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G.O.S.S Chapter 397: Yellow Flash!

On an open plane, the wind blew gently on the fresh grass making a refreshing smell cover the place.

“The environment in the Land Of Fire is incomparable to where I come from.”

Looking at the scenery, Mie couldn’t help but sigh.

Among the five lands, the land of wind had the worst landscape, and also had the least resources, because it was just a huge desert.

Next comes the Land Of Earth, which was similar to the land of wind, but it also lacked water but not as serious as the land of Wind. The land of lightning comes next, because of the high terrain, they lack land to cultivate.

Finally, the Land of Water, it is covered with a layer of ice all year long which was harsh.

Under such circumstances, it’s no wonder the war was centered on Konoha.

“I heard that it was my grandfather, the first Hokage, who created the fast forest in the Land of fire using his Wood Release. I don’t know if it’s true or not.” Tsunade walked by the side as she talked to Mei.

After saying this, she couldn’t help look at Roja in front. Before, she didn’t believe something like that was possible, but after seeing Roja cutting a mountain, she started to believe in it.

“The first Hokage…”

Kurenai couldn’t help hold her breath slightly, as she revealed a look of respect. Hashirama was not only the first Hokage, but he was also the one who stopped the warring period and created Konoha.

Roja was walking in front of them listened to their talk and said casually: “If there is such a legend, then it’s 80% true.”

It is seemingly difficult to change the landscape of such a large piece of land, but with Roja’s power, he could now change everything to Ice or fire if he wanted.

“What kind of power did he have to be able to change the landscape of an entire country.”

In Tsunade’s mind, she began imagining the scene and couldn’t help but mutter.

Mei listened to their words and said: “What about him, he still died in the end.”

“Do you want to die.”

Tsunade’s face turned cold as she heard Mei’s words.

Although Mei knew she couldn’t win against the current Tsunade, she didn’t fear her as she mocked: “Now you are being kept here, and Konoha isn’t saying anything about it, where is the person who stopped the warring period.”

“If there isn’t a strong enough person, then the other four countries would just attack and divide you amongst themselves.”

When she heard the words of ridicule, Tsunade was annoyed, but she knew that what Mei said is the truth. If there are interest and hatred, the other countries will form an alliance to conquer Konoha which would be really dangerous.

Moreover, she has to take Roja to the Fokkutsu forest, so the Mist had a chance to attack as she isn’t there anymore.

They already walked half of the country of fire already. Although there wasn’t any road, it is as simple as walking forward.

But so far, no one from Konoha was here yet.

Is she being abandoned?

Although she knew Roja’s power and that Konoha wouldn’t be able to face him, she still felt uncomfortable.

At this time, Roja blinked, his expression showed how stunned he was. He then chuckled and stopped: “Someone is coming.”


Mei and Kurenai stopped, but they didn’t see the figure of the one Roja was talking about. Obviously, they were too far away for them to notice.

Mei couldn’t help think a little and say: “Are they from Konoha?”

“It is a ninja from Konoha.”

Roja looked at Mei with a smile.

Mei’s mouth twitched slightly, her face was black. She felt really something bad was about to happen. They had Konoha’s princess captive.

However, no one paid attention to Mei.

Kurenai took a deep breath, and her eyes were nervous. The Ninja from Konoha arrived for Roja. She was seeing Roja’s relationship with Konoha getting worse and didn’t know what to do about it.

Tsunade was also nervous. Although she knew that they came for her, she witnessed Roja’s power and knew that he was really unpredictable.

Kurenai soon perceives the presence of the ninja and her expression turned into a mess.

Because she could tell that only one person was coming.

“Is he not coming for us?”

There was some doubt in Kurenai’s heart.


Suddenly, a blurry figure appeared in front of them along with a yellow flash of light.

In the third war, many things happened, whether the betrayal of one of Sanin or the appearance of the genius ninja Kakashi.

But the most known thing is the genius who will get the position of Hokage who was given a nickname in this war.

That is… The Yellow Flash.

The war was in the middle now, and the title of the yellow flash was becoming famous by the day.

In the original story, he could travel from a battlefield to another changing the situation alone to Konoha’s favor.

He faced a thousand Ninja alone, killing a hundred elites…

The name, Yellow flash was created.

On the battlefield, he was unstoppable, and he almost swept all his enemies. The mission competition rate was 100%

So in this world were mission was more important than life, there was only one exception when you encounter the Yellow flash, you immediately abandon the mission and retreat without receiving any punishment.