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G.O.S.S Chapter 408: Rock Vs. Raikage!

Just as Roja intended to finish with the absorption and start trying to fuse six elements, Nature’s chakra in Shikkotsu Forest Weakened.


Feeling the change, Roja was surprised.

Nature’s chakra became thinner, and finally, it became just like the outside world.

Did he just absorb all the nature’s chakra in the Shikkotsu Forest?…

Roja touched his chin and stood up.

“I didn’t expect that all the nature’s chakra here would be absorbed by me, no, I think I absorbed chakra too fast that it couldn’t regenerate at the same rate.”

Roja looked at the huge slug with embarrassment.

The slug noticed the change in nature’s chakra. It seemed to know what Roja was thinking and said: “Don’t worry, it will soon recover.”

“It will be restored?”

Roja looked at it strangely. Finally, he figured out that this place was special in the world.

The capacity of this place to hold chakra was limited, when he came here, nature’s chakra was at its limit. With his absorption, it became thin.

But due to the place being special, in a few months, nature’s chakra would be recovered by absorbing it from all over the place.

“A few months…”

“Yes, there was no one who could absorb nature’s chakra at your speed, but it would recover in three months.”

The slug replied earnestly.

Roja nodded and wanted to stop the absorption and concentrate on fusing the elements.

After forming the Truth-seeking-ball, he would officially be in six paths level.

With that kind of power, he would be able to face Madara after he revived and also be able to face even Kaguya. He would be certain to protect Hancock when he brings her here.

Kurenai and the others were camping inside the cave. They were all ninjas, so even if they are in a desert, they could survive.

In the past ten days, Kurenai and Mei waited outside. Mei tried to enter once, but she interfered with Roja’s absorption and was beaten by him.

When Roja came out, Kurenai was first to know as she greeted him.


Roja nodded slightly at Kurenai and took another look at Mei and said: “I’m going to be trying something, continue waiting here and don’t try to come over.”


Mei and Kurenai said at the same moment. They thought about that explosion and couldn’t help shudder in fear when they remembered it.

Roja walked out of the canyon, suddenly he saw Tsunade and said with surprise: “I have allowed you to leave? Why are you still here? Do you want to be my maid too?”

As he said this Roja touched his chin and said: “I already have two maids and adding another one is too much, I have to consider this.”


Tsunade couldn’t believe what she just heard.

She didn’t believe that Roja didn’t know that she didn’t leave. She didn’t believe that he didn’t know how hard for her to return alone. He was doing this deliberately.

Tsunade was originally caught by him, and she didn’t care about her life. She found out that Roja didn’t want to kill her, so she didn’t want to die too.

The first rule of being a ninja is to obey orders, the second is to finish the task no matter what, the third is to ensure your survival if the first two are guaranteed.

Tsunade gnashed her teeth and didn’t respond.

Roja looked at her and smiled: “Do you want me to send you back home?”

“What do you want?”

Tsunade gave a sigh of relief. She was a Sanin after all. She forced herself to calm down and looked at Roja.

“I don’t feel very good, I will wait here.”

Roja glanced at her and shrugged his shoulders then walked past her.

In fact, even if he goes to Konoha’s front lines against the Rock, that camp should be commanded by Orochimaru who was the only one who knew the place of the Ryuchi Cave.

Roja wanted to go there, so it was necessary to find Orochimaru and ask him.

Wouch! Wouch!

Roja accelerated and soon entered an empty area full of mountains. He randomly picked a place and tried the Fusion.

The Shikkotsu Forest was north the Land of earth near the land of Fire’s border.

At this moment, a few Kilometers away from Roja, hundreds of Rock ninjas gathered together heading toward the third Raikage.

Just as the group marched forward, the perceptive Ninja on the Raikage’s side picked the chakra fluctuation of something, and suddenly his face changed as he said: “Raikage-sama! Someone in front of us!”

“Is it someone from the rock?”

The Third Raikage blinked as he asked.

The perceptive Ninja stopped as he didn’t seem to hear the Raikage’s word. Instead, his forehead was full of cold sweat as his eyes filled with horror.

“That… Damn it! How could this be…”

“What going on?”

The Third Raikage saw this, and his face changed.

The ninja was terrified as he said: “There are Rock ninjas in front of us…There is more than… 10,000 of them!”

As soon as this was said, hundreds of cloud ninjas were in turmoil.

“Is this a joke!”

Everyone’s faces were full of horror, ten thousand, what is happening, did they mobilize their entire forces?!

This must be the most powerful force mobilized since the start of the third war.


“It turns out this was The Tsushikage’s plan all along!”