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G.O.S.S Chapter 441: Truth-Seeking Ball!

The water was constantly rotating like a vortex enveloping Roja and the two girls.

“It turns out that you think this can trap me?”

Roja’s plain voice was heard.


Yagura snorted and coldly looked at Roja before saying: “Were not trapping you…”


Inside the Water Prison, countless spears suddenly appeared.

“This isn’t as simple as a sealing formation, it’s what you can call an attack formation…”

Looking at this scene, some of the ninjas were in awe, this was a powerful technique that was rarely used.

At least ten people were needed for this technique, the more people, the stronger this technique would get.


The numerous spears, under the watchful eyes of the ninjas, moved with high toward Roja. Then exploded.


“Has it ended?”

They looked at the prison nervously.

In the next moment, all ninjas shook, as they looked in disbelief at Roja and the others who didn’t even have a scratch. A black curtain was enveloping them, blocking the attacks.

Truth-Seeking Ball! Six-path Mode!

“What is that?!”

Looking at the scepter in Roja’s hands and his clothes that changed to Kimino, they felt that Roja wasn’t a mortal. He exuded a noble aura that made even the Fourth Mizukage shrink in front of it.

And in the next moment, something happened that they couldn’t believe, Roja waved the scepter gently.


This jail was strong enough to hold a tailed beast, was smashed by that gentle swing.

How can this be!

Including Yagura, all their eyes were about to fall off their sockets, the prison that all of them made was actually destroyed by a gentle swing of Roja’s scepter?!

They felt that if they were the one to receive that swing, they would be destroyed instantly.

What was that black scepter in his hands, it actually has such a great power!

“That is… Six-Path?”

The two women looked at the scepter in Roja’s hand and remembered Roja’s talk about the Six-path. They couldn’t help feel Roja’s supreme power and look at him in awe.

As the water prison was destroyed, water smashed on the nearby ninjas.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Technique!”

“Water Release: Water Bullet Technique!”


Countless technique hovered in the sky moving toward Roja.

Roja held his scepter and directly waved, the moment the scepter moved, the water directly disappeared as it touched it!

The Truth-Seeking ball flew and as soon as it touches the water, the water disappears as well.



The Mist ninjas discovered that whether they used ninjutsu or shuriken, there was no use.

“He has at least mastered four chakra nature!”

When they heard Yagura’s voice, the ninjas were speechless. They heard about the blood limit selection which was dust release, that only the Rock ninjas had, but four attributes were unheard of.

And listening to Yagura’s tone, it seems to be more than four.

“Do you still want to resist?”

In an indifferent tone, Roja asked as if he was a god, Roja grabbed Sen Maboroshi in his hand and the sword shined.

“Continue to attack!”

Yagura knew that he underestimated Roja’s strength, but he could only continue now.

A group of ninjas that were retreating, forced themselves to calm down and continue attacking Roja.

Fire was combined with wind to bring further power, and water is fused with thunder!


With a shocking sound, the earth was directly bombarded with Roja in the center and dust flew toward the sky.

When the attacks stopped, everyone looked at the field with nervousness.

“How’s this possible…”

The dust dissipated and the Truth-Seeking ball that formed a shield around Roja and the others returned back to its original shape. Roja and the two girls weren’t harmed in the slightest.

“How could this be?”

“Completely… Unharmed!”

The Mist ninjas were no longer motivated to fight as they fell in despair.

The ninjutsu that they used had no effect on that black metal, they felt like they were throwing water in the sea. Completely useless!

“Is this enough?”