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G.O.S.S Chapter 447: Betrayal

Now that the matter is over, Sarutobi shook his head and took a deep breath and said to Mei: “Since the Mizukage promised, the treaty will be signed now.”


Mei nodded!

The Mist ninjas behind her were all surprised, but no one dared to question her.

The Mist could only watch as this was happening and Mei preparing to sign. No one noticed Shisui at all.

But, just as the pen was about to start writing, Hancock, who was sitting in her place without saying a word, suddenly pressed the table gently with a finger.

The whole table shook and directly cracked before breaking down.

Everyone was shocked.

“It turns out that this is the method people in this world use to make treaties?”

Hancock looked coldly at the Konoha ninjas. Although she didn’t care about the treaty, Mei was obviously abnormal, and she couldn’t help pay attention to this.

And with her Haki, she directly found the problem.

To her, the Mist village was like Amazon lily, it was her territory. Although Mei was like a small leader, she didn’t tolerate such act in her presence.


The table was completely broken, and pieces were scattered all over the place. Mei finally seemed to wake up, and finally, her face showed anger.

Wouch! Wouch!

All of Konoha’s ninjas were shaking as they moved back.

At this moment, Sarutobi and Danzo felt danger and directly moved out of the building.

“I’m sorry…”

Shisui directly rushed toward Konoha’s ninjas and apologized. He didn’t expect the other to discover this.

Sarutobi coldly looked at Danzo and said: “Is this your plan?”

“I didn’t expect them to have someone like that.”

Danzo was a little shocked. He actually wanted to use this against Roja.

His plan was to use Shisui’s other ability against Roja, in fact, Shisui’s Sharingan had two abilities, one was to control people’s thoughts temporarily, and the other was permanently changing them. As long as his plan succeeds, he would make Roja surrender to Konoha.

Thus, he was confident in his plan.

Unexpectedly, Roja wasn’t the only strong person in the Mist. Another person who he didn’t hear about before was there.

“There is no other way, as long as we capture that woman and bring her, Roja is caught by Konoha…”

Danzo’s eyes were cold as he immediately made the decision.

Sarutobi looked at him with anger, but in the end, he took a deep breath and looked at Danzo with light in his eyes.

“Shisui’s ability, if it really can make Roja surrender…”

In fact, he also considered this matter before, but the risk was too big. If they fail, a strong enemy would be made.

Many ninjas from Konoha’s root as well as Shisui grabbed their weapon and prepared to fight.


When all the ninjas came out of the building, the building collapsed while Hancock made her way out.

Almost as the Mist ninjas came out, Hancock and the others were attacked directly.

“Fire Release: Fireball!”

“Wind Release: Great Break Through!”

In an instant, fire and wind intertwined and went directly at Hancock and the others.

“Water Release: Water wall!”

Mei and the other Mist ninjas reacted fast and made huge water wall to face the fire.

“What disgusting men!”

Hancock looked at this, and she showed disgust in her eyes. Even after many years, she still disgusted men, and only Roja was different.


When the attack was nullified, Hancock directly flashed at a very fast speed and came in front of Konoha’s ninjas and kicked.

“So fast!”

The ninja’s pupil shrank as he barely reacted.

It seemed like he blocked her attack, but as soon as her leg touched him, his arm turned to stone and directly broke.

“My arm… Broke?!”

His arm broke, and half of his body was petrified, he didn’t feel any pain, but he couldn’t remain calm any longer.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Hancock didn’t wait for Mei and the Ninjas, she directly entered inside Konoha’s ninjas’ formation and wreaked havoc as every attack lands would make the receiver turn to stone.

The Ninjas couldn’t resist and were completely swept away.


Hancock appeared beside Sarutobi and kicked, the latter didn’t dare take the hit or block it as he directly avoided her.

Hancock missed this attack, but she didn’t stop as she directly made her way toward Danzo who was directly kicked by her and turned into stone before breaking. But suddenly Danzo’s remain with a puff disappeared.

A clone!


Hancock’s eyes flashed as she was marveled by the power of this world.


At this moment, A strong chakra surged, and a skeleton’s hand appeared and grabbed Hancock wanting to crush her.

This was Shisui’s Susanoo.