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G.O.S.S Chapter 384: Roja Vs. The Beauty!

Not only Kurenai and Roja, but even the Mist Ninjas were also stunned by Mei’s words.

That’s the enemy in front of us.

“It’s a pity. Why are you a Ninja of Konoha? Anyway, I will give you a kiss of ecstasy.”

Mei looked at Roja, and her eyes looked at him with a strange light.

Although Roja didn’t wear any Ninja outfit, Kurenai wore one that belongs to Konoha. Konoha’s Ninja outfit recognizable in a glance.

Roja looked at her silently. Fortunately, he had encountered beauties in One piece’s world, it wasn’t difficult to resist their charm now.

“I’m not a ninja of Konoha and don’t try to seduce me, I already have a lover, and I’m not interested in you,” Roja said faintly.

However, this sentence made the ninja from the Mist turn stiff, and their mouths twitch as they turned slowly toward Mei.

Mei was stunned, and the air around her solidified.

“Oh, You’re not… Interested?!”

Her lips moved slightly as she spat out Roja’s words slowly without any emotions.

“Captain Mei, calm down, please!”

The Mist Ninjas saw Mei’s expression, and they were all fearful.

She was only looking down and didn’t respond. Mei suddenly looked up, and her hands started making seals.

“This seal… Not good!”

Seeing her printing the seals, the Mist Ninjas recognized the technique she intended to release and without any second idea they all retreated.

“Quickly retreat!”

Wouch! Wouch!

All of them moved away as they swallowed full of fear. They even looked at Roja with sympathy.

It wasn’t wise to say these words to her, at least try to get into her good side.

Just as they retreated, Mei finished her printing and said a few cold words.

“Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique!”

Mei suddenly spat out the fog that spread toward Roja and Kurenai.

Wherever the Mist goes, the trees withered and melted.

“This is…”

Seeing this, Kurenai’s eyes flashed, and suddenly remembered something. Isn’t this the Blood limit Roja used before?


The mist spread rapidity, and because it’s an open area, nothing blocked its way. Of course, the direction it moved toward at high speed was Roja’s.

“Turn you and your lover into bones…”

Mei looked indifferently at Roja and Kurenai.


Originally, Kurenai was about to try and resist the Mist, but when she heard this sentence, the corner of her mouth twitched slightly.

This woman seemed to have misunderstood something!

The word ‘Little Lover’ flashed in her mind making her cheeks turn red and couldn’t help glance at Roja from the side.

Roja’s face was calm because of using Haki, he had already foreseen this. After shaking his head slightly, his hand was stretched out as he grabbed the air only for Sen Maboroshi to appear.


He didn’t even print, he only exhaled one breath, and suddenly white mist flew out from his mouth.

In the next moment, the white mist and Mei’s mist intertwined.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

A strange sound was heard as the mist released by Mei suddenly stopped moving and turned into crystal-like things.

Looking carefully at the acidic mist being countered, all of them froze. The mist actually turned into crystals shining along with the sun.

“This is…”

Mei looked at this scene and was shocked. Looking at the White mist, she couldn’t help step back.

The White mist filled the sky, whether it was the ground or the trees, everything was covered by a layer of frost, as if the season changed into winter.

Everything turned into Ice.

When they saw this, everyone was shocked, and Mei wasn’t an exception.

“My Boiling release was actually…”

She felt unbelievable. Although Roja used this to turn the mist from before to ice, this wasn’t normal mist.

Her mist was acidic mist, and it has incredible destructive power. It’s not like the Mist techniques used by the other ninjas, it’s her blood limit.

What is this person?

“To counter our captain’s blood limit… Not only that, he even froze it?”

“Is this some kind of a joke.”

All the Mist ninjas were horrified. Apparently, they didn’t expect Roja to be able to stop Mei’s attack.

Before when he turned the Mist to Ice, they didn’t pay much attention to it, but this time they couldn’t do the same. To be able to freeze the Boil release, he was obviously not a simple character.

“Ice release… Is this the Ice release used by the Yuki clan?” Someone couldn’t help but say.

The one who heard him shook his head.

“Impossible! That guy is definitively not a member of the Yuki family. Also, their blood limit isn’t like this.”

At the time when they were talking, Mei was trying hard to suppress the shock in her heart as she once again launched an attack at Roja.

After all, she is a genius Ninja. She knows that she shouldn’t be careless or get disturbed. Hesitating while in battle is a taboo.

“Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!”

From Mei’s lips, a few words were said before a strong acid rushed out from her mouth moving toward Roja.

Roja held Sen Maboroshi in his hand, but he didn’t wave it. Instead, he stumped his foot on the ground, and a terrifying cold air was released.

“Ice Age!”


In the next moment, the Ice suddenly spread from Roja’s foot, and Mei’s technique was once again frozen!