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G.O.S.S Chapter 386: Control!

Mei looked in front of her seeing Kurenai and Roja and was suspicious.

Genjutsu? Is this Genjutsu?

She shook her head and checked the Chakra flow, but she found nothing which meant this wasn’t a Genjutsu.

After calming down, she turned around and started running again and about half a day later, she felt that this was far enough and stopped while looking at the map.

At the next moment, she was stunned to discover Roja and Kurenai in front of her again.


The beauty was truly about to go insane. She clearly ran the other way why are they in front of her again?

Even if she was absolutely stupid, she would find out that there was something amiss.

“This guy… What’s going on…”

Mei stared at Roja in the distance and wanted to find some clue. Roja looked at her leisurely and didn’t say anything.

Mei took a deep breath and turned around and ran again, but as if she ran in a circle, she found herself in the same place again.

Roja and Kurenai finished eating the fish now.

“You… You… What did you do to me?”

The same thing happened again and again as if it was impossible to separate from them and finally, she couldn’t hold back anymore.

Roja stood up and looked at her then he touched his chin and said: “Hey, that’s a profound question there. Then let me ask you… What did I do to you?”

“I’m the one asking that!!”

Mei looked at Roja angrily.

Roja shrugged and innocently said: “Is that so? Since it’s like that, I will answer… I did what I should’ve done.”

Mei grit her teeth and was about to collapse. She couldn’t help rush toward Roja trying to kill him.

But in the end, the same thing happened, it was like she hit a ghost.

Not far away, Roja and Kurenai stood in their places while Mei was using every technique she knew trying to hit empty air.

Looking at Mei, Kurenai couldn’t help suck in cold air as she looked at Roja with awe.

“Is this… The same power Roja-sama used on me before?”

Mei’s strange behavior was seen by Kurenai, and she couldn’t help think about the time she tried to run away.

As for using Genjutsu on Roja, it was like a joke, with this kind of mastery over Genjutsu, is there a way to make him fall in it.

“Not bad.”

Roja stood in his place and said: “Kyoka Suigetsu’s power, as long as you’ve seen the sword, you will be completely under my control, I can control all the five senses, and even if you know that you’re being under my control, you can’t do a thing about it.”

Roja turned around and looked at Kurenai as he said that.

Kurenai’s heart shook as she couldn’t help saying: “The meaning of can’t do anything about it is…”

“It’s what you think, the effect is permanent.”


Hearing this, Kurenai couldn’t help feel shocked. What she knew best was Genjutsu, and because of this, she knew how terrifying this effect is.

Once you are caught, there is no way of fighting back.

Kurenai’s eyes were full of shock while she muttered: “There is such a technique in this world…”

Roja didn’t mind telling her Kyoka Suigetsu’s power, not to mention she wasn’t even thinking about escaping anymore. Even if she did have such thoughts, there is no way to break from Kyoka Suigetsu’s illusion.

The terrifying thing about this ability is that it controls all senses. Only if you can see into the future, otherwise there is no way to resist it.

Roja’s ability was copied from the original Zanpakuto, so it has the same disadvantages. So whoever touches the Sword, the sword would lose its effect on that person.

But Sen Maboroshi was most of the time inside the soul space. So the possibility of touching it was almost none existent.

Kurenai’s heart trembled as she looked around then turned toward Roja and said.

“That… Am I still under the effect of that ability?”

“What do you think?”

Roja glanced at her with deep eyes.

Kurenai sighed. She already accepted her fate, so it didn’t matter whether she was manipulated or not.

Thinking about this, a thought suddenly hit her. Doesn’t it mean that Roja can make her feel whatever he wanted?

So… Did Roja do anything to her before?

Thinking about this, Kurenai’s cheeks turned red, and after sneaking a glance at Roja, she bit her teeth. She wouldn’t suffer anything anyway.

She was at that age already.

Roja didn’t know what she was thinking about as he continued with the elder tone to explain Kyoka Suigetsu’s power to her. After looking at Mie for a while, he found a place and got ready to start the fifth element fusion.

The fusion of the four elements was already mastered, and his chakra level was that of super Kage already. It was slightly inferior to Hachibi’s chakra.