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G.O.S.S Chapter 442: Annihilation!


Roja waved his hand, and the remaining aftermath of the techniques disappeared.

In the next moment, Roja looked forward.


Taking one step, Roja seemed to disappear as if he teleported, and directly appeared in front of the seven swordsmen of the mist!

The swordsman took his sword directly and waved at Roja.

“Hiramekirei, Unleashing!”

The stored chakra in the sword rapidly coated the sword and headed toward Roja.

Facing this blow, Roja’s movement didn’t change, he swept the scepter in his hand, and the two collided. The sword was like a branch of a dead tree as it shattered directly as it touched the scepter.

Directly after, the body of the swordsman was cleaved in half in front of Roja.

The ninjas couldn’t even move, while Roja killed that person.

After killing him, Roja’s body turned illusory as if he became a phantom as he appeared another one of the seven swordsmen and swayed his sword again.

He didn’t make any great movement; he just swept the scepter, and another one fell without any resistance.

Roja looked at the third person, and that person was shaking from fear as he subconsciously wanted to escape.

But, without waiting for Roja to make a move, a huge amount of chakra suddenly came from the side, this chakra couldn’t belong to an ordinary human.

Roja turned his head and looked at the Fourth Mizukage, whose body was already wrapped in blood red chakra. He was a Jinchuuriki, the Sanbi’s Jinchuuriki.

Yagura knew that ordinary attacks won’t work on Roja so he can only use the tailed beast.


Yagura screamed as he moved toward Roja with great speed.


The Sanbi quickly arrived before Roja, but Roja still didn’t reveal any expression. He held his scepter and greeted him.


The Sanbi’s chakra scattered directly under the power of the Truth-Seeking Balls. At the same time, Roja’s scepter fell on Yagura’s body, sending him flying.

Yagura’s heart sunk, he didn’t expect that even the Tailed beast’s power would be not enough to fight Roja, if he wasn’t in the tailed beast mode, he would’ve died directly after that attack.

“There is no other solution anymore!”

Yagura pushed the Tailed beast’s chakra to the extreme, and his body swelled and directly opened his mouth in madness.


A bijuudama formed and directly flew at Roja.

When the mist ninjas saw this, all of them retreated back. Although not everyone had seen it before, they could tell that its power was terrifying!


However, Roja didn’t look at it, the ball behind him directly flew and faced the Bijuudama. When they collided, the Bijuudama directly shattered.

In the end, the Bijuudama was nothing more than highly concentrated chakra, but the Truth-Seeking ball was the ultimate power a Six-path had.


When Roja stepped out, he directly arrived behind the tailed beast and stepped with a foot on him, suddenly the whole village shook.

Wouch! Wouch!

The tortoise shell of the Sanbi couldn’t withstand the power behind Roja’s foot and cracked.

“Not good!”


At this moment, all the ninjas gathered and couldn’t ignore the Mizukage’s situation and wanted to rescue him.

Attacks bombarded toward Roja again.

Roja just used another Truth-Seeking ball and made a shield breaking all ninjutsu’s thrown at him.

“It seems that I need to show you my power for you to stop struggling!”


Roja snorted and caught the void with his hand, making Sen Maboroshi appear.

“All things in the world, Turn To Ashes!”


Red golden flames emerged from the sword and crossed the Truth-Seeking ball’s shield directly swallowing the attacks coming toward him.

The horrible temperature directly made all water evaporates.

The mist Ninjas who were releasing attacks stopped, even from far away, they could feel the temperature of the golden Flames.

“This… What the hell is this flame!”

The Mizukage felt the temperature directly, and even in his Tailed Beast mode, he could withstand it.

And just when everyone was shocked, Roja finally waved Sen Maboroshi and said.

“Ennetsu… Jigoku!”

As if the sound came from hell, all the Mist Ninjas saw something that they won’t forget in their entire life.


The fire radiated and instantly swallowed the Sanbi, followed by towering flame pillars emerging from all direction, the entire village was swallowed by the fire.

All the ninjas were stunned, and they tried to use ninjutsu to fight against the fire, but nothing worked.

After a while, the village was flattened.

Nothing remained, nothing could be heard.

Before long, Roja’s voice sounded from the flames like a god.

“Shatter, Kyoka, Suigetsu!”

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Everything swallowed by the flames was broken like a mirror.

Everything returned to normal, the village appeared again, and nothing changed, and the ninjas were stunned and confused.

“What’s going on?”

“Am I not dead yet?”

Numerous ninjas looked at their bodies and couldn’t help recall the scene they witnessed before when the fire swallowed them.

That feeling was so real that they thought they were dead.

“It’s him… it must be him!”

“What did that guy do?!”

The Mist ninjas looked at Roja and couldn’t help shudder in fear.

At this time, they discovered that not everyone didn’t die, someone actually died.

The fourth Mizukage, Yagura, and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist were all dead.