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G.O.S.S Chapter 385: Maid!

“My Lava release was also…”

Watching the ice spread and freeze her techniques, Mei was shaken as she stopped her technique and jumped back.

Almost as she retreated, the cold air rushed toward her and froze her technique while also turning everything in their line of sight into Ice.

“What a horrible coldness…”

Mei took a deep breath as she looked at the power of the Ice. Suddenly something flashed in her mind as she thought about the information they received recently and suddenly her eyes opened in disbelief.

Is he…

Just as she was thinking Roja attacked again. His eyes were indifferent as he looked at the people in front of him and waved his sword.

“Ice Burst!”

Wouch! Wouch!

From the earth, Ice flowers suddenly formed, one after another, they all bloomed.

“Not good! Retreat!”

Mei who was arrogant and confident against Roja suddenly felt the threat of death and retreated without hesitation.

Under the command of Mei, all the Mist ninjas tried to escape.

“Want to escape, you think you can?”

Roja’s eyes looked at this indifferently as he waved his sword back. It seemed like everything was under his palm as the entire forest was filled with blooming ice flowers.

A ninja found himself in front of an ice flower and suddenly printed.

“Fire Release: Flame bullet technique!”

Mei saw this and knew it is no good, even her Lava Blood Limit couldn’t do a thing against his Ice, how could mere fire release be able to do anything.

She gave up her intentions of fighting Roja. In this brief confrontation, she knew that Roja’s strength wasn’t something she can contend too. Her only choice was to escape.

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!”

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

They didn’t hesitate to try and Help Mei to retreat even if it meant their lives.

Some of them recognized Roja and were full of fear.


The Flames tried to stop the Ice flower to no avail.

At this time, Mei couldn’t keep calm anymore. The joined fire release could barely stop the Ice flower from spreading for a second. How powerful was this Ice release?!

“We absolutely can’t freeze, if we do we will die.”

Just as Mei and the others tried to run away, suddenly a flower was split in two by a sword attack.


Whatever touched the sword was cut in half, whether it was the ice flowers or the frozen land, nothing could escape.

Perceiving the attack, Mei didn’t look back as she subconsciously evaded to the side and barely made it.

The other ninjas weren’t as lucky, as they fell down without even a scream.

The rest were scared by this sight and tried even harder to escape. The void suddenly swayed and their bodies suddenly split in two.

Mei wanted to escape, but she saw Roja moving toward her step by step holding his sword.

She gritted her teeth and didn’t give up as she started printing.

But, before she could open her mouth, Roja suddenly flashed and appeared in front of her and put his finger on her mouth stopped her technique.

Mei backed away and kicked Roja at the same time, but before her kick even go halfway, Roja’s sword was placed on her neck.

At this time, she felt awkward.

Originally, they wanted to be the hunters, but the hunter became the prey at the end.

“Kill me…”

Mei felt bitterness, she completely gave up resistance.

This is their fault for choosing the wrong people to mess with.

However, When Roja heard her words, Roja took back Sen Maboroshi and said:” What? You’re in a hurry to die… Then I won’t kill you.”

Mei was stunned, she didn’t expect Roja to say such thing.

“I still have a use for you, I will let you go.”

Roja took returned Sen Maboroshi to the soul space, and after looking at Mei’s eyes, he turned around and ignored her.

Mei was angered, she was very proud, how could she be insulted without doing anything.

“Baby! You can die then!”

Mei suddenly stabbed at Roja’s back.

But even though her Kunai stabbed Roja and went into his body, She didn’t feel it, Roja was still there and didn’t disappear or anything, his body was just like a ghost.

“It’s ten years too early for you to kill me.”

Roja turned around as he taunted her and continued to walk.

Before going to bring Hancock, he needs to clean up the situation in the world. He has to find maids as Hancock hated all men except for him.

It’s not anyone who can serve him tea, but the future Mizukage can barely make it.


To Mei, Roja’s words were full of ridicule. She was so angry that she was trembling and wanted to rush at Roja. But she suddenly thought of something.

Wasn’t he… Letting her go?

“Damn it, you’re belittling me? Since you dare to do so, you must remember me, I won’t let you go!”

After gritting her teeth, She didn’t go after them, but she ran to the opposite direction.

Mei was running on the ice without rest for a few Kilometers before she finally went out from the Ice.

After looking back, she took a deep breath, and her eyes flashed, she shook her head and planned to return to the camp.

But as she was preparing to go, the world in front of her changed and not far from her, two familiar backs was in view. It was Kurenai and Roja.

She clearly ran so much away from them, why are they in front of her as if she was following them?!

“What on earth is this?!”