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G.O.S.S Chapter 409: The Power of The Raikage!

The Tsushikage after being scared by Roja didn’t want to engage with Konoha anymore as he didn’t know whether Roja was from Konoha or not.

While slowing down the attack on Konoha, he transferred his attention toward the Clouds and succeeded in leading the Raikage into his trap.

The Raikage wanted to lead hundreds of his ninjas to gain an advantage in the war, but he didn’t expect this trap.

Gradually, the Raikage looked at the large force from the rock, and his face changed as he said: “A damn good plan from that damn Onoki…”

Ten thousand people… They wanted to smash them.

The hundreds of ninjas he led were elite, but the number they were facing was too much.

Once they fall here, they were goners.


The Raikage bit his teeth as he ordered a retreat.

Since they arranged such a plan, how could they forget about intercepting them in case they wanted to retreat, everything has been arranged?


A giant earth wall suddenly rose and blocked the clouds from escaping.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Clouds didn’t hesitate to try breaking the wall, as they succeeded and moved one, a second wall rose.

Although walls can’t stop them, it can slow them down.

The Third Raikage bathed in Lightning as he stood in the forefront of his army. Even though they were trying to retreat, the enemy was catching up.

“Raikage-sama! They are going to catch up…”

Someone trembled as he said.

The Raikage retracted his arms and looked at his ninjas then at the ten thousand Rock ninjas and couldn’t help bit his teeth.

“Retreat! I will stop them!”

These hundreds of elites were the foundation of the village, and if they die here, there will be no future for the clouds.


The elites were shocked by the decision of their leader.

The Raikage activated his Lightning Armor to the extreme.

“All of you, Retreat!! This is an order! What can these Rock ninjas do to me! I will beat all of them and join you!”

The clouds looked at each other and couldn’t help a bit on their teeth.


Wouch! Wouch!

The group of ninjas continued their retreat while the Raikage turned around standing in his place facing the pressure of an army of ten thousand.

“Where is Onoki, That bastard didn’t come?!”

The Raikage was stunned as he looked all over the rock ninjas to find Onoki but still couldn’t find him. Onoki probably stayed in the village.

Sending ten thousand ninjas here, it was expected that Onoki wouldn’t come personally! If he did, the village would be like a fish on a cutting board, ready to be slaughtered.

“Raikage! Get ready to die!”

One of the Rock ninjas rushed forward as he said to the Third Raikage.

“If you want your lord to get ready for death, then you must have some skills to back up these words!”

The Raikage’s words were domineering while he proudly stood in front of the ten-thousand-man army. Suddenly he rushed forward!


The fight started between ten thousand men and a single person.

And below the side of the hill not far away, Roja was trying to fuse six elements which were constantly circulating around him.

Boom! Boom!

Roars constantly came which made Roja frown, but at this time the process of the fusion was at a critical time. If he gets distracted, he would definitively fail. And Roja was planning not to fail this time.

After looking at the war through his haki, Roja didn’t pay attention to them anymore. He continued to focus his attention on the six chakra balls between his hands.

“The change in the chakra property is different from the wind and water and the other ones. Maybe I don’t have to fuse them the same way I did with the last five…”

Suddenly an idea flashed in Roja’s mind.


His thoughts moved as the yang chakra ball moved to the center while the other five rotated around it.

As soon as this was done, Roja felt something completely different than before.

The last time, he felt the process really difficult and he needed too much control to oppress the six elements so they can fuse.

But this time, after the yang chakra ball was placed in the center, more than two third of the rejection was eliminated.

“Yes! This is it!”

Roja’s eyes flashed with light as he smiled and pushed the chakra to fuse without hesitation.

“I will surely succeed.”

Not far away, just as Roja was fusing his elements, the Raikage was already battling the Rock ninjas.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Numerous ninjutsu were flying around, and the Raikage was like a god of war standing still with his lightning armor facing them. And whenever he attacked, no one could block.


“Is this the strength of the third Raikage!”

The rock ninjas had an advantage in number, but when it comes to fighting, no one stood a chance in front of the Raikage.

Even with ten thousand people, it was difficult to win against the Third Raikage.

Whether it was taijutsu or ninjutsu, nothing seemed to have an effect in the face of the Raikage as everything that touched him collapsed.

Extreme speed, power, and defense.

“It was said that the Raikage was close to the power of a tailed beast… I always thought it was a legend, but now I know that everything said is true.”

A Rock ninja saw the A class Ninjutsu break facing the Raikage, and his face was filled with horror.

Far away, some of the Rock was watching this, and their hearts were beating furiously from shock.

What kind of force is this, they were ten thousand, and they couldn’t bring one down, what the hell is this?!