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G.O.S.S Chapter 390: Uchiha Shisui.

Crossing the Territories, Roja and the others arrived at the Land of Fire.

It was a small village at the borders of the land of fire.

Even though the village wasn’t destroyed by the war, conflicts between ninjas will occasionally arise.

Inside a restaurant.

“Give us your best.”

Mei was in front of the counter talking to the boss of the restaurant. The boss saw Mei and almost lost his soul looking at her beauty and quickly nodded.

“No problem, I will send them right away!”


Mei’s mouth slightly rose as she turned and left.

And almost as she left, one of a group of four sitting on a table inside the restaurant which looked very young saw her, and a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

“She is…”

“What happened?”

The other three saw the young man’s gaze and asked immediately.

This person was an Uchiha!

In the era of the third Ninja war, many geniuses appeared. Although Uchiha Shusui wasn’t the most dazzling, he made a great impact in the war.

Shisui stopped and looked at the beauty and whispered: “She is one of the Mist squad that got defeated a while ago.”

“Is it her?”

“What is she doing here?”

Several people were shocked by what they heard.

The Mist were always interfering with Konoha. And Konoha was doing just the same thing.

Of course, Shisui didn’t have his prestige yet. He was a captain of the squad because he was from the Uchiha and also opened his Sharingan.

At this age, he already had 3 tomoes and was a genius in Konoha.

“Don’t know.”

“It is said that she isn’t careless.”

Shisui shook his head. There was a trace of doubt in his eyes. He didn’t achieve any results in the battlefield yet, but he already made his name as Shisui of the body flicker and was highly valued by Konoha.

That person wasn’t such a careless person, she won’t act so casually.

“Can you be sure she is really her?”

Someone could help ask.

Shisui nodded and said: “There is no meaning in using Henge (transformation) jutsu against me.”

The others looked at each other and stood up while putting the money on the table and left.

“The three of you go back first and inform them about Mei appearing here.”

“How about you?”

“I will stay here and observe her. More people will get us exposed, if I’m alone, even if I’m exposed, I can deal with it.”

Shisui said as he shook his head.

The other three looked at each other and nodded.

“Then be careful.”

“There are only two rooms left, which one will you go in, Roja?”

Mei stood in front of the small house and asked. Her red lips rose slightly as her eyes were filled with light.


Kurenai on the side snorted.

Roja stretched his finger and flicked Mei forehead as he said: “You aren’t someone I look at like that… You got so little charm and temperament, my woman isn’t like this.”

After that Roja walked out of the window and flew.
In Naruto’s world, no one could say this to her, little could match her charm, but in One piece’s world, he got Hancock.

Roja was telling the truth, but Mei was mad.

This bastard!

Mei clenched her fist and looked at Roja with a black face. If stares could kill, Roja would’ve died many times already.

Kurenai looked at Mei with a sly look. She couldn’t help giggle in her heart. Suddenly she remembered Roja’s words and was stunned.

Although Roja rarely mentions Hancock, when he does, he talks as if no one can compare to her.

“What kind of person is she?”

Kurenai thought and couldn’t help but mutter.

At midnight, on the roof, Shisui stayed there quietly with his scarlet eyes looking at the room.

“Only three people?”

After half a day of observation, Shisui knew Mei, but he didn’t figure out who were the others.

Kurenai felt slightly familiar to him.

“She’s not from the Mist, but her the chakra she has is really something which wasn’t any less than Mei’s.”

“As for that person…”

Shisui narrowed his eyes as he felt that something was strange about Roja.

Roja’s chakra wasn’t fixed at all, sometimes it’s huge, and other times it’s small.

“I’m afraid these three aren’t simple.”

Shisui took a deep breath, and his eyes flashed. Did these three come here to do something?

Could it be they want to attract attention from the front lines?

Shisui though for a while but he frowned and shook his head, and finally, coldness flashed in his eyes.

“Int hat case, they must have a purpose in coming to the Land of fire… All I have to do is to make them fail in whatever they want to do.”

Mei took a deep breath, and the Sharingan in his eyes disappeared. He won’t act rashly, but he won’t let it go either.

“I need to be careful. They aren’t easy to deal with. If I was to be found, I wouldn’t be able to return in one piece, I won’t be able to deal with them alone.”