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G.O.S.S Chapter 440: Fourth Mizukage!

Compared with small villages, the Mist was much bigger. However, the atmosphere inside was strange and cold.

The Ninja system in the Mist was cruel compared to other villages.

At the entrance of the village, some people were inspecting everyone entering and leaving.

“Go in!”

When the guard determined that there was nothing wrong with these people, he gave permission for them to enter.

After a while, three figures appeared in the distance, moving toward the village.

“This is…”

The guard glanced at the man first only to find him a little bit familiar, but he didn’t have any impression of him and failed to recognize him.

Then he looked at the two girls beside him, the first one he didn’t know, while the other made him stunned.

It’s her!!

The Mist S class criminal!

Mei’s status in the village was quite high previously, and after being referred to as S class criminal, more people in the village knew of her.

“We have a problem!”

After recognizing her, the guard’s heart shook as he immediately shouted without hesitation. He put his hand in his pocket and looked at the three with vigilance.

Roja and the others were still quite a distance away from the village, but the village was already in chaos. The whole village was on the move.


Several ninjas already recognized Roja. They first felt tense, but later they remembered that they were in their village, they regained their confidence before one of them shouting at Roja.

The man moved forward directly, and coldly looked at Roja before shouting.

“You should be Roja, the Ghost, why are you coming to the Mist Village?”

As he spoke, he glanced with indifference at Mei beside Roja. He certainly recognized Mei, but he didn’t say anything, after all, he didn’t know what the higher-ups wanted to do with her.

Of course, since Roja dared to bring Mei who was an S class criminal here, they won’t let her easily leave. Even if Roja came to hand over Mei, most likely, he won’t be able to leave.

“You’re from the Mist? Who is your leader?”

Roja looked at the ninja and said.

The Ninjas faintly frowned and immediately replied coldly: “Of course, it’s the fourth Mizukage-sama!”

Roja moved both his hands and said faintly: “Is he? From today, he is no longer the Mizukage!”

After saying this, Roja ignored the ninjas and walked directly into the village.

One second, Two seconds…

No one talked, they stood there in a daze, they couldn’t believe what they heard.

What was he saying?!


“You dare say that!”

Finally, all of them reacted, they were angry as their eyes radiated killing intent.

Some of them couldn’t help but attack directly.

Facing them, Roja didn’t even turn around, he just moved his hand, generating a gust of wind that swept them away. No one of them could resist.

Wouch! Wouch!

At this time, countless figures appeared and surrounded Roja. Their momentum was powerful.

They numbered at least in the hundreds, their power as one of the great five villages was directly exposed.

The five-remaining people of the seven swordsmen who escaped before were amongst them. They looked at Roja with calm and indifferent eyes.

At this time, a person walked slowly from a distance, he was relatively short, but when the ninjas looked at him, they were respectful, because he was the leader of the village, the Fourth Mizukage!

“I’m the leader of the Mist village, recognized by all here, do you think you can deprive me of my title with just one sentence from you?”

Yagura walked forward toward Roja as he said calmly. His face didn’t show any anger, no one knew whether he was being controlled by Obito or not.

“Treating Mei as a rebel and sending the Seven swordsmen after her is your doing right?” Roja looked at the Mizukage and said slowly.

Yagura raised his head and said.


“Ok… I still have a question I want to ask.”

Roja faintly said as he reached out and grabbed Sen Maboroshi then said: “If I swing this sword down, do you believe you will die?”


Yagura’s face became cold, countless ninjas in the crowd started preparing to attack while he did the same!

“Water Release: Thousand Water Prison Technique!”


Many ninjas cast the ninjutsu at the same time.

This technique was the same as Four violet flames formation of Konoha, but this one didn’t have a limit, the power of this technique was determined by how much chakra the users put in. Even a tailed beast would need some time to break free.

“Do you think that the Mist is as useless as these Rocks?!”

Yagura sneered as he said!