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G.O.S.S Chapter 389: Punishment!

In an open space inside a canyon, Roja and Kurenai were walking ahead, suddenly a beautiful figure appeared above the canyon. Light flashed in her eyes, and her Chakra surged.

“Lava release: Melting Apparition Technique!”


Mei launched an attack and immediately, Roja and Kurenai were drowned in the Liquid.

“Is this still inside the Genjutsu?!”

Mei wiped a little bit of the liquid from the corner of her mouth, and her eyes stared as she muttered.

And almost at the next moment, a familiar voice was heard besides her.

“Oh? When did you start thinking that you are no longer under the illusion?”


Mei subconsciously retreated back, but before she could even stop, Roja’s figure appeared again beside her.

Her plan to kill Roja seemed to have failed again.

Knowing that she couldn’t escape or resist, Mei faced Roja with arrogance.

“How will you deal with me this time? Are you going to freeze me or are you going to use fire? If you want to kill me do it but don’t dream that will listen to your command.”

Mei attacked Roja again, and every time she believed that she wasn’t under the Genjutsu, reality hit her.

All her sneak attacks failed. With Roja’s Reiatsu and Kyoka Suigetsu’s power, Roja can permanently keep the illusion.

Every time her attack fail, she would be punished by Roja, but she didn’t give up but become more and more stubborn.

When he heard her words, Roja snorted.


“I hope you can still say this later.”

Roja was helpless since the normal way didn’t work, he had to try different ways.

He manipulated her so that she can speak but can’t move a finger.

“Hey, are you going to do something that will shame me?”

Mei’s body was restrained, but her expression was a provoking one.

Roja ignored her attitude and pointed out directly.

Mei’s body suddenly floated in the air, and her shoes and socks were suddenly torn. Then a finger sized flame, and ice balls suddenly appeared.

“What are you doing?”

Mei was in the air and couldn’t move, she was vigilant. At the next moment, the balls touched her feet directly and began moving up and down.

“Waaa, Aaah!”

Almost at the same moment, they touched her, Mei started screaming loudly, she can guarantee that even if she died a hundred time, it would be better then this.

This is a Genjutsu!! This is a Genjutsu!! This is a Genjutsu!!

Mei was telling herself this, but even though she knew it was an illusion, she couldn’t get out of it.

“Hey, hahaha! Bastard! Ah, ah… damned guy! Stop! Hahaha… Stop now… haha…”

“Damn bastard… don’t fall in my hands… hahaha… Otherwise… hahaha… I will Definitively…. Hahaha…”

Mei’s tears were coming out, but her body couldn’t move at all.

Pain can be tolerated, as ninjas were trained in that field. But the itch is completely different. This isn’t something that a normal human can resist.

What’s more, Roja used his ability to make her sense of touch even more sensible.

Her will was broken already.

“Haha… Stop… Stop!”

Mei was about to collapse; her brain was already blank.

“Oh? You want me to stop? You didn’t want that before.” Roja leisurely looked at her and snorted.

“I… hahaha… That… Don’t…. Stop!!!”

Mei wanted to say something, but she was immediately defeated.

“Are you going to serve me?”

Mei nodded quickly.

“Are you going to be obedient in the future?”

Mei nodded again.

Looking at Mei’s pleading eyes, Roja finally snorted and reached out and grabbed Sen Maboroshi.

“Break, Kyoka Suigetsu!”


The world in front of Mei suddenly broke like a mirror.

She found herself under a tree while Kurenai and Roja were not that far away. All of that was just an illusion.

Mei kept standing, although it was completely an illusion, it felt too real.

Taking a breath, she finally recovered.

“That guy… Dares to treat me…”

After recovering, Mei gritted her teeth and couldn’t wait to find Roja, but she found that he was looking at her with a smile.

That look was as if saying, would you do it again?

Her mouth twitched, recalling the feeling, she couldn’t help shuddering.

Damned guy!

When I find out how to dispel that Genjutsu, we’ll see what you will do.

Mei gnashed her teeth and took a deep breath and looked at Roja.

“You are amazing… I’m defeated…”