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G.O.S.S Chapter 446: Genjutsu

In a small town in the fire country, inside a tall building.

A room with a large round table with four people sitting, two of them were Konoha’s Hokage and Danzo, the other two were Hancock and Mei.

Sarutobi and the other Konoha ninjas felt strange about what they saw.

They knew Mei was beautiful, but they didn’t have any information about Hancock. Hancock’s charm was too much, even Sarutobi and Danzo were shocked.

“Is this a Genjutsu? No, is this really real?”

A dangerous light flashed in the eyes of the group of people.

Sarutobi calmed down and asked Mei: “I don’t know who is this…”

Mei glanced around and simply ignored them.

“It’s an honorable existence in the Mist village…”

Mei wasn’t eager to introduce Hancock, and so she changed the topic and said: “Let’s drop the useless talk, what does Konoha want?”

Sarutobi saw how Mei didn’t want to introduce Hancock and naturally didn’t force it, so after his question, he blinked and said nothing else.

“With regard to the peace talk after this war, Konoha intends to…”

Sarutobi described the treaty, and everything seemed acceptable for both side.

The Mist ninjas behind Mie were obviously not satisfied with this, because in their view, with Roja’s existence in the Mist, they should get more.

“Only these?”

Mei just listened calmly without refuting until he finished talking before she took the document and looked at it.

Sarutobi nodded at Mei, he gave the Mist a good deal, and he was really prepared to lose more in this discussion.

Roja was strong, and Sarutobi didn’t want to gain another powerful enemy.

“You want my opinion?”

Mei calmly looked at Sarutobi and the others. Although she was young, she was still the Mizukage in the original story and had the temperament of one.

She put the document on the table and recited her demands.

“This is impossible!”


As soon as she was done, Konoha’s ninjas couldn’t help refute.

Sarutobi frowned and said: “Mizukage-dono, don’t you think you want too much?”

“This is my condition, and Konoha can think about it.”

Taking a cup of tea, Mei drank leisurely.

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes. He crossed out a few conditions Mei demanded and then made out the acceptable ones.

But just as he prepared to continue, Danzo who was sitting with the Konoha ninjas gently touched his cane, and his eyes flashed.

Then he suddenly said: “Mizukage, the Mist is too insincere. This treaty…”

Danzo’s word made Sarutobi pause, he didn’t interrupt Danzo as he waited for him to say his opinion.

But, with each word Danzo said, Sarutobi’s expression became stunned and Konoha’s ninjas and the Mist’s were terrified.

Without thinking too much, these conditions were too good for Konoha and bad for the Mist. The condition he stated were nonsense. Danzo didn’t seem to accept that the Mist dominated the negotiation.

“You want to make trouble?”

“Does Konoha want to do it like this?”

The Mist ninjas all sneered as they said. They thought that Konoha was sincere about this, but it didn’t seem so anymore.

If this is what they wanted, there is nothing else to do here.

Mei listened to this and was still sitting calmly, while the Mist ninjas felt that this was the calmness before the storm.

After Danzo finished, Mei finally opened her mouth and surprised the audience.

“I can!”

Almost all the Mist ninjas felt dull and looked at Mei with disbelief.


“How can you accept these conditions?!”

The ninjas on Konoha’s side were also surprised, they didn’t think she would accept this, but they were still confused.

Similarly, Sarutobi was shocked by this, but as soon as he thought of something his face changed.

“Danzo, you…”

“This peace talk has ended.”

Danzo looked at Sarutobi directly in the eye.

Sarutobi’s expression changed several times as he looked at a ninja amongst the group of Konoha whose head was slightly lowered.

This teenager with the Uchiha family’s crest on his clothes was none other than Uchiha Shisui, with his eyes forming the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sarutobi took a breath and looked at Danzo with an ugly look. He seemed to be questioning Danzo as to why he didn’t discuss this with him.