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G.O.S.S Chapter 396: Konoha’s Response.

It seems like being Roja’s made wasn’t that unacceptable after all…

Mei stood behind Roja and looked at this scene with shock. That thought flashed in her mind, and she quickly shook her head to make it dissipate.


How can I get such an idea?

In front of Roja

“Damn… How can a human have such power…”

Tsunade felt her heart tremble, her back was full of sweat as she stiffened in her place.

The other ninjas were shocked as well. They didn’t think about fighting anymore, only fear remained in their minds. Even though they were elites in their village, why was there such a disparity in strength?

Under such a scene, even the kages of the five nations would tremble.

“Was the mountain really cut off…”

Tsunade looked at this and asked herself.

At a very young age, she knew her grandfather could smash mountains easily. Everything in the land of fire prospered under her grandfather’s hand.

She always thought that this was an exaggerated legend.

Today’s scene changed her mind.

Roja held Sen Maboroshi and took a few steps forward at random. Konoha’s ninjas saw this and instinctively retreated. Almost everyone was fearful of him.

Even Tsunade retreated.

Roja’s mouth raised and Sen Maboroshi was lifted.


Tsunade lifted her hand in surrender.

“Oh? You changed your mind?”

Roja lowered his sword, and his eyes fell on Konoha’s ninja. They felt like they just were about to step into the gates of hell.

Tsunade breathed to calm herself and said: “I will take you to Shikkotsu forest alone, let them go.”


“So take the lead now, I’m somewhat in a hurry.”


The Hokage’s tower.


The Third Hokage, Hiruzen, almost made the pipe in his hand go while the ash inside of it fell on the desk.

In front of him, a Ninja kneeled on one knee as his forehead was full of sweat as he said: “That is what happened, Now Tsunade-sama is with him, her life and death are unclear.”


Sarutobi’s face was very ugly, although Konoha was amongst the top when it comes to power, almost all the other villages are against them.

After all, the resource in the land of fire far exceed the other lands, the large forest produced by Hashirama and the resources left behind made the other villages eye them.

He was very nervous about the frontlines before, but Roja stepped in and stopped the clouds. But Roja now suddenly came to the land of Fire and kidnapped his student, one of the most powerful ninjas they got which would sharply hurt Konoha.

Tsunade was strong, and she was smart. She was enough to guard a border alone and made the Mist afraid of trouble with her there.

Sarutobi frowned as an ugly frown appeared on his face as he went back and forth inside the room.

“Pass down my orders, don’t let this information leak, and anyone speaking of it is considered a rebel.”

Just as he said this, the person who was inside the room stood up and shouted: “Consider it done, Hokage-sama.”

Seeing that Sarutobi didn’t say anything else, the ninja left.

They were from the root, but the things in the original story have yet to happen, and the Uchiha assassination was yet to be planned for.

“Danzo, what do you think?”

Sarutobi took a deep breath and waited for the ninja to leave before saying this.

Danzo appeared from the shadows in the room with a gloomy face as he said: “If the news about Tsunade being kidnapped was to be known, not only would our ninjas lose motivation, the Mist would hit our front lines.”

“Tsunade losing was unexpected but being able to cut a mountain with a sword. That strength is really…”

Having said this, Danzo face was gloomy.

Sarutobi and he both witnessed Hashirama’s power as well as Madara’s. They knew that this kind of power could control the world.

Roja being able to cut a mountain with a sword, although they didn’t know whether he was as strong as Madara and Hashirama or not but they knew that this kind of strength is tricky.

“We have information that he wanted to go to the Shikkotsu forest, but we don’t know his purpose from going there…”

Sarutobi said.

This kind of thing can’t be tolerated, but Roja was too strong. If they used the four red yang formation to seal him, they could use a forbidden Jutsu to kill him.

But now it was a time of war, people with kage level chakra were scarce, to begin with, and most of them were sent to the front line. If they call them back, it will affect the battlefield which was why Sarutobi was hesitant.

“This person seems to appear from thin air. We never heard about him before, and with his strength, that would be weird.”

Danzo said as his eyes flashed.

Sarutobi looked at him and said: “What do you think we should do?”

“You can’t easily go after him, even if we win we would lose, and if we get defeated, it would be really unfavorable for us.”

“I know.”

Sarutobi nodded as he thought the same way.

His eyes flashed slightly as he said: “But we can lead him to the vicinity of Konoha… He is strong, he can breathe the six violet flames formation, but he won’t be able to do the same with the Four red yang formation created by Sensei.”

“Four Red Yang Formation…”

Danzo thought and said: “But how to lure him to Konoha?”

Having said this, Sarutobi suddenly seemed to be thinking about something.

“I think there is a way, but I don’t know whether we will succeed or not.”