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G.O.S.S Chapter 398: Roja Vs. The Yellow Flash!


Tsunade looked at the Yellow flash, and suddenly her eyes flashed as she understood what Konoha wanted to do.

Minato was proficient in Time-space Jutsu, and he had The Flying Thunder god technique. With this technique, he can bring her back to Konoha very easily.

Just that…

Even if he brought her back to Konoha, can it really solve the problem?!

If Roja was to get angry or join forces with other villages, the impact on Konoha would be too huge.

“I am sorry, I am a little late.”

Minato first apologized to Tsunade and then looked at Roja calmly: “Tsunade-sama is important to Konoha. You can’t just take her like that.”

Standing behind Roja, Mei looked at Minato with suspicion, Konoha actually sent one person to save Tsunade?

What does this mean?

Kurenai knew Minato, but she only knew that he was a jonin from Konoha. Anything else about him was clear.

“If I want to bring her, I need to reserve her?”

Roja looked at Minato and spoke.

Minato calmly looked at Roja and said: “I have heard about your attack, although it’s really powerful, it’s not necessarily effective on me.”

Minato reached inside his bag and threw a handful of Kunais, and then threw one at Roja.


Roja didn’t move from the Kunai.

Almost at this moment, Minato used Flying thunder god and grabbed the Kunai while facing Roja’s eyes.

“So fast!”

Mei and Kurenai were finally shocked when Minato appeared, they didn’t think much of it, but when he attacked, they both were shocked.

If the one being attack was one them and not Roja, then they wouldn’t have a chance to avoid.

Roja didn’t avoid Minato’s attack.


Minato tried to pierce Roja’s eye with the Kunai, but Roja didn’t move, and the Kunai couldn’t even pierce his eyelid.


Minato wasn’t shocked as he used the Flying Thunder God again and appeared in another position.

“Sure enough, the information about you were true…”

The first goal of Minato was to rescue Tsunade, and the second one was to test Roja’s strength. If he can kill him, then the other plan won’t be needed.

While Minato briefly confronted Roja, the latter glanced at the Kunais and remembered what Minato just did and finally said.

“Is this the Flying Thunder God?”

Although Roja also had space ability and can forcibly use it to open a crack in space and return to One piece’s world, his ability was more based on violence while Minato’s was more stable.

Minato was extremely fast and required almost no time to use this technique, but the only disadvantage is that he needed to leave a mark before he could teleport.

In contrast, Roja could use space movement, but he would need some time to lunch the skill.

“You are eye-catching.”

Seeing the Technique he used, Roja could know the name of the technique which surprised Minato, but he was still calm.


Minato disappeared again and this time appeared beside Tsunade.

It’s difficult to defeat Roja in a short time, so he will send Tsunade back to Konoha first and come back to fight.

But at this moment, the moment Minato tried to touch Tsunade, a sword attack arrived at his place, if he tries to grab her, he would be cut in half.

“This guy…”

Minato’s eyes slightly shrunk as he was shocked finally. He flashed again avoiding Roja’s attack.

If he waited for him to reach her before attacking, he wouldn’t be able to catch him, so he attacked in advance as he knew where Minato will appear.


Under Roja’s sword, the earth split open, and a deep gully appeared on the ground.


Minato avoided Roja’s attack as he was even more surprised by Roja’s ability to predict his location than his attack power.

Minato disappeared again, and this time he didn’t go for Tsunade, but he went directly toward Roja, and before anyone knew, a Rasengan appeared in his hand.

Roja didn’t look at him as he directly turned around and punched!


The Rasengan was directly blown, and strong wind pressure swept all directions.


As soon as the Rasengan was blown, Minato disappeared and appeared again beside Tsunade.

Obviously, he did attack Roja just to distract him and save Tsunade.

But what shocked him was that Roja was already a step ahead. As if he has already known where he will appear, a sword strike came again.

At this time, Minato once again used the Flying Thunder God to get away.


This was the opponent in this world that Roja faced and couldn’t solve with just his hand. This amazed him.

The terrible thing wasn’t the Flying Thunder God, but Minato’s nerve reaction speed, for short, his reflex.

In this short confrontation, no one could react.

“What a terrifying technique!”

Mei finally took a breath and looked at Minato.

Kurenai opened her eyes in surprise and said: “It turns out Minato’s strength was so great.”

This time, Minato was more stunned than anyone here, his heart was beating so fast as if it wanted to escape from his chest. He could conclude one thing from this confrontation, Roja could predict his moves.

This was almost an unbelievable thing.

You know, the flying thunder god could be activated with just his thought, it is the fastest space ability. Unless Roja can get into his mind and know his thoughts in advance, then it would be impossible.

“No, wait… There is something else that can do this…”

A thought flashed in Minato’s mind as he comes to a terrifying idea.

Roja… Can you predict the future?!