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G.O.S.S Chapter 402: 6 Attributes!

Roja’s body was constantly transforming with the absorption of Nature’s Chakra.

His current body was as strong as Kaido’s, but his recovery wasn’t as good

“I don’t know if this is enough.”

During the break, Roja thought, and his eyes flashed.

The body of Hashirama can’t regenerate missing limbs, but if his arm was cut off and he picked it up, it would heal instantly.

His own ability should be a little bit worse than that.

After looking at his current body, Roja made Sen Maboroshi float above his head.

After space was extended, it can hold his entire body, Roja was trying to develop something like Kamui.

His physical defense is high and can be compared with Kaguya.

Against Kaguya, unless she tears the space, he would be unaffected.

Kaguya’s and Six paths’ bodies were strong, and their strength was something else. Even if they go to the world of Bleach, they would have an absolute defense.

Roja’s eyes weren’t confined to the world of Naruto. His purpose in staying here is to get stronger and prepare for the world of bleach.

He will face Yhwach later, he wasn’t confident in defeating him like this.

Suddenly, Roja brought his attention back to the present.

“My Chakra should allow me to fuse six attributes now.”

It’s been a month since Roja made the pseudo-Truth-Seeking ball. During that time, Roja’s chakra pool improved to the level of a tailed beast.

His current chakra level isn’t lower than Madara and Hashirama’s.

“Six attributes fusion…”

Roja touched his chin and thought for a bit. He completed the fusion of win, Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning. The next choice would be Yin or Yang.

For him, fusing the Yin attribute would be the easiest, because Yin was the attribute of Reiatsu. This wouldn’t be hard for Roja who is a Shinigami.

But if he fused the Yin as the sixth attribute, then he would need to do the final fusion with the unfamiliar Yang attribute. And the difficulty would reach an extremely high level.

Finally, Roja decided to fuse the Yang attribute, as long as he succeeds, the Yin attributes would be easily fused.

“I will try it now.”

After taking a breath, Roja wasn’t in a hurry to reach the Shikkotsu forest. Instead started dividing Chakra into six parts with each having a different attribute.

On a hill.

“Can you perceive their position?” Onoki flew as he talked to the Ninjas.

One of the Ninjas closed his eyes and then opened them again and said: “I didn’t feel them yet, they should still be further ahead.”

“They shouldn’t be too far away.”

Onoki said: “The information we had said that they are in this area, everyone stays alert and as soon as you perceive them, report back to me.”


At this time, one of the perceptive ninjas’ face changed as he immediately shouted: “Tsushikage-sama, there is a strong chakra fluctuation ahead.”

“Everyone be on guard, be ready to fight.”

The Tsushikage immediately ordered as he looked calmly in front.

There is a strong chakra fluctuation… where they found out?

It seems like the ninjas ahead have a strong, perceptive ability.

Onoki thought, but he didn’t fear them. Since they were discovered, they didn’t have to hide anymore.

Wouch! Wouch!

Just as Onoki and the others started advancing, three figures flashed from the front, they were Kurenai, Tsunade, and Mei.


Kurenai saw the Rock head protector and that this would be troublesome. She followed Roja for a long time, and now when facing the Tsushikage, she was somewhat calm.

Mei looked at Onoki in the air, and her eyes flashed.

“I didn’t know that Konoha that should be defeated and tattered now dares to launch an attack in my territory, what is your purpose in coming here?”

Onoki looked at the three women and said.

“No comment.”

Tsunade responded quietly.

Onoki heard this and sneered: “One of the three Sanin of Konoha, the granddaughter of Hashirama, what a big name. I don’t know what kind of strength a woman like you have.”

When She heard this, Tsunade’s eyes turned cold.

“Get them.”

Onoki ordered, and more than ten Ninjas surrounded the three women.

Kurenai saw this and immediately used Genjutsu.

“Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique!”

At this moment, Mei was moving in coordinate with Kurenai as she printed.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Technique!”

A water Dragon flew out of her mouth and slammed at three figures from the Rock that was under the Genjutsu.

Although their combination attack was good, some of the Rocks already used their Jutsu’s to defend.

“Earth Release: Mud Wall!”


A huge wall suddenly rose and blocked Mei’s attack.