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G.O.S.S Chapter 410: Have you played enough?

Just when the Rocks where amazed, the leader of the army spoke loudly.

“Don’t be afraid of him! He’s just one man! Perceptive ninjas pay attention to his actions, a team is to block his way, the other come and attack with me!”

This sound made countless of Rock ninjas find back their fighting spirit.

That’s right!

This person may be strong, but his just one person, sooner or later, he will die.

Under the command of the leader, the rock ninjas gradually started attacking again. However, the Raikage’s speed was too fast, and his defense was abnormal.

“Do you really have the ability?!”

The Raikage bathed in lightning as he proudly stood in the battlefield, his upper body was naked and his hair swayed by the wind.


The leader calmed himself down as he couldn’t only command the Rock ninjas to encircle the Raikage.

Originally, he planned to kill him along with hundreds elite. Now it seems like dealing with the Raikage alone is troublesome. Even if this continues, then they would only manage to kill one person while they would have too many casualties.

“Earth Release: Sandwich Technique!”

Suddenly from the side, Two earth mountains suddenly rose and crashed on the Raikage.

The Raikage wasn’t afraid of this as he bent four fingers and slammed that technique with one finger.

Hell Stab!


Under the attack from the Raikage, the technique was smashed and numerous stones splashed in all direction and even accidentally injured some rock ninjas.


Countless stones went flying, and coincidentally one of them went toward Roja.


The stone shattered the hill and some piece of stones splashed on Roja’s body, causing his facial muscle to twitch a little.

Seeing that the fusion was about to succeed, Roja suppressed his annoyance and continued to concentrate on it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Raikage was facing countless Ninjutsus wherever he went. Beside Lightning element, he smashed all other technique, he didn’t need to do so to lightning one cause he was coated with it.

Wouch! Wouch!

Numerous ninjas died, and the battlefield was filled with blood, weapons, and corpses.

It was difficult for the army to attack with strategy.

“Don’t rush alone and attack, wait and restrain his actions!”

“He is also a human being, there should be a limit to his defense. The joint attack should be able to break his defense.”

The leader finally gave his instruction with more calmness. Soon, the Rock ninjas started to cooperate perfectly, blocking the Raikage.


Under the leader’s command, earth walls surrounded the Raikage as a huge rock descended from the sky.

“Earth Release: Ultra Added Weight Rock technique!”

The leader assisted with a cold face as he single-handedly jumped and pressed the rock with one hand making the rock thousand times heavier.


The huge rock finally hit the ground, and the earth shook.

“Don’t stop!”

The leader knew how difficult it was to kill the Raikage. After this attack, they continued to use ninjutsu without stop.

Some of the elite joined hand as they used a super technique.

“Earth Release: Earth Flow Divide!”

The technique used should be B rank one, but with their joined effort, it was now surpassing an S rank one. The ground cracked under the place where the Raikage was.

Wouch! Wouch!

The crack started to close back as the ground shook.

“Did he die?”

After this, some of the ninjas asked this question.


Suddenly the soil cracked and the Raikage rushed out with his body bathed in lightning while he was unscathed.

“Are you trying to scratch me or something?”

This kind of attack actually didn’t work?

How strong was this Raikage really?

Even the leader couldn’t help but suck in cold breath. He didn’t expect this attack to have no effect and his heart shook by this greatly.

All around the battlefield, the rock inhaled as all of them couldn’t believe this.

The leader was ready to command them to continue this, but not far away, a sudden explosion sound arrived.


The sound alone was so loud that it seemed louder than the last joint attack they performed. The shockwave was strong as it swept the battlefield.

The weak rock ninjas flew due to the impact. The Raikage put his hand in front of him as he stood firm.

“What happened?”

The leader looked suspiciously.

“Reporting… There is a strong chakra fluctuation coming from there…”

A perceptive ninja jumped next to the leader and trembled as he gave the report.

The leader said angrily: “Why didn’t report early?”

“This is…”

The ninja was full of sweat, and he wanted to report but was scared by the Raikage’s power and had no time to report.


The wind and sand finally calmed down as everyone stood up again. Whether it was the Raikage or the Rock ninjas, they all looked at the place of the explosion.

When the dust dissipated, at the center of the explosion, a figure appeared.

Roja stood in the center of the collapsed earth with both his hand in front of him.

The wind blew.

Roja put down his hands, raised his head and looked at the Raikage and all the Rock ninjas as he said just one sentence.

“Have… you played enough already?”