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G.O.S.S Chapter 407: Strength Level!

(T/N: Sen Maboroshi’s space was 1 square meter not 10, sorry for the typo.)

Somewhere in a dark underground. Uchiha Madara with an old body and face full of wrinkles was sitting on a stone chair.

Although he seemed dying, he still gave a strong pressure.

“What’s the situation with Nagato?

“Him, Konan and Yahiko are trying to stop the war…”

“Stopping the war, too naïve.”

Madara opened his eyes and closed them again as he looked at his own physical condition and said: “My body can no longer keep up… Nagato is still too young.”

Having said this, Madara stopped and paused as many names flashed in his mind.

Suddenly he thought about someone and couldn’t help ask.

“How is observing Roja coming along?”

“I have some information…”

Zetsu said: “He faced the Mist and eliminated most of them and controlled Mei.”

“After that, he encountered Shusui in the land of Fire and then Tsunade personally arrived and was defeated.”

“Then he went to the Land of earth, during which he was attacked by Rock Ninja and their Tsushikage who failed to stop him. He created a huge explosion which scared the Rocks off, and now he arrived at Shikkotsu Forest.”

Some information isn’t even known to the great villages, but Zetsu said them like it was nothing.

“Oh, crossed the Land of Fire…”

Listening to Zetsu, Madara’s eyes flashed with light. Although the way Zetsu spoke was very dull, he could tell that no ninja could stop Roja.

The previous evaluation of Roja’s power improved.

“Is there any information about his combat power?”

Zetsu shook his head and said: “That guy seemed to have a power that surpasses even the Byakugan, even I can’t escape it.”

“So… He has a strong, perceptive ability…”

When he heard Zetsu’s words, Madara’s eyes flashed, he was more and more interested in him as he continued to ask: “Why is he going to the Earth land, what is his purpose?”

“It seemed like he wants to cultivate Nature’s chakra…”

Zetsu hesitated a bit then said: “He was looking for a place with strong nature chakra’s concentration.”

“Nature’s chakra…”

Madara’s eyes were bright.

At this moment, he was certain that Roja wanted to reach the body of sage.

According to Zetsu’s information, Roja shouldn’t be a descendant of Hashirama or the Senju. It should be impossible for him to have the body of the sage.

“What a funny guy.”

Madara placed Roja in the list of people that can’t be ignored.

Roja appeared in this world about in about half a year. And in Madara’s opinion, Roja was the second best Ninja in the world already.

“Madara-sama, do you have any plans?”


Madara waved his hands calmly and said: “This Roja is the real deal, I’m currently in no state to deal with him. Although he did doesn’t have the Sharingan, he would probably be able to read the stone tablet, but I won’t let him interfere with my plan.”

Zetsu laughed and said: “I don’t think there was a time you were this helpless.”


Madara shouted: “According to your information, he doesn’t seem interested in the war so he won’t interfere with my plan for now.”

Madara’s eyes flashed while no one knew what he was thinking.

Shikkotsu Forest, it has been nearly ten days now.

During this time, Roja barely stepped out of the Shikkotsu Forest. After he tempered his body, his vitality skyrocketed.

With only one thought, he can enter the Sage mode.

This is also a sign of having the body of the sage.

In addition to that, his space’s size now was 5 square meters which were a far cry from the fist-sized one.

Perceiving the changes in Sen Maboroshi, Roja whispered in his heart.

“Now I can face the Six Paths, but… I still need to make sure.”

“There are probably level in the six paths level. As Naruto with only the Truth-seeking ball and Kyuubi, he could be regarded as six paths.”

In his heart, Roja divided the six paths level to low, middle, and high. Naruto in the original book should be a low six paths while Madara should be mid six paths and Kaguya is definitively a high one.

As for Hashirama… Aside from the strange story in the original book, he should have reached High six path by the end or at least his chakra did.

Roja asked himself about his current strength. He had some chances of winning against low sixth paths.

Roja shook his head again.

“I’m still not sure, I need to absorb more nature’s chakra, Kaguya won’t be out anytime soon, and I’m afraid if Madara became the Jinchuriki of the Juubi, then it won’t be easy to deal with him.”

“it’s almost time to try fusing six elements. It’s not difficult with my current level. I’m no far from the seven elements of fusion.

“Once I complete them, there should be a qualitative change.”

Roja’s eyes flashed as he calmed down and started absorbing chakra again.