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G.O.S.S Chapter 391: Mei Vs. Shisui!

In the mountain, Roja was holding Sen Maboroshi and playing with it, constantly changing its form.

“Can you change the form of your sword at will?”

Mei and Kurenai followed behind Roja while watching the sword changing forms and they couldn’t help blink seeing that.

Before fighting Roja, she didn’t pay attention to Roja’s sword, but now seeing it changing its form caught her attention.

“What is that sword?”

Roja laughed and said: “You want to know about this sword?”

Mei looked at Roja and said: “A sword that can change shape, even the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist don’t have such a sword.”

Mei was very respectful while mentioning the seven swordsmen, even though she was a genius, she respected them a lot.

“Oh, the strongest seven Swords…”

Roja responded casually as if he was asking do you want to eat?

Mei’s mouth twitched slightly and gave up arguing with Roja.

The three walked around suddenly, Kurenai was first stunned before quickly reacting: “Roja-sama, someone is tracking us.”

“You finally noticed?”

“it seems the time you used to practice Haki wasn’t in vain.”

Roja didn’t turn his head, but stared at Sen Maboroshi in his hand and casually said.

Mei looked at Roja before turning to Kurenai. It seems that Roja discovered someone and Kurenai just did, but she didn’t feel anything.

Although she wasn’t a perceptive Ninja, not founding someone is normal, but Roja and Kurenai found the one tracking them and she didn’t, which made her feel shameful.

“I want to see who dares follow us…”

Mei, in a moment of anger, turned around toward the person following them.

In the forest, a pair of scarlet eyes were watching the three. His eyes sharpened, and the cold light flashed in his eyes.

“This direction… Do they want to cut off our supplies?”

“But they’re not moving fast. Is it because they are in the land of fire, so they are currently being vigilant? Even so, they will soon catch up to Konoha’s ninjas.”

Shisui set his mind straight as he continued to follow after them.

Almost in the next moment, His pupil shrank, and the three tomoes in his eyes started turning around.

He was discovered!

“Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!”

Accompanying the angry yell, Acid swept in front of Shisui.

Shisui stopped his body, he used his leg to step hard on the tree trunk and flew backward.


Mei looked at the person coldly, and when she saw his eyes, she was a little bit hesitant.

“That is… Sharingan… An Uchiha member?”

“I was really careful, I didn’t expect to be discovered by you. It seems like one of you is a perceptive Ninja.”

Although he was exposed, Shisui was calm as he already prepared for this.


Shisui shouldn’t have mentioned this as may was still holding a grudge about not being able to sense him.

“I thought you were just a kid, I didn’t think you possess the Sharingan.”

Mei’s tone was Icy as her hand printed.

However, before waiting for her to finish, Shisui instantly disappeared with a flash of light and appeared behind Mei as he pulled a short sword to attack.


Shisui’s sword pierced directly into Mei’s body, but in the next moment, Mei’s figure turned into a log.


Shisui stopped and calmed down, he didn’t expect his opponent to be this good.

Under his Sharingan, Mei’s actions were captured. At the moment he stabbed, Mei already stopped her printing and used replacement.

“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!”

“Water Release: Water Bullet Technique!”

Mei unleashed her water Jutsu, and it directly countered The fire Jutsu and directly swallowed it.

“Uchiha little boy, can’t you stop this?”

Looking at the water coming toward him, Shisui flickered and stabbed his sword at Mei’s leg.

Mei already expected this and jumped back to avoid the attack.

“I still want to deal with the other two. It seems like I’m still a little bit arrogant. In the end, she is one of the mist, and it isn’t easy to deal with her.”

Shisui looked at Mei, and after he was discovered, he had two choices, wait for reinforcement, and then pursue the three.

The Second is to fight them and wait for support.

After a brief fight, Shisui knew that it wasn’t easy to defeat this Beauty, but it wasn’t impossible as he could see through her attacks.

“If I let them go, it will be very difficult to find them again.”

Shisui stopped thinking as the tomoe in his eyes were moving, and suddenly they changed.