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G.O.S.S Chapter 379: Only this time!

Konoha was unexpectedly in a disadvantage. The situation on the battlefield was one-sided.

The Kumo sent the Fourth Raikage and his younger brother, the eight tails Jinchuriki, which weren’t weak in any way.

In addition to that, the Kumo had at least 2,000 Ninja. If not for Shikaku being there, they would’ve lost already.

Unless Minato comes for support, Konoha will lose.

Roja found it strange that even with Shikaku there, they were put in this kind of situation where even if they wanted to retreat, at least 500 of them would perish.

On the battlefield.

“Fire Release: Big Flame Bullets!”

Jiraiya printed with both hands and when he opened his mouth a large amount of oil was splashed and ignited by fire turning everything in front of him into a sea of flames.


In front of him was the Fourth Raikage or the one who will be the fourth Raikage. His eyes sank, and suddenly he was bathed in lightning and avoided the flames in a flash and arrived at the right side of Jiraiya.

Not good!

Jiraiya’s heart sank, he hurriedly printed.

“Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon!”

His hair hardened and turned into countless sharp needles wrapping him to defend.

However, the Fourth Raikage, Ay, wasn’t afraid as he directly attacked.

“Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop!”


Jiraiya was smashed away by Ay’s chop.

Fortunately, he used an earth release Jutsu to soften the ground underneath him which absorbed the impact of this attack.

“This guy is really tricky…”

Looking at Ay, Jiraiya wasn’t afraid of him, but if he wanted to win, it would take too much time.

Far away


An earth-shattering explosion sounded, countless Ninja looked only to see someone releasing a technique only to be smashed by the Eight-Tails body.

“Too strong…”

Jiraiya’s face was ugly. He wasn’t afraid of the enemy in front of him, but he wasn’t the opponent of the Hachibi.

Once the Hachibi breaks out of the entanglement and joins the battle here, the battle would surely end.

“Six Violet flames formation can’t be used…”

Shikaku had a hard time finding a way out of this as the number of Kumo ninjas was double their number. Delaying for a short while is their limit. Using Six Jonin level Ninja in this situation would reduce their fighting power by a lot. That would mean they would go down faster.

As for an all-out confrontation, although he already considered this in advance, it’s still risky as the Hachibi was with the Kumo Ninjas.

The emergence of power like the Hachibi is completely beyond his calculations. If the Hachibi wasn’t here, they wouldn’t lose.

“I’m afraid that the only way is to retreat temporarily.”

Shikaku took a deep breath as he didn’t want to make such a decision because, when they retreat, there should be some people left for the other to retreat.

This was war, for the bigger picture, the only way out is to sacrifice a few people.

Not far from the battlefield, Kurenai and Roja stood on a high place and looked from afar.

“What a terrible monster.”

Seeing the rampaging Eight-Tails, Kurenai couldn’t help but suck in cold air.

“The power of the Eight-Tails is only second to the Kyuubi of Konoha. Having it on the battlefield made Konoha’s Ninjas unable to resist.”

Roja’s eight flashed slightly. Maybe Shikaku didn’t expect the Hachibi to appear which led to this situation.

Kurenai believed Roja’s words. She believed that Konoha’s situation wasn’t good. But she didn’t expect it to be so bad. She could see Ninjas falling gradually under the Hachibi’s assaults.

She could even see her father fighting, and she wanted to rush in and help, but she knew that even though her strength increased, she wouldn’t make a difference at all.

Hachibi’s power was the same as the power used by Roja, it felt overwhelming.

Probably, Only Roja could face such a monster…

Thinking this in her heart, Kurenai looked at Roja, but she saw Roja seemed like a bystander as if he was only watching and didn’t have the intention to interfere.

Noticing Kurenai’s look, Roja chuckled as if he was ridiculing and said: “Well, if they handed the scrolls without any fights, maybe I would’ve helped and even stopped the war, but they wanted to use the hard way.”


Kurenai bit her lips as she squeezed some words: “They didn’t know your power.”

Roja glanced at Kurenai and said: “Oh? If I was weak, wouldn’t I die under their attacks?”

“No… I didn’t mean it like that…”

Kurenai shook her head, while she saw the situation getting worse for Konoha. She looked at Roja with pleading eyes and said: “Roja, please help.”

“As long as you help, I would be willing to do anything for you…”

Roja smiled, looked at Kurenai and said: “Anything?”

Roja suddenly smiled and chuckled, laughing at Kurenai, he looked at Kurenai.

When the laughter stopped, Roja moved his finger and flicked Kurenai’s forehead. Kurenai retreated with a tearful expression.

“Whatever, it’s true that you are helping with my meals and also even though they were stubborn, in the end, they did hand over the Chakra nature transformation method, so I will help… Only this time.”

After saying this, Roja took a step forward.

The air seemed to turn into stairs that Roja stepped on and walked step by step on the air heading toward the battlefield.