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G.O.S.S Chapter 395: One Sword.

Is this guy really a ninja from the Mist?”

Tsunade was looking at Roja and Mei’s appearance, couldn’t help be skeptical. She looked at the dozen ninjas surrounding them and wanted to tell them to catch and interrogate them, but she knew that defeating Roja won’t be easy.

Although she was a bit arrogant being one of the Sanin, she knew that Jiraiya couldn’t defeat him so it would be difficult to defeat him herself.

She also knew about his deeds against the clouds.

Tsunade was hesitant, then she decided not to fight.

“In that case, this was just a misunderstanding. I’m very sorry, we will leave now.” Tsunade looked at Roja and ordered the others to leave.

“Slow down.”

However, Roja stopped her and said: “One of the Sanin… Tsunade… Since you are here, I have something I want to ask.”

“What is it?”

Tsunade’s brows wrinkled as she asked while getting a little angry.

Roja asked casually: “Where is Shikkotsu forest? I want to take a look at it.”

Tsunade frowned and showed vigilance.

Roja slightly raised his chin and said: “Don’t worry, I just want to look, is it that troublesome?”

Shikkotsu forest was in the Land of Earth. They had to cross the entire Land of Fire before getting there, and with the speed of Ninjas, it would take at least a month.

“If I don’t agree?”

Tsunade didn’t explain anything and directly said with a calm face.

“That’s too bad, I will have to use force then…” Roja shrugged revealing a helpless expression.


When Tsunade heard this, she snorted and became angry.

Although Roja was strong, and it was said that he easily defeated the Hachibi, she is still one of the Sanin.

“Sorry, I still have many things to deal with, I got no time to play with you.”

After saying this coldly, Tsunade turned around to leave.

And at this time, Roja shook his head slightly, and Sen Maboroshi released cold air that spread in all directions.

Almost in mere seconds, the entire forest turned from summer to winter.

“Are you going to fight? You have to think this through.”

Tsunade’s face looked sullen.


She stepped on the Ice and broke it.

The power that erupted made Kurenai and Mei sigh in relief.

The cracks spread all over the place as she looked at Roja.

The group of ninja at the rear saw this, and after taking a breath, they revealed awe and admiration.

“The momentum is good.”

Roja looked at the power released by Tsunade and not only was he not shocked, he even appreciated with a look of an elder looking at the younger generation.

After that, he shook his head and said slowly: “But… It’s just that, are you sure you want to do this? Just think about it.”

“If you want to fight, I will accompany you till the end.”

Tsunade looked at Roja with her head up. There is no trace of fear in her eyes. Although Roja was strong why would she fear him?

Konoha’s ninjas were full of determination. They all took a battle stance. As soon as their commander attack, they will follow along.


Looking at this Roja smiled.

“Well see this and tell me what you’re going to do…”

Roja held his sword and swung it in front of him. Sword light emerged and disappeared as if nothing happened.

But at this moment, Tsunade and the other ninjas leaned forward instinctively while they were shocked.


A ripple in the void suddenly appeared.

Kurenai and Mei were surprised and felt unbelievable.

They looked at this scene and couldn’t help open their mouths in shock. They all looked at the forest behind Konoha’s ninjas.

The forest that stretches for over than a thousand meters full of frozen trees was suddenly divided in two.

What is even more shocking is the mountain behind the forest that was also divided in two from the middle.

With just one sword strike, the world seemed to be divided into two.

Everyone was silent.

Under the looks from everyone there, the mountain and the forest that was cut cleanly fell to the ground.


Everything trembled as if someone was using earth release techniques. It was hard for the Ninjas to stabilize from the shockwaves.

Wouch! Wouch!

The ice shook due to the vibration and shattered. The sky was clear, and the sun rays were reflected by the Ice pieces scattered in the forest. It was an extremely beautiful scene.

Finally, the vibration calmed down, and the sounds disappeared, leaving only a few weak sounds that continued to arrive from the distance.

No one talked.

“Is this… Genjutsu?”

Mei behind Roja looked at this with wide eyes. She looked at the mountain in the distance and whispered.

Was this a power that a human could have?

Kurenai had the same look on her face, and her mind was blank. Even if she saw Roja defeat Jiraiya and the Hachibi, it wasn’t as shocking as this.

Roja looked at Sen Maboroshi in his hand, then turned toward Tsunade and said.

“Are you sure you want to accompany me till the end?”