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G.O.S.S Chapter 374: One Sword to Break the Formation!

Jiraiya was frozen for a second. He was shocked, but he was experienced so with a fast speed he printed.

“Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon!”

Wouch! Wouch!

His long hair erected and solidified, it was even tougher than steel. And because hair was pointed, It had an extremely high penetration.

Jiraiya moved toward Roja while Roja was still motionless while his body was covered by a black layer of Busoshoku Haki. The hair touched Roja’s body, and a clanging sound was heard after the collision.

“What is that? Earth strengthening?”

His eyes shrunk as he was well aware of the penetrative ability of this technique. Even the Earth strengthening would be useless against him.

At the moment when Jiraiya was facing Roja, a group of people moved together.


The first was Shikaku, he was observing Roja’s power to find his weakness, but he couldn’t find it yet, so he wanted to test.

“Shadow Imitation!”

Shikaku’s shadow moved toward Roja.

The people didn’t take Roja’s words seriously before. There are so many of them, and whether it’s the Nara Shadow or the Yamanaka control, if you don’t avoid them, it would be the end.

But surprisingly, facing the Shadow imitation, Roja didn’t move.


Shikaku’s shadow directly connected with Roja’s shadow!

“Did you succeed?”

Shikaku was stunned. He didn’t expect Roja to be so daring and not avoid his Ninjutsu.

At the next moment, Shikaku cooperated with his Old partner Inoichi.

“Mind Body Switch Technique!”


The technique directly hit Roja.

The people stopped their movement, and all of them observed.

“Is it done?”

“Isn’t this guy weak?”

The people were just starting to see the outcome, and it seems like nothing happened.

Of course, some people were vigilant and doubted whether this was a clone or not.

But at the next moment, Inoichi opened his eyes, and his forehead was full of sweat. As if he experience extreme horror, he was stunned in place.

Not only Inoichi But Even Shikaku at the side also had his face change, and as if he was hit hard, he spat blood and fell to the ground.

“Inoichi, Shikaku, what happened!”

“What’s going on?”

Seeing this, the people were suddenly shocked. It’s clear that their jutsus connected, how come they became like this?

At this time Roja was still standing still indifferently. The Shadow bind of the Nara and the body switch of the Yamanaka are all connected to the spiritual force.

And facing his Spiritual force, even Madara may not be qualified.

After sweeping his gaze at the Ninjas, Roja waved his sword, and white mist suddenly spread. Wherever it went, everything turned to Ice.

“Be careful!”

Jiraiya felt threatened by instinct and without hesitation, his hands printed.

“Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullets!”

Although there were some who were shocked and didn’t move, after all, they were all Ninjas, and their reaction speed was extremely fast.

All the fire users attacked and by the side whoever had wind assisted.


The Fire and wind intertwined making a skyrocketing fire sweeping away Roja’s white mist.

The Flame collided with the white mist and a sizzling sound was heard.

“What a terrible cold force…”

Jiraiya watched the scene in front of him, and his expression was already serious. So many of them joined hand in suppressing the white mist, and they were only able to block it.

How strong was Roja’s Ice Release?!

But when they were secretly surprised, they heard Roja say something, and the white mist condensed making it even more horrible and directly pushed the flames away.

“This is impossible!!”

All the Ninjas saw this scene were filled with horror and without hesitation retreated.

Wouch! Wouch!

Some people were swept by the mist and turned into Ice, and the other retreated to the edge of the Six violet flames formation.

The six people managing the formation immediately reacted and opened a way for the others to escape before closing it again.

The mist hit the formation and made it shook as if it was about to vanish.

The six people endured the change and didn’t hesitate to push their chakra into the formation to stabilize it blocking the white mist inside.

The power of the white mist finally dispersed.

Roja still stood in place while holding Sen Maboroshi calmly. He didn’t move from beginning to end.

Kurenai beside Roja was unscathed, but her face was full of shock. Just the joined attacked made her despair.

Unexpectedly the horrible fire was defeated by Roja alone.

How strong was Roja!

Not only Kurenai, but even the six managing the formation along with the crowd outside also had this question in mind. They were no longer relaxed.

Facing Roja wasn’t like facing a human. it’s more like facing a Tailed Beast.

“The fire that we released jointly was defeated… That Ice power is horrible, how can we deal with him.”

Shikaku’s face was white; it seemed he was injured by the backlash of his attack at Roja.

“Don’t worry!”

Jiraiya quietly said: “I’m going to deal with him. Although he is powerful, he can’t break out of that formation. He is trapped, and the next attack needs some time.”

He wanted to use Sage mode and deal with Roja, but that would take some time, but Roja was trapped in the formation, so he had plenty of time.

Without waiting for his preparation, Roja glanced at the Ninjas outside and suddenly shook his head: “You don’t dare to enter?”

“You think this thing can trap me?”

When his voice fell, Roja released a horrible momentum as if he turned into a sword that can split the world. He held Sen Maboroshi in his hand.

I have a sword, I can cut everything!


Under the gaze of countless people, the six violet flames formation were broken.

The earth suddenly broke open, and a deep abyss appeared and spread forward.