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G.O.S.S Chapter 404: Explosion!

Roja glanced slightly at the Tsushikage and didn’t pay attention to him, he put his entire attention toward the fusion.

This was his first attempt to fuse six attributes. The sixth attribute was much more difficult to fuse compared to the other five. It’s almost impossible to succeed, but everyone wants a first try success, and Roja was no exception.

“Fuse for me.”

Roja was fully controlling the attributes and using Kenbunshoku Haki, if anything was to go wrong, he would know beforehand and quickly take measure.


Onoki moved swiftly in the air, he reached the battlefield and directly ordered and continued to retreat.

The Rock ninjas were all elites, seeing that their leader ordered a retreat, they couldn’t help wonder what’s wrong.

But they were ninjas after all, after a little pause, they obeyed Onoki’s orders and retreated.


Tsunade’s forehead was full of sweat, seeing the Rocks retreat, her eyes flashed.

Kurenai and Mei stopped their actions and didn’t have any idea to chase after them.

“It seems like the Rock won’t come looking for trouble any longer.”

Mei put her hair at the back of her ears and calmed the chakra fluctuation in her body and wiped the little liquid in the corner of her mouth.

Onoki led his group and retreated for more than a Kilometer.

The ninjas were confused in their heart. Obviously, they could’ve won, why did they have to retreat suddenly?

At last, Onoki slowed down and all the ninjas did the same. A ninja couldn’t help turn toward Onoki and ask.

“Tsushikage-sama, why suddenly did you want to retreat…”

Onoki slightly stopped and looked at the distance seriously and said: “We shouldn’t stay here for too long, continue to retreat.”


A few ninjas looked at Onoki with strange expressions. They all had retreated for a distance of a Kilometer, and no one was chasing after them.

“What is this…”

One of the ninjas turned his head and glanced at the rear strangely.

Almost at the next moment, the perceptive ninja showed a horrified expression, and Onoki’s face changed.


A dazzling light along with a roaring sound that couldn’t be described by words sounded, making everyone’s ears buzz.

What followed was the tremor in the earth.

The Rock ninjas felt like they were going crazy. They felt their eardrums humming as if they would turn deaf, they didn’t know happening, but they were fast to react.

“Earth Release: Mud wall!”

“Earth Release: Earth Golem!”

Not only the ninjas, but even Onoki made a defensive Technique and formed another line of defense.

Wouch! Wouch!

Countless walls emerged from the ground along with an earth giant as thick as a mountain.

As soon as the Ninjutsu were used, the shockwave from the explosion hit them.


It hit the Earth Giant and immediately the giant was full of cracks before it burst into pieces.

The rest of the impact hit the walls making earth-shattering sounds. Finally, the wall fell down.

If you look at a square of a few kilometers around, you could see that everything was flattered.

After some time, the sound gradually subsided.


On the earth, something moved, and from the middle, Onoki and the group of ninja one by one emerged, and their faces were pale.

They were filled with horror by what they saw.

“What on earth happened?!”

“What was that!!”

It wasn’t just the Ninjas, even Onoki was shocked.

Although he had known that the chakra used in forcibly fusing the sixth element would result in a huge explosion, he didn’t know it’s this big.


After taking a deep breath, Onoki barely calmed down and directly retreated. He didn’t dare to go back anymore, he didn’t want to die.

What a joke.

With that kind of power, they will die a horrible death.

In Onoki’s eyes, fusing six attributes was suicidal.

Are all Konoha fools?

Obviously, Roja had some certainty. Maybe he completed four or five attribute fusion already.

After hearing Onoki’s words, all the ninjas suppressed their shock and followed after him. But the fear in their eyes didn’t fade.