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G.O.S.S Chapter 381: Monster!

Ay’s speed was really fast, he Roja didn’t use Haki to predict his movement, he may not be able to keep up with his speed, using Saru he may reach that speed.

But when it comes to physical strength, Ay couldn’t be compared to Roja.

Roja’s body was even stronger than Garp’s who could shatter a mountain with his fist. Not to mention that after coming to this world, his body was constantly absorbing Nature Chakra.

Nowadays, Roja’s defense while using Busoshoku Haki is stronger than The Third Raikage who could even face the Eight-Tails.


Ay heard Roja’s sentence which seemed like an elder talking to a child and was immediately angered as he used The Thunder Armor to the extreme.

However, before Ay could attack, Roja already moved.


Roja was very fast, and in a flash, he arrived beside Ay.

Ay’s pupil shrank, but he wasn’t afraid. With a roar, he directly attacked Roja.


Two fists collided.

Roja’s fist looked weak as he didn’t have the same amount of Muscles Ay had. But after the collision, Ay was directly sent flying.


Under Roja’s fist, Ay was sent flying as he collided with rocks on the way shattering them until reaching a mountain and made a human-shaped hole inside of it.

Roja and Ay made three moves, the first was avoided the second was blocked and the third Sent Ay flying. All of that happened in the blink of an eye.

“That speed is terrifying!”

Jiraiya looked at this scene, and he was terrified.

The power Roja used before was terrifying, but he didn’t expect Roja to be so fast. He was afraid that he was the closest to Time space Jutsu’s speed.


Bee who was using the Eight tails and raging in the battlefield saw his brother attacking Roja but was somewhat unconcerned.

Until his brother was sent flying by Roja which shocked him. He immediately rushed over and aimed a tentacle toward Roja’s head.

This was The Hachibi’s full power strike, it carried huge momentum and countless ninjas looking at it were afraid. Be it the Kumo or Konoha’s ninjas, all of them retreated and didn’t dare to join the fight.


Roja looked at the Tentacle and didn’t move. His eyes flashed as he raised his hand and slapped it away.

His palm, compared to the giant tentacle was tiny, but when the two collided, under the watchful eyes of all the others, the tentacle was sent flying.


Konoha’s ninjas who experienced the Eight tails power firsthand saw this a swallowed.


Roja stretched his hand with calm eyes. Suddenly Roja’s stretched arm turned black.

Roja flashed straight toward the Hachibi and punched.


The Hachibi couldn’t dodge and was directly hit by Roja.

The Hachibi was punched in the face directly, as the punch collided, a sound like thunder suddenly exploded.

Under the eyes of all the Ninjas, the Eight tails huge body was suddenly flying in mid-air as it slammed directly into the mountain.

“The Hachibi was actually…”

“How can this be!!”

The Kumo ninjas were trembling in fear, they were winning previously, but since this guy appeared, they couldn’t do anything.

Some of them witnessed the third Raikage suppressing the Hachibi, but it wasn’t as Roja did it.

Why was this guy so powerful?

A fist and he sent Ay flying, and another one he sent the Hachibi flying. Roja fell back to the ground, and all eyes were on him.

“Can you stop fighting now?”

Roja once again looked at them and said.

Kumo Ninjas looked at each other and swallowed. They were confident before, but now, their leader and the Hachibi were sent flying by Roja just like that.

At the next moment.


All of them felt a horrible Chakra fluctuation from a distance. The Chakra was more than a Kage could have.

It was Bijuudama!

“Not good!”


Whether it was a Kumo Ninja or a Konoha Ninja, all of them had the same reaction as the amount of chakra they felt was frightening.

Wouch! Wouch!

Suddenly all the ninjas retreated as they didn’t dare face this attack. In a moment, Roja was alone in an open space.

Finally, the Bijuudama was formed and was sent through the air as it destroyed the ground while moving toward Roja.


Looking at this technique, Roja’s eyes flashed slightly, even though his current Chakra was a lot weaker than the Hachibi, he knew how far away he was from reaching the Chakra Madara, and Hashirama had.

Facing the Bijuudama, Roja’s arms were covered by Haki while he stretched them out toward it. Finally, all the people here saw something incredible, Roja actually caught the Bijuudama with his hands.

“This is impossible!”

Bee no longer talked in rap as he directly exclaimed as if he saw a ghost at the same time the Hachibi was shocked.

The Bijuudama of the Hachibi was actually caught with bare hands?!! Is this a joke?!!

In the next moment, Roja threw the Bijuudama at a distant mountain flattening it to the ground.


A frightening shockwave spread in every direction.

Everyone was silent!

“If you have any other techniques, use them, I will take it all.”

Roja seemed as if he just threw a little stone from his hand. His expression didn’t contain any sadness or joy as he calmly said to the Hachibi, Ay, and the Kumo.

Roja gaze passed through the Kumo Ninjas which made them all shake in fear. At this moment, no one dared to make a move, they were all looking at him with awe.

Their morale hit rock bottom.

Ay clenched his fist as he was unwilling to accept this, but there was nothing he could do.

Even he joined hand with the Hachibi, it is unlikely for them to win.

At last, Ay looked at Roja and said.

“what is your name?”


Roja looked at Ay and plainly replied.

Ay took a deep breath and said: “Roja? I will remember you…”


Just as Ay ordered a retreat, a white figure appeared in the distance.

“This is really unexpected ending.”

“His speed wasn’t slower than the third Raikage, his power was able to make the Hachibi fly, and finally he was able to catch a Bijuudama with his hands. It seems like he also has a powerful Genjutsu…”

“I didn’t expect there would be such a person in the ninja world. It seems like I have to report this to Madara as soon as possible.”

While watching Roja on the battlefield, Zetsu’s eyes were filled with surprise.