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G.O.S.S Chapter 445: Peace talks!

“Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique!”

After Mei used the Substitution Jutsu, she didn’t just give up, she once again attacked.

Mist flew over and everything in its path started melting in a speed visible to the naked eye.

But what made Mei horrified, was that in the face of the mist, Hancock didn’t evade, she just walked through it.

When the acid touched her, Hancock just used Busoshoku Haki. Her Haki could be ranked in the top of One piece’s world already.

“Completely ineffective…”

Mei was shocked, she didn’t expect Hancock to be so strong. She felt bitter.


Hancock sent a kick at her and she felt a gust of wind pass by as she evaded. Hancock didn’t stop as she at Mei.


When a kick was already about to hit Mei, a hand suddenly came from the side and gently stopped Hancock’s jade-like foot.

Seeing this, Mei could only think of Roja, he was the only one who could stop her attack.

“Alright, that’s enough.”

After blocking Hancock’s kick, Roja gently let go of her leg and said: “If I didn’t stop you, you wouldn’t have anyone to serve you.”

Roja whispered softly to Hancock. She was the proud pirate Empress in front of everyone, but in front of Roja, she was just his woman.

Mei’s chest moved violently up and down; she could help but feel really shocked.

Hancock was too strong; she was far stronger than her. She would be at the top of the world in term of power, but she also listened to Roja’s world obediently.

Mei couldn’t help but sigh, no matter what aspect, she couldn’t compare to Hancock.

At the same time, Kurenai was also watching Hancock silently.

Hancock appearance made everything seem ordinary, nothing could compare to her beauty in this world.

“She is the one Roja talked about…”

Kurenai sighed softly. She always imagined what kind of person was Roja’s wife, now she couldn’t help sigh looking at her.

Hancock and Roja weren’t like Human beings, she and Mei were just maids, and she didn’t feel insulted when she was called that.

On this day, the Mist village knew that there is actually another expert beside Kurenai, Mei, and Roja. Her position was even higher than Mei and Kurenai.

After coming to this world, once again Roja set off with Hancock, his destination was the Shikkotsu Forest.

Nature’s chakra there should’ve recovered already. After entering, Roja greeted the slug and started cultivating.

And while he was practicing, the third Ninjas War came to an end. The villages started peace talks.

“Peace talk?”

Mei looked at the invitation in her hand and nodded: “If that’s the case, I will go then.”

The Mist village was also invited to the peace talks.

The peace talk was like a battlefield on the table which finalizes the resources a village would have.

The Mist was not the strongest, but only Konoha was stronger than them. But now, Roja was behind the Mist village, which would make it unfathomable.

Konoha’s Hokage’s office.

“The news came from the Mist saying that they would attend to the peace talk in a few days.” Sarutobi who stood in front of his desk while hearing the report.

The location of the peace talk was determined by Konoha and the Mist. Although it was inside the Fire country, it wasn’t Konoha but a small town in the Fire country.

The other Maybe afraid of Konoha, but Mei wasn’t as she directly accepted the invitation.

A person standing beside Sarutobi while holding a cane said.

“Sarutobi, is the Ghost coming with them?”

“Not mentioned.”

When Roja’s title was mentioned, his face became serious.

The group of people was silent for a while before Danzo’s eye flashed coldly. No one knew what he was thinking about.

“Since the Mizukage is coming, you need to go personally, and I will also accompany you.”

“You are going?”

Sarutobi nodded his head. Danzo was the number two in Konoha, so the Number one and Two of the Village would go and meet the Fifth Mizukage.

Sarutobi felt that Danzo was preparing something, but he didn’t do anything because he knew that Danzo wouldn’t do anything that interferes with Konoha’s development.

After making his decision, Sarutobi brought several black cloaked ninjas who would accompany him.

At the same time, while Sarutobi was preparing to head out, Mei already arrived in the Fire country’s territory.

She had nine people with her, in addition to eight from the Mist, the last one was… not Kurenai, but Hancock.

“How long until we get there?”

“It’s in front of us.”

The black wearing ninjas very respectfully replied to Hancock.