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G.O.S.S Chapter 406: Sen Maboroshi’s space!

After thanking it, Roja wasn’t polite as he sat on the ground and summoned Sen Maboroshi.

“Let’s start.”

Roja looked at Sen Maboroshi floating in front of him and gave the command to Sen Maboroshi to no longer restrain it absorption speed anymore.

In a flash, Sen Maboroshi seemed to turn into a bottomless pit just like a core of a vortex. It gathered nature’s chakra like there is no tomorrow.

Such vast turbulence in nature’s chakra, even the two women that didn’t cultivate it could feel the change, let alone the Celestial being that was there.

“Roja won’t be careless and destroy the Shikkotsu Forest right?”

Kurenai looked nervously at a depth of the canyon, and when she remembered the last thing he did, she became worried.

Mei’s mouth twitched when she heard Kurenai’s words.

Tsunade intended to return to Konoha, but she remembered that she was in the Earth land. Even though the Tsushikage was scared by Roja, it won’t be easy to return alone, and she could only wait.

The three of them looked nervously at the canyon.

However, an hour passed…


Half a day…

Although there was an oppressing feeling, there was no other abnormality and no great movement. This made Kurenai gradually relieved.

“Absorbing nature’s energy so violently. This human… no, this sword…”

At this moment, the huge slug looked at shockingly at Roja.

It thought that Roja just wanted to absorb some nature’s energy, so how much can he take?

But the current speed can’t be compared to even Kaguya herself.

It felt nature’s chakra continue to enter Roja and the sword while the latter was shaking.

Such a huge amount of energy, even if someone was able to absorb it, he won’t be able to control it, but there was no sign in Roja losing control.

Roja’s body was constantly changing.

Nature’s chakra made his body stronger, the second stage, his body would turn to that of a sage, the last stage probably would be getting the body of the Six Paths.

Because Roja didn’t practice any kind of technique to enter sage mode, so there was no sign in his body changing at all.

The only difference is that his hair changed from black to white.


The influx of nature’s chakra finally slowed down under Roja’s control as his body started to have great changes as if every cell in his body was constantly breaking and regenerating.

This kind of pain would be unbearable for normal people, but Roja was patient, but he was also lazy to bear this kind of pain, so he directly entered Shinigami mode, taking a soul form and watching his body transforming.

“Now, I’m really as resilient as Kaido, even if a sword pierced me, I could heal easily, even if the heart was what pierced.”

Roja observed his body and couldn’t help mutter.

The transformation continued reaching the sage body but along with high self-regenerating ability. In the sage mode, he has a huge chakra reserve, and he can activate it whenever he wanted to.

This amount of Chakra was the thing Roja lacked. With enough chakra, he could complete the fusion of Six elements which leaves him with only the easiest element to fuse.

Roja’s attention gradually shifted from his body toward Sen Maboroshi.

Nature’s chakra absorbed by the sword enhanced its energy with a whole +3, it jumped from +2 to +5.

This is undoubtedly a leap forward.

In addition, the Space created by Sen Maboroshi reached now ten square meters.

When it reached this size, Roja discovered that he didn’t have to develop his own Kamui dimension.

The two were completely different.

Kamui was an independent space, while Sen Maboroshi was a parallel one. It’s like Kamui’s dimension was a small box outside the big box which was the Ninja world.

While his space was like a small box inside the big box.

When he uses it, the space around him will be his, and it can be controlled as he wants. He can teleport and do anything freely over there. He can even use Sasuke’s trick with his Rennigan.

Simply speaking, it’s like an enhanced version of ROOM!

And unlike ROOM, Roja can use the same trick of Kamui making no one able to hit him.

“Obito transfers his body to another space to avoid being hit, and for me, if you want to attack me, you have to break Sen Maboroshi’s space first… As if they were the same, but they are completely different.”

Roja’s eyes flashed a little, as he realized how powerful this space ability was. It’s like the fusion between ROOM and Obito’s Mangekyu Sharingan.”