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G.O.S.S Chapter 399: Minato’s countermeasure!

“Minato’s technique already reached such a level? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look effective…” Tsunade watched the confrontation and said.

Roja held Sen Maboroshi and calmly looked at Minato.

He placed the sword in front of him and said: If you only have that much, it may not be easy to save someone from me.”

His voice fell, and Sen Maboroshi released white Mist.

But at this moment, Minato once again used the flying thunder god technique and arrived beside Roja.

“Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique!”

At this moment, Minato released this jutsu which made the earth tremble. Ash and dust flew all around them making it hard to see anything.

“Even if you can see the future, there must be a way to stop you.”

Minato wasn’t scared of Roja’s ability, after releasing this jutsu, he used Flying Thunder God again while his hand flashed.

At this time, a sword attacked moved inside the dust toward Minato, the latter didn’t hesitate to launch his technique once again. He already placed countless Kunais with his seal on them, and he could now move all around the place.

As long as he attacks Mei or Kurenai, the situation would turn favorable to him.


When he appeared, he was beside Kurenai as if he wanted to grab her.

Roja already knew this and attacked the place he was going to appear in without hesitation.

The attack gazed Minato’s sleeve before he escaped.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Minato’s figure was flushing in succession, he appeared beside Mei and also Tsunade, but he didn’t attack Roja.

As long as he can touch Tsunade, he would be able to take her away, but each time Roja would already send an attack toward him.

The ability of space movement was strong, but time was stronger.

“What a tricky guy…”

Minato was constantly flashing as this was the first time he encountered such a strong opponent.

In ten or so attacks, Minato gradually judged Roja’s ability.

“Sure enough, like I thought… I don’t know how far you can see, but I know that when he intervenes in the future, he saw he creates flaws.”

Minato determined that Roja has a strong perception, it could be said that it was stronger than even the Sharingan.

Although there are flaws, it is still a bit tricky…

Minato sighed in relief as his eyes flashed and once again, he disappeared.


Just as he appeared, Roja was still a step ahead, the attack moved toward him, and he couldn’t resist it.

He teleported again.

“This is it.”

Facing Roja’s attack, Minato took a deep breath, and when the sword was about to hit his body, he used the flying thunder god again.

This time, He didn’t just teleport alone, he took Roja’s attack with him.


In the next moment, Minato appeared behind Roja and Roja’s attack was now his weapon.

“As long as you intervene in the future you see, there would be a moment of pause where you can’t predict the future. You didn’t see this.”

Minato’s eyes flashed with fierceness, and the sword attack suddenly fell.

No one thought that the battle that seemed one-sided suddenly changed. The three Girls were surprised.


An earth-shattering Roar was caused by the attack while Minato appeared in the distance. Roja’s place was filled with dust.

“Done already?”

Minato stared at that place seriously.

Kurenai and the other two revealed an unbelievable look, no one thought that Minato would use such a strong counter-attack.

Under the eyes of everyone, Roja’s figure appeared after the dust was dispersed, he was unscathed which surprised them.

He was hit by such an attack, and he is still ok?!

“It turns out you wanted to use my attack against me and kill me?”

Roja looked at Minato. Although he was played in by Minato, he didn’t get angry. He was thinking about something.

“I have forgotten that The Flying Thunder God Technique could not only transfer people but also attacks… So you could’ve transferred my attack every time and saved Tsunade from the start, but it looks like you really want to kill me.”

As Roja’s voice fell, the other turned around to look at Minato.

That’s right.

Minato can already move Roja’s attack and save Tsunade, but he wanted to kill Roja directly he didn’t.

Minato’s face didn’t reveal anything. He seemed harmless, but at this moment, the other felt completely different.