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G.O.S.S Chapter 382: Kusa Village!

Somewhere in the world, inside a hidden underground cave, an old figure was sitting alone in a stone chair with his head slightly down was thinking.

It was Madara Uchiha.

While he was thinking, the ground in front of him rippled as if it was water and a figure came out from the ground.

“Boss, I have some important information.”

Madara’s head was filled with white hair, and his head was full of wrinkles. He looked just like a dying old man, but when he opened his eyes, you could feel a horrible pressure.

Madara’s Rennigan were transplanted into Nagato as he planned. His current eyes were just normal Uchiha eyes he transplanted.

“What is it?”

Madara asked calmly.

White Zetsu collected all the information he had about Roja and told them to Madara.

“Oh? I didn’t expect that there would be such a character as strong as Hashirama out there and me.” Madara was slightly surprised, but it was just surprising.

Roja suppressing the Hachibi and catching the Bijuudama may seem like something no one could do in the world, but he easily suppressed the Nine tails and controlled it with his eyes. To him this was nothing.

“Boss, I could also feel some Nature Chakra from him…”

“Nature’s chakra…”

Upon hearing this sentence, Madara’s hands pressed on his chair. Nature’s chakra was the most fundamental thing to get an immortal body.

White Zetsu cautiously said: “I don’t know if this will affect your plan.”

Madara didn’t answer, he was thinking. After a while, his eyes flashed as he said: “Continue observing him, even if the plan is already in execution, it could easily be affected.”


White Zetsu retreated to the ground and disappeared again.

Madara looked at the place white Zetsu disappeared, and his eyes flashed with a trace of interest as he muttered: “Roja…”

In an open forest, two figures were walking not too fast but also not too slow.

“going forward we will reach the Kusa Village.” Kurenai took a map and said.


Roja nodded slightly as he didn’t care where he goes. He only cares about the Place where Nature’s energy concentration was the highest.

If he was to choose the highest three place that contains Nature’s Chakra, the first would be Mount Myōboku, the second would be Shikkotsu Forest, and the last is Ryuchi Cave.

These three places were also known as the three holy lands with each having a certain creature residing in them.

The First being the land of Toads, the second is the place where the Slug Katsuyu resides, and the third is the snake land.

The problem was that Roja didn’t know the specific location of these three places. He certainly knew who could lead him to Mount Myoboku, but he forgot to ask after the fight.

“Nature’s energy here is slightly higher than before.” Roja continued to move aimlessly while Kurenai followed awkwardly.

This village was between Konoha village, the rain village, and the Iwa village, just how the Rain village was between the Suna village, Konoha village and Iwa Village.

Now when the third world war is starting, Kusa village was nothing like the Rain as they didn’t have anyone as strong here.

Along the way, Roja and Kurenai saw a lot of destruction.

If it was the same Roja that just joined the Marine, it would be normal for him to stop the third war completely, but he wasn’t.

Roja’s view changed, Roja felt like an outsider, so he didn’t feel anything looking at this.

After a while, Kurenai examined their surrounding and took out the map before saying: “Roja-sama, we reached the Kusa village.” (Village Hidden in the Grass.)

When it came to the Kusa Village, Kurenai was very calm. After all, Kusa village was just a small village, even if they were to go all out, they would only be able to come with 1,000 Ninjas.

After watching Roja for so long, her view was much higher than before.

“Kusa Village?”

Roja though for a bit and decided to pass directly, but he suddenly thought about using this place to gather intelligence about the highest concentration of Nature Chakra.

Perhaps, Mount Myoboku wasn’t a secret location. Maybe he could get some information here.

“Let’s go and see.”

“Did you hear? Konoha has lost terribly against one of the Kiri.”

“I heard he wasn’t one of the seven swordsmen, I didn’t expect Kiri would have such a strong Ninja other than the seven swordsmen.”

“Yeah, I heard he faced many Elites and defeated them. There is a strong young lady in the Kiri who seems really strong.”

In a restaurant, several Ninjas were discussing what happened recently.

“You said a young woman… Don’t forget that Konoha also has a female that could kill with a single punch!”

“Hahaha, Yeah that’s right.”

The Ninja next to him laughed and thoughtfully said: “I don’t know who is the strongest woman.”

“That must be The princess of the Kiri, Princess Mei, even though she is young, she is truly strong.”

“Not bad.”

Several Ninjas talked about this while eating their meal.

After they left, Roja who was in another table stood up and put his hand beside the stain around his mouth. The stain turned into ice and scattered in the air.

“Let’s go.”


Kurenai said as she followed Roja.

When he reached the Kusa village, Roja deliberately used Sen Maboroshi to create rain then he used Kyoka Suigetsu and put everyone in the village under his illusion.

It was very simple to get information, he did get some information on the three lands, but unfortunately, the Kusa village was small, and the information was limited.

The snake land was inside earth land, the Slug land was inside the lightning land, and the land of toad was inside the land of fire.

This is the only information he got from the Kusa village.