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G.O.S.S Chapter 393: Roja made his move!

Based on Strength, Shisui would find trouble fighting these two, even if Roja was weaker than them if he joins the fight he would definitively lose.

Although he seems to have the upper hand, in fact, he knew that it was really difficult to overcome this situation.

“Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!”

Mei once again released her Lava technique.


Shisui leaped up to avoid the fluid while holding his sword and rushing toward them.

Mei and Kurenai both jumped to avoid Shisui’s attack. Both of them searched for the flaws in Shisui’s technique while Shisui stopped his attacks as he only wanted to drag this fight for as long as possible.

They seemed to be in a deadlock.

And at this time, Wouch!

Applause was heard from within the jungle.

“The Genius Ninja of the Uchiha Family. Your performance is really wonderful.”

Roja stepped out and wasn’t angry because Shisui was fighting the other two. Shisui looked at this with great interest.

“Are you finally joining the fight?”

Shisui’s gaze fell on Roja. He never ignored Roja’s existence at all, he was always paying attention to him.

He figured Mei and Kurenai’s strength, but Roja’s strength was still unclear.

Although the situation was really dangerous, he never thought about withdrawing. If he retreats now, then the supply line would be in danger. He even though that even if he can’t win, he can drag the fight.


Kurenai saw Roja stepping out and couldn’t help but sigh and walked back.

Seeing this, Shisui felt strange. Does she want to retreat?

It is clear that the advantage of having three people is greater.

At this time, Roja looked at Mei and joked: “The whole day we were being followed, and you didn’t feel it, and even after figuring it out you still couldn’t fight him, are you satisfied with this?”

Mei pouted as she was somewhat annoyed.

When she met the Monster, Roja, she couldn’t do a thing. As a result, she wanted to release her frustration on Shisui but in the end, she couldn’t.

It seemed that since meeting Roja, she was really unlucky.

“I will get rid of him sooner or later.”

Mei though and no longer mobilized her Chakra, she slacked off as she was going back to the rear and stood next to Kurenai.

Mei and Kurenai weren’t in a fighting stance which made Shisui feel really strange, he didn’t relax as he looked at Roja seriously.

A sword appeared in Roja’s hand without anyone knowing how.

“You use a sword?”

“Is this guy one of the seven swordsmen of the Mist? But he seems different than the description.”

Shisui calmed down. He could guess why the other two stepped down from the fight. There was only one reason, which is that Roja was far stronger than the two of them.

Sure enough, this guy is the trickiest amongst them.

He took a deep breath and stared at Roja’s sword. He didn’t even look at Roja’s eyes, because he wasn’t familiar with Roja strength he didn’t dare be careless.

“If I’m not wrong, you should be Uchiha Shisui right?”

In Roja’s hand, Sen Maboroshi released some water vapor in the air before retracting it as nothing happened.

Shisui stopped thinking and attacked Roja. His Sharingan were fully in use as he captured every move of Roja, but he didn’t find any abnormality nor did he see any chakra flow.

“It’s a great honor for you to know my name.”

Shisui found it unexpected for Roja to know his name. Although he wasn’t famous in the battlefield, he was famous in Konoha.

Roja suddenly stepped forward and walked over toward Shisui as he said: “The Uchiha family have only two people to pay attention to in this generation, and you are one of them.”

The second person is definitively Obito.

Itachi was younger than both of them. Shisui had a Mangekyou Sharingan that could permanently change reality for someone.

As for Obito, he was special, he changed from a normal kid to a behind the scene monster.

“Two people?”

Obito’s eyes changed.

In this generation, no one can compare with him. He didn’t know who Roja was referring to. Several people flashed in his mind, but they all were rejected.

At this moment, he reacted, he seemed to be influenced by Roja’s words. It wasn’t a good thing to be influenced in a fight.


Shisui calmed down. He directly threw out the messy thoughts away. Once again he looked at Roja with great vigilance.

Roja walked near Shisui and stopped while he said: “I will attack, I wonder if you can block it.”

“Try, and you will know!”

Shisui said without fear.

When Roja swung his sword, the attack rushed at Shisui.


Shisui’s tomoes span rapidly as he captured Roja’s movement. He didn’t dare face the attack head-on as he didn’t know Roja’s power, so he jumped away to avoid the attack.

He was shocked to discover that there is inexplicably a sword mark on his chest.

Blood splashed!