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G.O.S.S Chapter 380: Give me Face!

On the battlefield, after defeating the techniques thrown at him, the Hachibi ran rampage on the battlefield. Konoha’s Ninjas couldn’t resist his power.

The entire frontline was being smashed by the Hachibi, and there is no way they could come up with anything to defend.

Although the Hachibi wasn’t as strong as the Kyuubi, he is still one of the strongest Bijuus.

Just as Shikaku was getting hopeless, his eyes flashed as he was about to order the retreat. Suddenly he looked at the sky.

“It’s him?”

When he saw Roja’s figure, Shikaku didn’t expect Roja to come looking for trouble at this time.

Maybe this situation will change!

Shikaku’s eyes flashed with hope, if Roja was on their side this time, as long as he can Block the Hachibi, then they could win this.

“Although the Hachibi is strong… But he should be able to stop him.”

Shikaku took a deep breath, if only they could suppress the eight tails…

Not only Shikaku was thinking about this, but the Ninjas who saw Roja also slowed down their movement and shock appeared in their faces.

“It’s him!”

When they saw Roja, all of their expressions changed the same way Shikaku’s did.

“He could fly?” Jiraiya avoided another attack from Ay as he said.

The Ninjas on the Kumo’s side were amazed.

“Who is that?”

Ay stopped his attacks and looked at Roja who was moving through the air as he said: “It’s possible to fly? Who is he? Is he a kage?”

Kumo Ninjas were all surprised, and the group who encountered Roja before felt horror.

“He is the mysterious Ninja who defeated our elite troops…”

“It turned out to be him.”

Ay listened to the Ninjas and light flashed in his eyes.

Just as this time, Roja finally stopped on top of the battlefield. All the Ninjas on the battlefield stopped their movement and looked at him.

“I hope you are well.”

Roja glanced at Konoha’s side and exactly Shikaku as he said.

Jiraiya’s face stiffened as he said: “You’re not here as our Enemy…”

“What you gave me was good, so I will save you this time as a compensation.”

After looking at Jiraiya, Roja glanced at the Kumo in the distance.

“Are you standing on Konoha’s leaf side to be our enemy?”


Roja moved step by step on the air as he went closer toward Ay.

“This is their war to fight, you will surely win if this continues and Konoha will suffer a lot. I don’t have any enmity with you, but they did give me something I wanted before…”

“So, I want everyone to give me face and stop this war this time.”

The audience fell silent.

Roja’s words clearly spread through the battlefield and everyone became amazed. The Ninjas of Konoha were stupefied, and the Kumo were dull.


What did this person say?!

Even Ay who always had a fiery temper became amazed and stunned by Roja’s words. After that, they couldn’t help but shout.

“What are you saying? Are you kidding right now?”

“I’m not kidding.”

Roja looked at Ay seriously.

“That’s even worse.”

Ay finally couldn’t help it and rushed at Roja and punched him. He was trying to kill Roja directly.

What shocked him was that Roja didn’t even flinch as he moved to the side slightly avoiding his attack.


Ay was shocked.

Although that movement was extremely simple, Ay was extremely fast, he even surpassed his father’s speed, and he always thought he was the fastest in the word. But Roja facing him could not only react to his speed, but he could also even avoid his attacks.

After Roja avoided his fist, Ay didn’t stop as he turned around and sent a kick toward Roja’s head. He didn’t believe that Roja could react once again.

This time Roja didn’t avoid the attack, he raised his hand and blocked the kick.


The collision sounded like an explosion. The earth beneath them cracked in all directions.

The attacks happened in a mere second, the Konoha and Kumo Ninjas couldn’t react, they only heard the sound and looked at the ground under Roja’s feet only to see Roja standing leisurely in his place.

“Already done?”

The Kumo knew their leader’s strength. He was the son of the Third Raikage and a really powerful ninja. They all trusted him.

But after the dust dissipated, the scene made their heart shocked.

They saw Roja standing in his place unscathed with the ground under his feet cracked while Ay was four meters away.

“This guy…”

Ay looked at Roja with shock, he thought that with his super speed, he would send Roja who tried to stop his attack.

He didn’t expect Roja’s slender hands to feel as if he kicked on steel. His leg was in pain after the collision.

“Your speed is not bad, but your power is only so so.”

Roja’s arm still maintained the position where he blocked the attack, he slowly retracted it as he said.