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G.O.S.S Chapter 392: Shisui Of the Body Flicker!

Inside the mountain, Dozen of Konoha’s ninjas were moving forward. Five people were leading the group, and one of them was one of the Sanin.

“Be careful, we should be close by.”

The commander was a Ninja from Konoha, her chest was swaying as she ran: “Is there a perceptive Ninja who can discover Shisui?”

“I can’t tell, but there should be one.”

A ninja suddenly moved forward to report.

She nodded and immediately continued forward.

“Good! Move quickly.”

This was the territory of the land of fire, and this territory was under their protection. The Mist daring to go inside their territory made Konoha not think about making them leave, but annihilate them directly.

According to the information sent by Shisui, there were three enemies, one of them being the famous beauty of the mist, so all of them should be from the Mist.

If you want to kill an enemy from the Mist, you will need at least double their numbers. After considering the situation, Tsunade chose to lead a team personally.

“Going inside out territory, they want to cut our supply line, they are really courageous, I won’t let them escape.”

Tsunade’s eyes were cold.

Although she was a medical Ninja, she experienced the second ninja war and was really a good leader.

Wouch! Wouch!

Shisui was regularly using Chakra to step on the water and delaying Mei, but suddenly Kurenai appeared.

She looked at Shisui, and her eyes flashed: “You are Uchiha Shisui… Don’t continue this, we have no intention of fighting Konoha.”

Shisui didn’t know her, but she knew him. He was the greatest genius in this generation of the Uchiha. Although he was not famous in the battlefield, his reputation in Konoha wasn’t small.

“Do you think I’d believe what you say?”

Shisui stopped and blinked, then continued to fight against Mei.

Kurenai shook her head with helplessness. She knew that it wouldn’t be easy for Shisui to believe her.

If this continued to drag on, Roja might make a move, and this Genius of the Uchiha family might really face a tragedy which will pull Konoha into this.

Thinking about this, Kurenai made a decision, she wanted to stop the fight quickly.


Kurenai started printing.

“Genjutsu: Mirage!”

Pink leaves surrounded Kurenai as something like a copy seemed to rush toward Shisui.


Shisui’s Sharingan started working as he looked at the thing in front of him then he calmly said: “No… This is a Genjutsu!”


Shisui jumped forward as he picked Kurenai’s real position using his Sharingan.

He judged Kurenai to be a Genjutsu user. Using Genjutsu against an Uchiha wasn’t a great idea.

The Sharingan was best in seeing through any Genjutsu, and also it was best for Genjutsu users.


The Genjutsu was directly broken, and at the same time, he used a Genjutsu of his own. Kurenai already expected this, so she was prepared for the Genjutsu rebound.


Shisui stopped the Technique and arrived in front of Kurenai directly stabbing her as he tried to get rid of her.

In the next moment, Kurenai defended this attack while Shisui continued. But surprisingly, Kurenai seemed to be the same as him. It was as if she could see his movement the same way he did.


Shisui was surprised for the first time. With his Sharingan, he was able to see through Kurenai’s action, he thought he would be able to gain the upper hand, but he didn’t expect her to be able to read his moves as well.

The fight could be said to be a tie between the two.

“Not just a Genjutsu user, but also a perceptive one and a taijutsu user as well?”

Shisui finally felt that there is trouble. The strength of these two wasn’t something normal.


Mei attacked along, and Shisui could only be forced into retreat.

Shisui took a deep breath, and his eyes calmed down again. He muttered: “In this case, I would have to use another technique… The body flicker technique!”

In the next moment, Shisui made seals as he moved forward.

During his run, his figure trembled as if he was splitting into two identical figures.

One to two, two to four…

In a short period, there were more than ten identical Shisui on the field.

“Is this a clone?”

Mei’s eyes flashed as she started printing.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Technique!”


Suddenly, a huge water dragon appeared and moved forward as if it wanted to devour Shisui.

However, as the water Dragon approached, a dozen copies of Shisui stopped in their places, and nothing happened to them as if they were phantoms.

“Is he using Genjutsu?”

Mei tried to find where Shisui was.

But in the next moment, the copies moved forward holding their swords and surrounded Mei and Kurenai.

“Be careful!’

Kurenai was using Haki and felt something abnormal. She was trying to find what is going on as she warned Mei.


They first ignored the water dragon as if they didn’t exist but the next moment they seemed to become real and their attacks could connect.

“What’s going on?”

If she wasn’t warned by Kurenai, Mei would’ve very likely been injured. She watched the dozen Uchiha’s while her eyes revealed a different color.

“It’s not an ordinary clone… This should be another technique. It’s like combining Genjutsu with the clone Jutsu.”

Kurenai saw this using Haki and couldn’t help admire the strength of the genius Uchiha.