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G.O.S.S Chapter 403: Dust Release.

Wouch! Wouch!

Several people who had fallen in the illusion had their friends hands on their shoulders.


The illusion was released instantly.

And when they were ready to continue the attack, the earth wall in front of them suddenly collapsed.

Wouch! Wouch!

The wall collapsed revealing Tsunade’s hand.

“Did she just smash a wall with her hands?”

The Rock ninjas’ eyes bulged out when they saw this. They immediately used another Technique.

“Earth Release: Earth Spear!”

A strong chakra was m=pushed into the ground, and suddenly numerous spears pierced the ground toward Tsunade and the others.

The first one to avoid was Kurenai, followed by Tsunade and Mei.

At this moment, when the three were still mid-air, the Rock ninjas seized this opportunity and launched wind ninjutsu and other launched earth ones.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough.”

“Earth Release: Earth spear!”


At this moment, Ninjutsu’s were brought together toward the three women.

“Lava Release: Dissolving Exploding Acid!”

Mei’s actions were calculated, compared to Roja. She was very weak but compared to these Ninjas, she wasn’t the least bit.

The Acid flew down and covered the ninjutsu.

“Oh? You have a blood Limit?”

Still, in mid-air, Onoki was on guard waiting for Roja to attack, but he still didn’t make his appearance, seeing this scene, his eyes narrowed.

In the next moment, Mei suddenly looked up, and the acid moved toward Onoki.


Onoki floated further to avoid the attack.

When the liquid fell down, Onoki’s figure disappeared, and Tsunade’s the same.


Tsunade appeared beside a Rock ninja, and with a fist, she punched his chest. His bones directly broke.

Kurenai flashed the same way and appeared beside a ninja.

The ninja felt contempt as a small girl wanted to fight him.

Wouch! Wouch!

Almost instantly, Kurenai jumped back, and her body was unscathed, but the ninja’s chest and shoulder were wounded.

With good Haki, although she wasn’t physically strong, Kurenai wasn’t weak in a frontal confrontation.

“Boil Release: Mysterious Fog!”

Mei did what no one expected and attacked Onoki on the sky.

Mei was always proud, she was being pressed down by Roja, and she felt resentful. Now she found a way to release all pent-up anger. She wanted to compete with the Tsushigkage.

“You have two blood limits?”

Onoki suddenly printed quickly.

“Earth Release: Earth Golem!”


A huge rock statue suddenly stood up, it didn’t only block Mei’s attack, but it also attacked.

The acid fell on the statues, and a sizzling sound was made. Under the many watchful eyes of the Rock ninjas, the rock statue corroded and fell.

“Using two blood limits is a problem.”

Onoki looked cold and at the same time as he flew, he started printing again.

“Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique!”

Wouch! Wouch!

Onoki’s arm was covered with rocks as he attacked Mei.

Wouch! Wouch!

Mei jumped and avoided the punches.

“Lava release: Melting Apparition Technique!”

Mei again used a Ninjutsu to attack Onoki, and she wanted to end it fast.

Onoki facing the attack, snorted as his expression became cold: “Continuing to use Blood limits… You dare to show off in front of this Old Man…”

This time, In contrast to what Mei thought, Onoki didn’t avoid the attack, but he printed, and suddenly a square of light emerged.

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The light square suddenly dissolved the Acid which was really a horrible erosive acid.

“Not good.”

Surprised by this, Mei didn’t expect that her Lava release would lose in a frontal confrontation as she quickly avoided the light square.

The square didn’t stop as it turned everything into dust.

“It’s Tsushikage-sama’s blood limit Selection.”

“This is something beyond the blood limit.”

In the distance, the Rock ninjas saw this and showed awe that they rarely showed. Some of them saw the Dust release for the first time.

In the world, Blood limit Selection is very rare, only the second and third Tsuchikage’s had it.

The Fusion of three chakra attributes was completely above the Blood Limit which has two attributes.

“This is… blood Limit Selection?”

Mei didn’t attack again, as her eyes flashed as she muttered.

Onoki looked at her and said: “You have two kinds of blood limits, it seems like you also have three Chakra attributes. But the gap between fusing two and three attributes is insurmountable.”

At this moment, When his voice fell, Onoki raised his hand again ready to kill Mei directly with the Dust Release.

But at this time, a ninja in the distance as suddenly alerted as he said nervously to Onoki.

“Tsushikage-sama, the chakra in that direction is getting stronger and stronger, maybe the enemy is preparing some kind of super long ninjutsu.”

“Is that so?”

Onoki’s look changed, and after looking at Mei, he gave up killing her and flew toward the source of the chakra.

No wonder that guy didn’t come out, it turned out he was preparing a strong Ninjutsu.

Quickly, Onoki saw Roja.

At this time, even if wasn’t a perceptive ninja, anyone could feel the huge chakra flowing in the area Roja was located in.

Feeling the huge Chakra, Onoki couldn’t help breath a sigh of relief as he wasn’t too fearful. In front of the Dust release, every jutsu can be destroyed.

The blood Limit selection is above all Blood limits, not only the difference is in the quantity of the attributes, but also the quality.

Flying close, Onoki was ready to use Dust Release.

But in the next moment, he stopped moving as his eyes were open wide by the unbelievable sight he just saw.

In front of Roja, six chakra balls with a different color representing six attributes were circulating around him.

They were starting to merge and seeing this, Onoki as if he saw a ghost couldn’t help feel his heart beats increasing as he thought: “Fusing six type of Chakra, is he mad!!”

Onoki directly gave up the Dust release and turned around without hesitation and flew away without looking back.