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G.O.S.S Chapter 394: Outline!

“How could this… I clearly avoided!”

Shisui looked at the blood mark on his chest, and he couldn’t know what just happened. How did he get hit? How come he didn’t see it with his Sharingan?

“It seems like you can’t stop it.”

Roja was slightly disappointed to see Shisui like this. He really wanted to experience the strongest Genjutsu, but it seemed like Shisui still didn’t open his Mangekyou Sharingan.


Roja’s figure suddenly disappeared and arrived behind Shisui without him noticing.


Another mark was left on Shisui’s back and blood splashed.

“This is… What is…”

Shisui could no longer stand, and his body swayed and fell to the front. When he fell, he reluctantly turned his head to look at Roja.

In the forest, Kurenai and Mei were looking at Shisui getting hit by Roja’s attack without moving from his place.

Seeing this, they could guess that Shisui fell under Roja’s Genjutsu like them.

“Uchiha Shisui, a guy with Sharingan… He was defeated so easily?”

Mei couldn’t help take a deep breath. Roja’s power was horrible, once he made a move, his enemy would die.

And just in the next moment, a shout came from a distance.


Roja stopped and with a long-awaited expression turned around to look at the distance.

They’re finally here.

Wouch! Wouch!

A figure appeared and picked up Shisui, and another one holding a sword attacked Roja.

Roja just swung his sword back.


Just a dead wood, the sword in the hand of the person broke.

Seeing his sword break, that person desperately avoided the attack, but his shoulder was hit by the sword and blood splashing.


The man jumped back and held his shoulder while looking at Roja with horror. He wore the head-protector of Konoha.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

A dozen figures flashed and arrived at the scene and surrounded them.

Shisui fighting them alone, they didn’t see, but the man that was just injured, they saw it clearly.

“Konoha’s sanin… Tsunade!”

Mei looked at the Ninja, and her eyes fell on the figure that saved Shisui, her eyes coldly stared at her.

It’s normal for a woman to have hostility toward another woman. She was always Tsunade’s biggest enemy, and she even had the idea of attacking and killing her. But Tsunade was the commander of the camp and wouldn’t easily step out.

“The bleeding stopped.”

Tsunade gave Shisui first aid and then got up and looked at Roja, when she saw him, her eyes shrunk.

She didn’t care before, but now she looked closely at him, he was…

“I waited for so long for the commander to appear. Is there a problem?”

Roja held Sen Maboroshi and stood in his place with a harmless smile.

Regarding the Information about Roja, others may not know, but as the commander of a camp, she knew. His strength was so strong that she didn’t know anyone alive that could face him.

“Are you the one who stopped the war against The Clouds?”

Tsunade looked calmly at Roja.

Roja shrugged and said: “If there is no one else, then I may be the one.”

At this time, she took a look at Kurenai and Mei, she didn’t recognize Kurenai, but she knew Mei.

Mei noticed her gaze and suddenly raised her chin and said: “If it isn’t the famous Sanin of Konoha? It’s a great honor to see you.”

She wasn’t saying this with sarcasm.

Tsunade responded coldly: “A group of Rats from the mist dare to try a sneak attack us?”

“Ha ha…”

Mei was preparing to say something, but Roja put his finger on her forehead and flickered her.


Mei stepped back, and a red mark appeared on her forehead.

“Don’t interrupt when adults are talking.”

Roja ignored the expression on Mei’s face and turned around to look at Tsunade.

Tsunade’s brows wrinkled. Although she has doubts about Roja, she wasn’t afraid of him, but she didn’t want to cause any conflicts.

“Aren’t you a Rogue Ninja? How come you are with the Mist?”

Roja’s identity was a mystery, they once suspected that Roja was from the Mist, but they changed their mind when he stopped the war with the clouds.

If Roja was from the Mist, he wouldn’t go out of his way to stop the clouds and help Konoha.

It’s because he stopped the war, that his identity became a mystery.

“Of course I’m not, as for her… I picked up a maid from the road, is there a problem with that?”

Roja glanced at Mei and casually said.


What is a maid collection?

Mei also heard his words and wanted to refute them, but they were true.

Roja seemed to feel her anger, so he glanced at her and said: “You don’t need to be angry, you will feel the glory of this identity in the future.”


Mei felt like spitting blood. She wanted to smash that glory into Roja’s face and go away.