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G.O.S.S Chapter 411: Full of sluggishness!

“Who is he?!”

On the battlefield, the rock ninjas looked at Roja inexplicably, most of them were worried, and even the Raikage looked at Roja weirdly.

They didn’t know Roja was behind that explosion and before they could ask, Roja appeared and said some hateful words.

Are you done playing?

Roja looked at the ninjas with some resentment. He was about to succeed before the ground started shaking and shifting resulting in his failure.

In order to complete the fusion, he endured their annoyance, a stone even hit him in the face, and he didn’t let go! But in the end, they still interrupted him!

He only wanted to beat them down now!

“Are you satisfied?!”

Roja walked in the direction of the battlefield slowly with a cold face. He didn’t have the muscles like the Raikage, but his voice made everything stagnate for a short while.


One of the rocks looked at Roja, he threw some shurikens, but Roja stopped them with one hand.

He didn’t catch them, just closed his hand on them and they turned into an iron ball!

“Is it really so cool to throw these?”

Roja threw the ball which separated and flew out toward the Rock ninjas.

Wouch! Wouch!

The Rock ninjas saw this and directly knew Roja was an enemy.

The leader directly ordered: “Attack him!”

“Earth Release: Earth Spear!”

Immediately, a dozen ninjutsu moved toward Roja, who amazingly was just like the Raikage as he smashed them directly with his feet.

Whenever a shuriken hit him, it would make a clanging sound of metal before dropping down.

“Earth Release: Earth wall!”

Suddenly, some ninjas used earth walls trying to stop Roja, but it couldn’t stand in front of the Raikage, how could it be a problem for Roja!


With a blast, the earth wall shattered.

Roja’s deed was the recreation of the Raikage’s. No matter what kind of jutsu they used, it was blocked.

Roja slapped two rock ninjas who spurted blood and felt dizzy. Seeing this, the other rock ninjas wanted to rescue their own, but before they do anything Roja looked at them directly!


Roja’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was as if he shouted in their ears as they directly lost conscious.


In an instant, dozen Rock ninjas fell to the ground.

Several people from the rock side dropped down to the ground as they fainted one after the other.

The leader didn’t expect Roja to be so strong and he couldn’t help make the shaking in his heart dissipate.

“Where is this monster coming from, the Raikage was enough, now another one came!”

Roja stepped forward while the ninjas retreated subconsciously.

The Raikage looked at Roja in front of him in full alarm.

Who is this guy? He is too strong. It looked as if he was as strong as me. Is he here to save me? However, I didn’t see this guy before.


The Raikge looked at Roja, and before he could say anything, a palm slapped his face.

“You can also roll!”

The Raikage wanted to avoid, but he was shocked when the speed of this slap was way faster than him.


Under the gaze of the rock ninjas, the person who was fighting them alone like a god of war was now slapped in the face and sent flying only to land in the huge pit.

“This is…”

This time, even the leader was too shocked as he didn’t expect this.


The earth suddenly collapsed, and the Raikage went out and his face full of anger as he looked at Roja.

“You little…”


Before he could finish talking, Roja stepped on his head with one foot.

“Damn it…”

The Raikage was really angry, he used his lightning armor to the max as he wanted to try to force Roja leg off.


This time the earth cracked apart like a spider web, and finally, the Raikage was out, but before he could be happy, he was once again stepped on and returned to the dirt.

He only felt the nearly unstoppable force crashing on him almost making his lightning armor disappear.

There was a trace of blood on his mouth.

“This guy…”

After being slammed to the ground like this, the Raikage wasn’t angry anymore, he was too shocked to be angry.

It was awkward!!

The Raikge was a master among the kages, but he was suppressed by a mere two foot slamming on his head. He realized how powerful Roja was. He finally didn’t care anymore as he used his signature skill.

Hell, stab!

The horrible thunder chakra gathered on his finger as it moved toward Roja.

But Roja’s foot once again met him.

Only this time, Roja’s foot was black, when the two collided, a huge explosion was made, and the earth under Roja’s foot directly flew toward the sky and dropped like rain only to reveal the Raikage still bathed in lightning.

Many rock ninjas witnessed this only to faint at the end.

The Raikage used the technique and destroyed many of their jutsu and ran hell on the battlefield. And Roja actually countered it with one foot.

Wasn’t he afraid of being pierced by that?!

In the next moment, all Rock ninjas saw something!

The lightning around the Raikage was less than before as his face was horrible as if he just come out of hell.

Even when Roja arrived in this world, he could crash the Raikage with his body, but now he had the perfect body, the body of the sage.


After this, the Raikage’s lightning armor disappeared as he fell down under Roja’s foot once again.

Roja wasn’t satisfied yet as he sent another two feet toward the Raikage.

Boom! Boom!

The earth was shaking as if there was an earthquake around.

At this moment, the Rock ninjas had their chins almost touching the ground and their eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

Including their leader, all of them seemed to scream in their minds and their heart about to stop beating from shock.