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G.O.S.S Chapter 444: Mei Vs. Hancock!

Under Mei’s rule, the Mist village witnessed a bloody hurricane which made them realize Mei and Kurenai’s power.

Mei stunned all the powers in the Mist by cleansing all who opposed her, which made no one dare object to her rule.

Mei’s position as the Mizukage stabilized.

In the empty Mizukage’s office, suddenly space rippled as a space tunnel opened. Roja’s figure stepped out of the tunnel.

After he entered, the space tunnel didn’t disappear. Instead, a tender hand gently came out from the tunnel which an enchanting figure that could make the sun eclipse walked out.

She was Roja’s wife, the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock!

“Is this the other world you talked about?”

Hancock stood beside Roja, and her eyes flickered as she glanced around. After using her Haki, she showed a little arrogance as she said.

“It seems like this world isn’t that powerful.”

“There isn’t anyone strong here.”

Roja smiled at Hancock, the person he cared most about. He didn’t only strengthen her soul, but he also used the Six-path’s power to strengthen her body.

Her strength in Naruto’s world was comparable to a super kage.

In her eyes, the Mist certainly isn’t that strong.

Suddenly, the door of the office opened. Mei entered the room lazily.

At first glance, she looked at Hancock beside Roja and her brows wrinkled.

Hancock looked at Mei and asked Roja: “Who is she?”

Roja smiled and said: “It’s the maid I mentioned previously.”


Hancock faintly swept her eyes and said: “She doesn’t seem very obedient.”

Mei already guessed Hancock’s identity, as she was always mentioned by Roja. She was his wife. Mei was a little bit flabbergasted by her appearance and charm, but she was a woman after all, and she was a little bit unconvinced.

“Roja-sama, the Mist village is completely under our control.”

After pausing a little, Mei ignored Hancock and talked to Roja.

However, as her voice fell, the atmosphere in the field became strange.

The streets of the Mist village were full of people, and from time to time, people would look at the majestic building of the kage in awe.

Mei was a kage, but she was also very young, at first, they thought that she was just someone Roja put there while he controlled the village, but she brought the entire village to obedience without Roja’s help.

Under her rule, all the forces surrendered, and everyone was convinced by her power.

Mei was from the Mist, so her methods were cold and bloody, which naturally crushed anyone who dared try anything.

But just as the people looked at the building, a noise was heard, and something broke.


At the next moment, under countless people’s gaze, the building exploded, and a figure fluttered in the air, that figure was Mei, the Fifth Mizukage.

Mei turned around in the air and fell smoothly not far away, and at the same time, she looked ugly the shuriken in her hand was now a stone.

It’s nothing to break iron, but to turn it into stone!!

“Turning iron into stone…”

Mei took a breath and looked at the building seriously.

At this time, Roja looked at Hancock while smiling. After so many years, Hancock’s character was still the same.

“I’m just teaching the maid. I hope Husband won’t blame me.”

Hancock didn’t pursue Mei. Instead, she turned around and looked at Roja pitifully as if the previous kick wasn’t done by her.

Looking at her, Roja couldn’t help burst in laughter.

In the next moment, Hancock turned around and stepped down directly, as if there was an invisible ladder, she slid down in the air.

“As a maid, don’t look at your king like that!”

“Awful woman…”

Mei was angry, but she couldn’t speak, she bit her teeth launched an attack at Hancock.

“Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!”


The attack moved forward toward Hancock as if it wanted to devour her.

However, facing this attack, Hancock just very coldly touched her lips with a finger and gave it a peck.

“Slave arrow!”


Pink arrows fell down from the sky, and as they touched the lava technique, the latter turned into stone.

The arrows didn’t stop there, they fell on the building and ground turning everything gray.

After the arrows hit the lava technique, it would next go toward Mei.

Mei was shocked and directly felt danger. She directly used the substitution technique and avoided the arrows.

Hancock’s soul was strong, and her body was as well, her devil fruit awakened, and even if she encounters Madara or Hashirama, she will put a fight against them.

Seeing the two girls fighting, and the half-destroyed street, countless Ninjas, arrived while wearing masks.

Some people wanted to support Mei, but they stopped.


Roja just ordered the ninjas faintly.


No matter whether they were the masked ninjas or normal ninjas, no one dared to raise any objection toward Roja’s orders.

Although Roja didn’t have any position in the village, everyone knew that he was the real master of the Mist village, not Mei.