanded a lot and there are more people there than before.

As Roja and Kurenai approached, people walked out from the camp.

When Kurenai looked at the people moving toward them, she felt joy and her eyes didn’t have any worry anymore.

A Sanin is here in the front lines?!