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G.O.S.S Chapter 373: Confrontation!

A voice suddenly was heard.



Kurenai heard her father’s voice and instantly looked toward him with a glimmer of light in her eyes.

“Don’t worry.”

Shinku saw that his daughter was okay and felt relieved. He couldn’t help sigh and say: “It will be fine.”

Just after these words, the atmosphere in the camp transformed into a sharp one as the Ninjas rushed at Roja.

“Who are you, why are you here?!”

“Who Am I…”

Roja faintly glanced at the man and said: “I will introduce myself. My name is Roja. I don’t belong to any village nor any force.”

“As for what I want, um… I need the method of Chakra nature transformation of the earth, lightning, Yin, and Yang. You should have them here, right?”

Doesn’t belong to any power?

All the people looked at each other and blinked. They couldn’t find any information about Roja even when they send people to investigate in Kirigakure. But it seemed even the Kiri’s didn’t know who Roja was.

Roja’s identity was indeed a mystery.

Silence fell as the ninjas blinked and no one spoke.

“What? Don’t tell me you don’t have them?”

Roja faced a dozen people and was indifferent.

Just as Roja’s voice fell, Jiraya that didn’t speak before smiling.


“The way of Chakra transformation, indeed we have it, but why should we hand it over to you? I think you should look around you…”

Having said this, his face sunk as he said again: “Release the hostage and leave. If you do, we won’t pursue this any longer!”

As his voice fell, the ninjas stared at Roja, and each of them released a powerful momentum trying to oppress Roja.

If it was a normal person, this much power would be enough to suffocate him.

“Konoha’s Sanin, Jiraiya the Toad Sanin, your power is not bad… Can I interpret what you said as a threat?” Roja narrowed his eyes and looked at Jiraiya.

Jiraiya snorted, and he said: “Since you know my name, then you should know the situation you’re in.”

There were many perceptual Ninjas, and they couldn’t feel any presence other than Roja’s. It’s clear that he was here alone.

Even though Roja was strong, as he defeated the elite troop of the Kumo, but this was Konoha’s camp. Not to mention the number of Ninjas, even a Sanin was here.

“In that case, I think I need to get them with force then.”

Roja grabbed the air, and Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hand. He looked at the Ninjas in front of him and said.

“Hand over the things I want. Otherwise, if this sword fell down, some of you may die.”


Hearing his words, a touch of anger appeared in the faces of Konoha’s Ninjas.

Although Roja was strong, facing a thousand Ninjas and still dare say such words, he clearly wasn’t putting any of them nor Konoha in his eyes.


At the next moment, six Ninjas moved and surrounded Roja from six different angles and yelled.

“Six violet flame formation!”


Roja was enveloped inside a formation without a way of escaping.

This is an upgraded version of the four violet flame formation from the original story. That was the technique used by Orochimaru’s four Ninjas to prevent the third Hokage from escaping. This formation was without a doubt stronger than the former.

Whether it’s the toughness or the size, it was far better than the four violet flame formation.

“Six violet flame formation?”

Roja looked at the violet curtain around him and shook his head slightly. He said indifferently: “If it was the four red Yang formation, it would’ve been worthy of me being serious.”

Four red Yang formation…

When Jiraiya looked at Roja, he wasn’t angry. He felt something strange as he touched his chin. He was a knowledgeable person and knew what the four red Yang formation was.

That formation was created by the second Hokage that needed four Kage level Ninjas to perform. From where can he get that many kage level Ninjas? This guy was overestimating himself.

“Where did you hear about the four Red Yang Formation?”

He snorted as he put his hand in front of him ready to print, but he didn’t start yet. He looked at Kurenai beside Roja and said: “You have no choice as you are now trapped here, why don’t you let the hostage go quickly?”


Roja suddenly smiled and looked at them then said: “Well, I don’t have anything to do so I will play a little with you. I will stand here without moving, no matter the method you use as long as you make me move a step or save her, I lose.”

“If you can’t, just hand over what I want.”

Roja’s remark made the Ninjas stagnate as they looked at him with incredible looks.

How arrogant can this guy be?

“You’re crazy!”

Jiraiya’s face sunk as he snorted. But he thought in his heart that this guy was strong and his condition was something he set for his defeat.

Although his mind was a mess, it didn’t affect his printing, and without any error, he completed the technique.

Since words didn’t get them anywhere, it a waste of time to talk anymore.

He wanted to see how strong Roja was!

“Earth Release: Swamp Of The Underworld!”


With one hand pressed on the ground, Chakra surged, and the earth under Roja’s feet suddenly softened and turned into a swamp ready to devour Roja.

“Bankai: Daiguren Hyorinmaru!”

“Ice Age!”

Roja held Sen Maboroshi in front of him, and Ice started spreading from his feet gently turning the swamp into Ice.