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G.O.S.S Chapter 377: Kurenai’s Secret!

After swallowing, Kurenai found out that it wasn’t safe to follow Roja. It was quite dangerous. She couldn’t help hide far away and kept looking at him.

Roja didn’t care about her behavior. He frowned as he thought about why he failed.

“With my control, it wasn’t enough to integrate the seven elements together at the same time?”

Roja muttered.

At the next moment, he already determined that fusing the seven elements can be done, but it needs ultimate control and a large amount of Chakra.

His current chakra was comparable to that of a Hokage, but it wasn’t enough. He needed at least the amount of Chakra Madara, and Hashirama had, only then could he fuse the chakra into the Truth-seeking ball.

Other than that, with his control, there are still some shortcomings at the final stage of the fusion as it was extremely difficult to control seven elements simultaneously.

“Since the difficulty so high, then I should do it partially.”

After Roja thought for a while, he made a decision. First, he used the water element and fire element which he was most familiar with and tried to combine them.

He had the strength of the sun’s surface temperature and the absolute zero. His control over these two elements is without a doubt high.


In Roja’s body, the chakra was divided in two, and once each converted to an element, Roja started the process of fusion.

The fire and water are opposite attributes so the fusion would be hard, but with Roja’s control he suppressed them and started to guide their fusion.

Controlling seven elements may be hard, but two was simple for Roja.

After constant attempts, Roja finally perfectly fused fire and water.

Unlike other blood limit users of the boil release, Roja can directly use Ninjutsu without the need of printing.

“Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique!”

Roja stood up, and his eyes flickered. He suddenly breathed out gas toward the distant tree. This was the same as the original technique used by Mei.


Under the mist, the tree suddenly started to melt and disappeared.

“Not bad…”

Roja looked at this scene and nodded slightly. He remembered that when Sasuke’s Susano was in the initial stage, it was unable to stop the beauty’s mist.

In the distance, Kurenai couldn’t help take a deep breath. Even though she wasn’t very knowledgeable and couldn’t recognize the boil release, she can at least know that it’s a blood limit.

“Nature Chakra transformation and creating blood limit…”

Remembering what her teacher taught her, she couldn’t help revealing her shock: “How did he do it and in less than half a day?”

After Roja released the mist Jutsu, all of his chakra was consumed, and his body was exhausted.

“Using Jutsu without printing would exhaust all of my Chakra and would also make my body exhausted?”

Roja shook his head. He didn’t care. What was strong was his soul, not his body. The consumption of his stamina was big, but there is only a little bit of his Reiatsu used.

In One piece’s world, Roja hasn’t practiced for a long time, but from the moment he came here, he was practicing for so long. Roja didn’t have the temperament to practice for a long time without doing anything else continuously.

After calming down a little, Roja glanced at Kurenai who was hiding far away and said: “Don’t hide, come over here.”

Kurenai heard Roja’s words and rushed toward him.

After coming near him, Kurenai looked at Roja to find him staring at her intently.

After looking for a few breaths, Kurenai was defeated, and a red blush appeared on her face and instantly bowed her head.

She felt that Roja’s eyes were too deep, giving the one looking at them the feeling as if they were sinking and unable to break free.

“Come with me, I will teach you something.”

Roja continued looked at her and said faintly.

Kurenai didn’t know what Roja wanted to teach her. She hesitated before she followed him.

“Perceptual Ninja should perceive other’s chakra, as for the Uchiha’s Sharingan and the Hyuuga’s Byakugan, each has its advantages.”

“I have a power not inferior to these two eyes, and its power of observation is even above them, you can learn this ability, and it would be more convenient for you in the future.”

Roja didn’t know whether Kurenai could see through Kyoka Suigetsu using Haki. He wanted to try, and if she can, he won’t be afraid of Aizen.

Nowadays, Kurenai was almost the same as his chief. Even if she was released from Kyoka Suigetsu’s illusion and returned to the village, the people in the village would send her back here.

“Not inferior to the ability of Sharingan and Byakugan?”

When she heard Roja’s words, Kurenai was surprised. She was very familiar with these two blood limits.

These two blood limits were the backbone of the Village.

Saying that this power has more observational power than these two casually, Kurenai was in disbelief.

“What, you don’t believe me?”

Roja glanced at Kurenai and suddenly said: “Look at the second branch of the tree behind me. The fifth leaf on that branch has two ants on it.”

Kurenai heard what Roja said and suddenly jumped back and looked at the exact leaf Roja pointed at and found two ants crawling on it.


She was stunned. She was beside Roja all the time and knew that he didn’t leave his place. Still, he could accurately determine the position of the two ants.

Kurenai jumped down from the tree while she was still in disbelief. She came closer toward Roja and said: “You wouldn’t have just guessed right?”


Roja glanced at Kurenai and said: “Well then, you should believe when it say… you’re wearing a pair of white colored ones…”


Kurenai didn’t get what Roja said, but when she thought a little bit her eyes widened as she covered her chest with her hands.

Roja looked at her and said: “Last night, you sneaked up to the river and sat on the stone…”


Roja glanced at her and said: “Don’t react like that, I don’t have any voyeurism fetish also I don’t have a thing for girls under puberty.”

Kurenai finally collapsed, and she wanted to hit Roja, but unfortunately for her, he was Roja. When she jumped at him, Roja flicked her between her eyebrows and said.

“Little girl, don’t think about trying to assault me, I already have a lover.”

Kurenai was stunned by Roja’s words as he continued: “Okay, don’t’ waste time, come over here and learn how to practice.”