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G.O.S.S Chapter 388: Pseudo Truth-Seeking Ball!

Almost at the moment, the gray sphere was formed, a will descended suddenly on Roja that seemed to slam the earth.

This will was so powerful that it wasn’t inferior to Roja and maybe even stronger.

“… Sage of the six paths?”

Roja narrowed his eyes and looked up to the sky without fear at all.

Although his strength wasn’t as good as the six paths currently, he can always open up space and go to One piece’s world anytime, he wants.

Roja had a hunch that his presence would attract the six paths attention.

His will didn’t know everything, and he seemed hesitant to do anything to Roja, gradually the will dissipated.

Seeing that the Six Paths didn’t jump out, Roja’s heart calmed down.

“Is this the result of fusing five elements?”

Roja looked at the gray sphere in his palm, and with a thought, it turned into a sword.

Roja held the gray sword and slashed toward the ground.


The ground seemed to collapse at speed visible to the eye and a pit suddenly formed.

Roja made its return to a ball shape and made it hover by his side.


The ball seemed about to collapse after leaving Roja’s palm. Roja quickly grabbed it and forced it to stabilize again.

“It seemed that I must maintain the control over it, it can’t leave my body and once I’m not touching it, I will immediately become unstable. Although it’s closer to the truth-seeking ball, it still isn’t.”

Roja looked at the ball and muttered.

By the side, Kurenai was already used to Roja doing unbelievable things, but Mei was so shocked that her chin was about to hit the ground.

He… He succeeded?

Fusing five elements actually succeeded?

Is this a joke?

“Impossible, how can he merge five elements…”

Looking with disbelief at Roja, Mei didn’t know what to think, she tried fusing three elements but she wasn’t successful but actually succeeded in fusing five.

That’s right, I must be hallucinating, I’m under that guy’s control for sure.

“This lack the Yin and Yang chakra natures, it can only cause annihilation to matter and can’t harm the soul.”

Roja continued to study the Gray truth-seeking Ball.

Yin and Yang are the force of spirit and life. The real truth-seeking ball is the result of seven elements fusion. It has the power to destroy the soul. Even for Roja who was a Shinigami, it was a great threat to him.

The one Roja produced could only harm matter.

Roja finally drew the conclusion, this ball can only be maintained by his control and could only destroy matter, and it can’t destroy spirits.

“In this case, I can call it Pseudo Truth-seeking ball.”

Roja looked at the ball, then with a thought, he made them separate and returned to his body.

The amount of chakra needed to make this ball was huge, and he didn’t want it just to dissipate. He can already make three to four ones with his Chakra pool right now.

“There is a long way to go to reach the real Truth-Seeking Ball. Even if I use all of my Shinigami powers, it would be hard to fight the Six Paths.”

He recalled the will that descended on him before, the moment he sensed him Roja turned serious.

That kind of spiritual power was even stronger than the Yonko.

In the world of One Piece, his Reiatsu was unmatched, but here it was different, he felt that his soul was slightly weaker than the Six Paths.

“Having a strong soul is normal, after all, it was him and his brother that sealed Kaguya, and it was him who initiated the reincarnation.”

After taking a deep breath, Roja felt the excitement of knowing someone there is stronger.

For a long time, he didn’t feel this feeling.
Looking at the direction Kurenai and Mei were in, Roja walked there and said.

“Kurenai, Mei, let’s go.”


Kurenai immediately nodded and followed him.

Mei didn’t say anything, but she was ready to follow after him, but she suddenly thought, why should I listen to him?

“Five elements fusion, this guy is terrible, if it wasn’t an illusion but real, then…”

Mei’s eyes were shining as she didn’t give up the idea of defeating Roja.

“Since you didn’t kill me, then don’t fall in my hand otherwise I will… hey!”

Mei wanted to continue but found out that they already started walking and followed up.

After finishing the five elements fusion, Roja knew that adding the yin and Yang attributes won’t be easy. At least with his current Chakra, he won’t be able to do it.

The more Chakra, the better.

Three to five Genin can fight a Chunin, three to five Chunin can fight a Jonin, and three to five Jonin can fight a Kage, but three to five kage won’t be able to fight a super kage.

Madara fought the five Kage and felt like he was fighting children.

With Madara without the Rennigan, along with Hashirama, they won’t be able to fight the Six Paths.

“I need to continue absorbing nature’s chakra and strengthen my body. Besides, Sen Maboroshi was absorbing the Nature’s Chakra as well so he can evolve even further.”

“As for the space ability, Sen Maboroshi will continue to expand it, and I may be able to get a power similar to Kamui.”

Roja thought as he continued walking forward.