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G.O.S.S Chapter 405: Slug!

“This is too much…”

In the hill not far from the crater, Kurenai looked at the collapsed land with a white face and a shocked expression. Although she knew Roja could make some big moves sometimes, she didn’t expect it to be this big.

If Roja didn’t throw that away in the last moment, all of them would’ve died.

By the side, Tsunade and Mei were also scared.

“Huh… failed!”

Roja grabbed his hair and with a sad look said: “If I suppress it, the power of the explosion should be reduced a little.”

He had the ability to see the future, so he was decisive in terminating the fusion when he discovered it would fail.

Even if the fusion is terminated, he won’t be able to prevent the chaotic energy of the six attributes.

So he decisively threw it away when it was about to collapse.

“Can you not do something so dangerous casually!!”

Mei’s chest was violently undulating. After a bit, she looked at Roja angrily. The last time, she was scared when Roja succeeded in Fusing Five Attributes.

This time, she thought that Roja could succeed, but she didn’t expect the sudden failure would produce such a huge explosion.

“Oh, the maid doesn’t have any right to question the master.”

Roja snorted, he squatted and prepared to flick her forehead, but Mei subconsciously hid. But Roja already knew this and moved his finger directly toward her.

Ignoring Mei that was touching her head, Roja casually said: “In Fact, it’s not so dangerous. The power has been suppressed by a half. The rest of it, you can deal with it, if I wasn’t worried about you getting injured, I wouldn’t have suppressed it.”

You can stop it, but we can’t.

Mei roared in her heart.

Kurenai’s heart was the opposite of Mei, she only heard the words, ‘worried about you” and her heart was touched.

This is the ninjas’ world, let alone another village, even if he is your follower, it is generally something that can be abandoned.

Because of this, Kurenai never expected any status. She already made her mind to accept her identity as a Maid. Now when she heard Roja’s words, they felt like a stone dropping in a calm lake in her heart.

His words were completely different from what she expected. She looked at Roja differently. She didn’t expect the overbearing Roja to say something like that.

“Don’t stop, continue moving.”

Roja’s words interrupted the thoughts of the three women.

The failure of the fusion consumed a lot of, and it’s impossible to attempt another one in a short while.

Their location wasn’t that far from the Shikkotsu forest.

With Tsunade leading the way, the group walked into a desolate area. There are many hills everywhere. There was no greenery, and everything seemed to be covered in erosive water.

Gradually they started going down, and a Canyon appeared in front of them.

“Just in front, you can see the entrance after passing through the canyon.”

Tsunade stopped slightly in front of the canyon. She hesitated a little before turned toward Roja and said: “There is a slug inside the Shikkotsu Forest that no one knew how long it existed for. All the other slugs were split from its body and without its recognition, no one could make the contract with the slugs.”

“It’s mild, and as long as no one provokes it, it won’t attack anyone.”

Tsunade explained the situation and observed Roja’s expression.

Shikkotsu forest didn’t have anything that Roja wanted except for Nature’s chakra.

Did Roja come here to form a contract?

But with his strength, he doesn’t need one.

What made Tsunade helpless was that he didn’t seem to listen to her at all. He was just looking at a depth of the canyon at the Shikkotsu forest.

“Sure enough, it’s good…”

Roja’s eyes flashed with light. Nature’s chakra was condensed inside the Shikkotsu forest, it wasn’t in when they entered the land of earth, and it got much worse when they reached the Canyon’s outer layer, but inside was something else.

In Roja’s perception, the energy in the Shikkotsu forest was as vast as an ocean.

He didn’t know why but the place itself seemed to gather nature’s chakra.

“Since you led me here, you are free according to our agreement.”

Roja glanced at Tsunade and said, then he looked at Kurenai and Mei and stepped into the canyon.

At this time, there was no need to worry. Roja walked slowly used his Haki and observing the unique terrain. He arrived at the end of the Canyon.

At the end of the Canyon, there was a huge cave.

The people looking at this cave would be dazzled. The Cave was getting bigger as his haki went inside, and at the end, there was a huge slug as big as a sea king.

“This guy’s vitality is stronger than even supergiant sea king.”

Roja’s Haki swept, and his heart shook. The vitality in the slug’s body was stronger than anything he saw.

Its size was smaller than a super-giant sea king in One Piece’s world. But Roja was very sure that if this and a super-giant sea king fought, the sea king wouldn’t be its opponent.

“With such a huge vitality, if it was compressed to a humanoid form, it would be comparable to the Sixth paths’… even it’s strength should be comparable to super kage.”

Roja stepped inside the cave while still observing the Slug.

At this time, a voice came, the voice was clear and sweet with a bit of softness.

“Respected Human, what brought you here?”

The Ancient Toad and the big snake lived in the generation of the sixth paths, and this one should be the same.

It had very strong pressure, although it wasn’t as strong as the Sixth Paths.

“I’m coming in, sorry to bother you.”

Roja knew this voice belonged to the slug and said: “I want to borrow Nature’s chakra, I don’t know if I can?”

“Of course, you can.”

The clear voice came again, and it’s huge body squirmed slightly, seemingly trying to look in Roja’s direction.

Roja nodded: “Thank you.”

The slug Responded: “You’re welcome.”

Roja smiled a little and thought that this slug had the best temperament amongst the other animals. If it was the snake, he would’ve started fighting already.