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G.O.S.S Chapter 401: Onoki!

The shock brought by Roja was too much. It seemed like Tsunade couldn’t accept the Imprint being erased, but in the end she accepted it and calmed down.

Mei and Kurenai followed behind.

While walking, Mei couldn’t help look at Tsunade and sigh. In the end, Konoha and Mist were different. Tsunade fell into Roja’s hand who was terribly powerful, but Konoha still tried to rescue her, although they failed at the end, they still sent someone.

But the Mist didn’t do anything, even if they did send someone it wouldn’t be to save her but to kill her.

For the Mist, Losers should die.

Roja took Kurenai and Mei and walked behind Tsunade. They came to the Borders of the Land of Earth.

During this period of time, they didn’t encounter any Konoha ninja. It seems like Minato being unable to save Tsunade made Sarutobi give up temporarily.

Tsunade wasn’t disappointed with Konoha, after all, she witnessed Roja’s power firsthand, and she didn’t want him joining against Konoha in this war.

Tsunade felt like she was a hunted Ninja while crossing the border while Konoha was in the war.

Tsunade stopped and looked at Roja next to her.

“There isn’t a problem.”

Roja shook his head.

Tsunade guessed from Roja’s reaction that there is no one and continued.

She couldn’t help think about the reaction of Rock when they pass their borders. It won’t be an easy thing to stop Roja, and even the entire Rock Village won’t be able to do it.

If they confront Roja, it would be a good thing for Konoha.

Thinking about this, Tsunade confirmed their direction and stepped into the land of Earth.

The Rock village, inside the Tsushikage’s office.


The third Tsuchikage, Onoki was floating in the air surprised while hearing his Ninja’s report and the light flashed in his eyes.

“Tsunade, one of the three Sanin appeared in our territory, and there is a person who was suspected of being the one who defeated the Clouds Ninja along?”

The land of Earth and the land of Water were separated by the land of fire, the Rock couldn’t collect information about Mei as for Kurenai she didn’t play a huge role in anything for them to pay attention to her.

They got their eyes on Tsunade and Roja.

In the battlefield, Roja defeated Ay and the Hachibi, which prevented huge losses for Konoha. The Tsushikage was impressed.

“So, is that guy the strongest person in Konoha?”

Before, Onoki suspected Roja to be from Konoha, even if he wasn’t, he should be attached to it somehow. Otherwise, he won’t interfere in the war with the clouds.

Since Konoha prevented the news about Roja from getting out, and now Roja came here with Tsunade, this made it clear.

“Do you know their purpose?”

Onoki asked the ninja in front of him.

The ninja shook his head and said:” Their purpose isn’t clear yet, but they already passed the borders and went deeper into our country.”

“Only four people and they dare to infiltrate our country. They are really arrogant.” Standing in the distance, Onoki couldn’t help speak loudly.

This is war, and even if they don’t know what purpose Konoha infiltrated their land, they couldn’t let them succeed.

The Tsushikage shook his head and said seriously: “I don’t care, even if that person called Roja is strong…”

Onoki laughed and said: “They think they can laugh at us and send us just someone strong. Do they think that we can’t stop him?”

Onoki’s look changed as he said coldly.

“It’s really great that he stopped the Son of the Raikage, but does he think that he can do what he wants in the land of earth, that’s a grave mistake.”

When he heard Onoki, the ninja showed amazement and couldn’t help asking him: “Tsushikage-sama, you mean…”

“That person’s power isn’t simple, I will have to go myself.”

Onoki stood in mid-air and looked at the side and said: “When I’m not here, all decisions for the war is handled by you.”

Roja’s strength was something else, he can even fight a tailed beast. It would be difficult to face Roja, and if he didn’t go himself, he wouldn’t be able to avoid too many casualties.

For the Tsushikage, He didn’t have any fear, because strong body and defenses meant nothing to him.

In the face of his blood limit selection, all defenses would be rendered useless.

“Let’s take a look at what that guy has.”

Onoki’s eyes flashed with coldness.

Under Tsunade’s lead, Roja and the others went deeper into the Earth country.

During this period of time, they were ambushed by the ninja of the Rock once, but Kurenai discovered them and directly took care of them with Mei.

The deeper they went inside, the weirder Roja felt.

Because, in the fire land, the concentration exceeded that of the country of the earth and they were going toward the Shikkotsu forest, but nature’s chakra concentration was dropping.

“Nature’s chakra concentration here is obviously much less than the Land of Fire. Is my previous guess wrong? Although the Shikkotsu forest is one of the three lands, its nature’s chakra concentration wasn’t high?”

Roja’s brows were up as he thought.

“How far are we from the Forest?”

Roja looked at Tsunade ahead and asked.

Tsunade’s stopped and judged their position before saying: “With our speed, it would take us about three days to get there.”

“Three days…”

Roja touched his chin. In the past three days, they obviously covered a long distance. He couldn’t see anything far ahead, maybe when they get there, the situation would be different.

“What happened?”

Tsunade looked at Roja and asked.

Roja shook his head and replied: “Nothing, keep going.”