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G.O.S.S Chapter 383: Handsome!

In a forest on a certain mountain, more than a dozen Kiri Ninjas were sitting next to each other looking at a map. There were many red, and green marks on the map.

One of the Ninjas was a 14 years old girl, she was calmly analyzing the map.

“The current power in Konoha is like this. Not only do they have Tsunade the granddaughter of the god of the Shinobi, but she is also one of the Sanin. Their formation is almost flawless.”

“That’s right, such layout is flawless.”

The Ninja next to her nodded solemnly.

Mei was confident as she said: “Although there are no flaws… I can create them! Our task to create such flaws so doesn’t forget that.”


All of them nodded.

This a team from Kiri which was led by Mei even though she was quite young, her status in the village wasn’t small.

“Then we shall do it.”

Mei hid the map while taking something to eat along with the others.

While eating, one of them suddenly spoke.

“Right, I heard there was a monster on the battlefield between the Kumo and Konoha who stopped the war, I don’t know whether this is true or not.”

“Oh, I heard of it, it must be fake news. Stopping a war alone is exaggerated.” Another one shook his head and smiled.

The former also smiled and said: “I estimate that the Kumo couldn’t win and didn’t want to lose their momentum, so they just come up with this as an excuse.”

The two laughed and didn’t care anymore.

But at this time, Mei shook her head and said: “Although the news seems unreal, it’s not totally wrong, the ‘Monster’ is still there.”


Mei said with confidence: “If that guy dares to provoke us, I will make him realize how powerful the Mist Ninjas are.”

“Yes, Captain is beautiful and strong, you won’t be afraid of any enemy.”

The two of them looked at their captain while admiring her beauty.

In the Mist, the strong are respected, they could even decide the life and death of the weak.

Therefore, even though the number of the Mist Ninjas was small, all of them were elites with a bloody and fierce personality.

Comparing the battlefields where the Mist is involved to the others, their battlefield is the bloodiest one.

After finishing their meal, the mist ninjas followed the original plan as they headed toward the nearest camp of Konoha.

But before they even walk out, they suddenly stopped, and one of them said vigilantly: “Be careful, there are people ahead.”

As soon as the perceptive Ninja spoke, Mei stopped and said.

“How many?”

Mei was very calm.


The perceptive Ninja closed his eyes to feel their Chakra before saying their numbers.

Mei’s eyes flashed slightly as her face turned cold: “It seems like some of Konoha’s patrol Ninjas are here…”

Not far, Roja and Kurenai were walking in the forest when suddenly Roja stopped, and his eyes flashed strangely.


“What happened?”

Kurenai also stopped and looked at Roja.

Roja shook his head and said: “Nothing, it seems like someone is looking at us.”


Kurenai nodded but wasn’t surprised at all.

Along the way, Roja didn’t conceal his Chakra. While crossing between lands, they encountered robbers and Ninjas’ sneak attacks. The number was more than five time.

This was the start of the Third Ninja war, so it’s normal to encounter such things as all lands are chaotic at these times.

“Let go.”

Roja’s expression was calm.

Kurenai calmly followed behind him as well. Although she knew someone was observing them, she didn’t care much as she knew Roja’s strength.

What’s more, she was more confident in her strength right now. The spiritual power made her Genjutsu stronger.

Ignoring monsters like Roja, she was not weak at all in the world right now.

Kurenai was vigilant trying to perceive the one observing them. She finally felt the Mist ninjas that Roja felt before.

At this time, in front of them, a thick fog spread, even if one wanted to see his finger, he won’t be able to.

“Is this… Mist techniques?!”

Kurenai felt surprised in her heart, although she knew that the Mist Ninja’s (Kiri) were against them, see the technique to be like this.

Within the scope of this Ninjutsu, the enemies sight would be reduced the minimum, and they could only get slaughtered.

However, for people like Roja and Kurenai, having their sight reduced didn’t mean anything as they could use Kenbushoku Haki to see.

“Courting death.”

Roja didn’t care, they attacked him casually, which made his face turn cold and a chill spread out.


The Mist dropped to the ground becoming snow falling.

Their sight was cleared in an Instant.

“This is…”

A group of Kiri Ninjas under the leadership of the beauty was originally preparing to surround Roja and then launch their attack. But they didn’t expect Roja not to wait until they surrounded him and directly destroyed the Mist Ninjutsu they released.

He didn’t use Wind to clear the Mist, but he broke it in such an incredible way.

“Don’t panic!”

At this moment, Mei whispered. She first glanced at Kurenai, then ignored her and placed her eye on Roja.

When she saw his appearance, she was stunned.

“I didn’t expect this, look carefully, he is pretty handsome.”

Kurenai: “…”

Roja: ”…”