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G.O.S.S Chapter 400: Shock!

“I didn’t expect that this wouldn’t work…”

Under their gazes, Minato took a deep breath slowly calmed his heart and looked serious.

Roja’s attack was already surpassed S class Ninjutsu. Even such an attack couldn’t kill him which was really unrealistic.

Feeling the chakra in his body, Minato shook his hand, he will just take Tsunade and leave.

The next move of Minato would be in Roja’s expectation.

Roja once again raised Sen Maboroshi.

“It’s useless.”

Minato wasn’t afraid of Roja’s sword, with his flying thunder god technique, he can always do the same thing again.

“Is it really useless?”

Roja seemed to talk faintly as he sends another attack with his backhand.

When Roja attacked, Minato flashed again.


However, Roja’s sword wasn’t like usual, it was like a bolt of black lightning that moved through the void.

The power of space.

“This is…”

Almost as soon as he saw the black lightning, Minato’s face changed.

This attack didn’t seem as powerful as the previous one, but it seemed to have eyes as it moved through space toward him which made him amazed.

Where the black lightning went, a crack in space appeared.

A sword attack that cracks space?!

Minato couldn’t comprehend this. His Flying Thunder God could transfer normal attacks, but against this lightning that cracked space, he was helpless.


Without hesitation, Minato teleported directly, and the black lightning seemed to disappear.

Kurenai, Mei, and Tsunade were looking around as they wanted to see where Minato was.

“Just what is this?”

The black lightning suddenly appeared beside Tsunade as she felt horrified.

What exactly is this?!

Where is Minato?

Roja’s shook his wrist in the distance, and Sen Maboroshi disappeared. He looked at the void indifferently and then turned around and said:

“let’s go.”

Konoha, Hokage’s tower.

On the table, Danzo was sitting with his eyes closed while Sarutobi stood by the window looked at the distant sky.

“It’s almost time for him to come back…”


Almost at the next moment, When Sarutobi’s voice fell, a figure suddenly appeared inside the office.

Is he back?

Sarutobi’s eyes flashed as Danzo opened his eyes, but looking at Minato, his pupil shrank.


Minato was wounded and hardly supported himself before he fell. There was a scary, bloody mark that continued from his shoulder to his chest.

At the last moment, if he didn’t react fast, he would’ve been killed.


Sarutobi’s face was full of horror as he helped Minato and pressed his wound to stop the bleeding with simple medical jutsu.

Danzo stood still, and although he didn’t talk, his heart was in a mess.

He didn’t bring Tsunade back and instead was seriously injured?

What happened?

“Cough! I am sorry, Hokage-sama… I failed this mission.” Minato looked at Sarutobi and coughed again.

“let the Medical Ninjas come over!”

Sarutobi yelled, and the door immediately opened.

Sarutobi’s face was gloomy. After blinking for a while, he finally looked at Minato and said: “What kind of power does he have to be able to cause such injuries?”

Minato smiled bitterly: “His strength, I am afraid is stronger than we got in the information…”

Minato briefly described what happened.

When it comes to Roja’s ability to see into the future, and some extremely strong Ninjutsu that could crack space, Sarutobi’s face was full of shock.

Extremely powerful ninjutsu, extremely powerful body. A genius of Illusion and could stop and finally time space powers.

“Is he… A monster.”

When Jiraiya walked into the office, he heard Minato’s description and couldn’t help suck cold air, and his face was blank.


Minato coughed again and said: “But I left a mark of Flying Thunder God on him as well as Kurenai and the other, I can always…”

As he said this, Minato suddenly stopped.

“What happened?”

Seeing Minato’s expression, Jiraiya couldn’t ask.

Minato smiled again and said: “My Imprint… was erased.”

Hearing this, Sarutobi’s heart jumped from its place. Although he didn’t use Flying Thunder God, he was familiar with it as the Second Hokage was the one who made it.

The seal was a space imprint, or a space coordinate, once it was left on someone, it’s equivalent of a death mark with no possibility of erasing it.

But now, it was actually erased.

On an open, plain, Roja took his hand back from Kurenai’s shoulder, and a gray substance squirmed in his fingers. Eventually, it turned into a gray ball and disappeared.

“All right.”

The Pseudo Truth-seeking Ball is compromised of five natures of chakra, it lacked yin and yang but has about the same ability, and one of them is erasing the Flying thunder God imprint.

Of course, Even if it couldn’t Roja could always use his own space ability to wipe it out.

“The flying thunder God imprint… Was erased?”

Tsunade looked at this scene, and her heart shook, she couldn’t help but take a deep breath, Kurenai didn’t know what happened, but she knew the technique.

“No problem now, let’s go.”

Roja released the Pseudo Truth-seeking ball and calmly said as he walked forward.