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G.O.S.S Chapter 443: Reigning Over The Mist!

Mist village, The Mizukage’s office!

“Reporting, the elders of the water country already approved of the Fifth Mizukage’s appointment!” A masked ninja kneeled down and reported to the two people in the office.

“Okay, you can go back!”

Mie currently had the look of a Mizukage, after giving the order, she turned around and looked at Roja by the window which was looking at the village.

After killing the fourth Mizukage and the seven swordsmen of the mist, the majority of people were convinced of his strength, they could do nothing but surrender.

Roja directly said that Mei would be the Fifth Mizukage which shook the entire Water land, but they couldn’t raise any objection.

They could only approve of Mei.

In the end, Mei became the Mizukage at a much earlier time than the original story.

“The internal forces inside the village are complicated, although most of the people approved, there are still some families who are secretly defying this appointment…”

Mei came toward Roja and whispered.

Although she is the Mizukage, everybody knew that she was just Roja’s spokesperson and Roja was the real master of the Mist.

“You don’t need to report such things to me, you should know what to do.” Roja didn’t turn around as he responded calmly.

When he healed Kurenai and Mei, he improved their physics using the Six-path’s power.

Both of their strength rose, and they already reached the kage level.

With her strength, Mei was really the Mizukage, not just an image that was put there by Roja.


Mei heard Roja’s words and nodded, her eyes flashing with a cold light. As a genius from the Mist, she wasn’t a soft person.

At this time, the door was pushed open, and Kurenai entered reporting some information about the village.

The two women started a discussion, and Roja didn’t have any interest to hear how they will deal with the village.

“It’s time to bring her here.”

Roja looked at the sky in the distance and muttered, his eyes revealing a deep and soft feeling.

He didn’t expect that two years would pass like this, he originally wanted to bring Hancock after a few months. He didn’t know how she was currently doing.

Roja stretched his hand and opened space itself, he made a passage and disappeared.

Mei and Kurenai didn’t know what he wanted to do, but they just continued to deal with the current matters.

One piece’s world, on a sky island, space swayed, and Roja’s figure stepped out and fell on the cloud.

“I came back.”

Looking at the familiar world, the blue sea, and the empty island, waves rippled inside Roja’s heart.

He calmed down his mind and started walking.

The temple inside the island was the same, and the world was also the same, two years weren’t enough for the world to change from the way he made it.

When he arrived at the temple, he felt a figure inside the temple, he gently smiled and entered.

“Hey, Stop!”

“Who are you? You actually dare enter the temple? Don’t you know where you are?”

A girl about thirteen years old looked at Roja surprised.

Here is the place where the legendary god lived. She was lucky to be selected to serve in the temple, no one dared come here in the past, but now someone actually did.

“Of course, I know this place…”

Roja stopped and looked at the girl, and laughingly said: “This is my home.”

Almost when Roja’s voice fell, a girl came out of the temple and the moment she saw Roja, she was filled with excitement and rushed forward.

“Your Highness, you… you’re back!”

“the temple… Euh?”

The girl who blocked Roja heard this sentence, directly felt her legs soften as she sat on the ground, while Roja laughed and entered the temple.

Naruto’s world, the fourth Mizukage suddenly died, which caused the Mist’s power greatly shaken.

Although in the war, the third Tsushikage died, and the fourth Raikage also died, but they died in the war.

All villages inquired about this news, and the Mist had no way to hide it. Soon, the new about the Fourth Mizukage dying in Roja’s hands spread throughout the world.

Roja killed the fourth Mizukage and controlled the Mist village.

The Third Hokage and even the other kages couldn’t help sigh in relief.

All the villages were shocked.

Roja was strong, but they didn’t imagine his power to be as strong as the rumors.

He actually conquered one of the Five Great Villages.

These feet could only be done by the god of the Shinobi, the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju.

Roja’s status and prestige once again rose in the world, he was secretly crowned the title of God of Shinobi.