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G.O.S.S Chapter 387: 5 Elements fusion!

The closer you get to the power of the sixth path, the more you feel his horrifying power.

This sentence wasn’t false.

The power of Shinigami is totally different from the power of this world. It’s truly hard to fight against the Sixth path like this, and he may only be able to escape through space.

He wanted to get powers to the level of Indra and Ashura, and unless he opens the Eight Stage of Sen Maboroshi, or obtain the Truth-seeking ball, he can’t step into the next level of power.

Both of them, Roja wanted to obtain.

The power of Naruto world and the Shinigami’s world are powerful, the only difference was that the Shinigami’s world was biased on the spiritual side while the one in Naruto was biased on the mundane side.

At least now, Roja’s power could threaten the six paths.

“Wind, lightning, Fire…”

Roja started solemnly. Because fusing five elements was dangerous and would require cautious.

“Danm! Damn! Damn!”

Mei was about to collapse, whether attacking Roja or escape, she tried everything without any results.

If she wanted to escape, she would return to the original place, if she wanted to fight Roja, she felt like she was hitting empty air. Even when trying to dispel any Genjutsu, she wouldn’t be successful.

It seemed like a time lapse.

At last, Mei knew that she could never get rid of the control by brute force. She gave up the idea of struggling and took a deep breath to calm herself down.

“What is this ability? Genjutsu? It is as if all the place is under his control, how can there be such a Genjutsu… Wait, no!”

“This shouldn’t be Genjutsu, it’s as if he was controlling her five senses…”

Mei was a genius who would be the fifth Hokage in the future. After calming down, she analyzed everything quickly.

After understanding what she’s going through, she wanted to try and break free from it.

The more she thought, the more horrified she got. Doesn’t this mean that her body is no longer hers to control?

Mei bit her lips and closed her eyes and recalled everything that happened after meeting Roja. But she couldn’t tell when she fell under his technique.

“Damn, how I dispel this technique…”

As she opened her eyes, she saw Roja standing no far away calmly.

She wanted to close her eyes again, but she thought about the situation, Roja didn’t kill her which would give her enough time to crack this technique.

She didn’t believe that Roja could maintain this technique even while he sleeps.

The anger in her heart faded. After calming down, she stared at Roja who seemed to be meditating.

“Speaking of that guy, taking a closer look, he is really handsome… No matter whether it’s appearance or temperament, no one was better than him.”

Thinking to here, she suddenly licked her lips and smiled a little: “My five senses are under his control, I don’t know whether this guy is doing something to me now or not.”

“I won’t feel it which was a pity… It’s still somewhat annoying.”

Just as the beauty’s cheeks were blushing, the world in front of her changed as she sensed something.

“This is…”

Mei stood up for a moment, and her eyes flashed.

Was this a technique?

She took a deep breath as she glanced toward the source. Roja was sitting down, and five light balls with different colors were constantly rotating above his palm.

Mei though a little then she suddenly had an idea. She couldn’t help look shocked as she stared at the five light balls.

“This is… Five chakra elements at once?!”

Mei took a breath of cold air. She was born with three elements and two different blood limits. She naturally recognized the five elements on Roja’s palm.

When she discovered that Roja was trying to fuse the five together, she was even more shocking.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

She was stunned and subconsciously shouted.

Mei tried fusing three elements before. She tried to create blood limit selection but she failed, and it was very dangerous. She was almost killed several times.

So she abandoned the idea of fusing three elements.

Now Roja was going crazy. He was trying to curry on the fusion of five elements.

Wouch! Wouch!

The five balls rotation got faster and faster and gradually their color was not distinguished anymore. And finally, they joined together and fused.


Suddenly a gust a wind blew, and on the palm of Roja, a ball of white light seemed to condense. It seemed about to fall apart anytime as cracks appeared on it.

“Not good!”

Seeing this, Mei trembled. When she merged three attributes, this happened to her as well, and in the next moment, it exploded almost killing her.

Just at the next moment, Mei wanted to flee, Roja’s Chakra was larger than hers, and if that thing explodes, it will kill all of them.

At this moment, Roja’s eyes flashed, and a force completely different from Chakra appeared and forcibly kept the ball from collapsing.


Roja’s shouted as his five fingers gasped the ball of light forcefully making it return to its original state and preventing it from collapsing.

Under the gaze of the beauty, a ball of light was hovering about Roja’s palm, it dimmed slightly becoming gray as it stabilized.