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G.O.S.S Chapter 439: Roja is very Strong!


Roja’s sword directly cut half of the jungle, and from the six remaining, one was straight cut in half.

The others were too shocked, they didn’t dare look back as they escaped.

What they didn’t notice was a figure standing in a far away mountain looking at Roja who rescued Kurenai and Mei and the scene of the sword attack.

“Mist… Hehehe…”

He wore a mask on his face and had two blood red eyes with black pattern in them.

His identity was evident, it was Obito Uchiha!

It seems because of Roja, some things changed in the world, he didn’t give one of his eyes to Kakashi.

At this moment, a body emerged from the ground.

“Let’s go, beware, he might find us.”


After seeing Roja from Afar, Obito nodded and used his Mangekyu Sharingan teleporting away from his place.

What Obito and Zetsu didn’t think about was that Roja, before they left, glanced at them.

“Zetsu and… Uchiha Obito, it seems like this attack isn’t that simple.”

Roja’s eyes flashed, Obito already joined their plan it seems. That means that Obito might be controlling the Mist already.

But in any case, the Mist can’t do anything, the seven swordsmen can’t do anything either.

Roja had always been protective of his things, and it seemed like this time, the Mist has awakened a dragon from its slumber by provoking him. They just hit his bottom line by attacking his people.

After a while, Kurenai and Mei were stabilized, but they were mentally exhausted and didn’t wake up. With a thought, Roja injected some of his reiatsu into them.

Kurenai and Mei’s eyelids shook a little before they woke up.


Kurenai woke up to find herself without any injuries. She knew that she was saved by Roja as she looked at Roja with gratitude.

Mei seemed a bit confused, it took her some time to understand what happened, she bit her lips and looked at Roja with complex emotions.

Roja stood up and calmly said: “What happened, tell me.”


Kurenai stood up and whispered something into Roja’s ear.

When he heard that there was a rebellion in the Mist and that instruction was issued to kill Mei because they viewed her as a traitor, Roja smiled.

“Ok, very good, it seems like I need to go there and give them something they won’t forget.”

Regardless of whether this was planned by Obito and Zetsu or not, the Mist was the one who attacked.

When they heard Roja’s words, the two beauties were shocked and looked nervously at Roja.

“Roja-sama, you don’t want to…”

“We’re going to the Mist Village.”

Roja calmly said while looking at Mei and said:” Since they think you are a traitor, then I will make you the Mizukage.”

Without Roja, after the fourth Mizukage dies, Mei would be the fifth, but now because of him, she was treated as a traitor.

On one hand, the story changed too much, on the other hand, Roja was definitively angry this time.

Hearing Roja’s words, Mei and Kurenai looked at each other and saw the shock in their eyes.

Making her the Mizukage!!

Making the said traitor become the Mizukage!

This means that Roja wants to ruin the Mist village completely. This was their first time seeing Roja so angry.

The two didn’t doubt Roja’s ability to destroy the Mist. Is this a joke, Roja could fight against a legendary figure like the sage of the Six-path. No normal human could stand in front of him.

Just why was Roja so angry? Was it because she almost died? She looked at Roja with complex emotion, and no one knew what she was thinking about.

The seven swordsmen were the Mist’s trump card, losing two members after a trip made a lot of people shocked.

The higher ups of the Mist quickly transferred two elite to join the other remaining five once again making the seven swordsmen, but the sword that was broken can’t be recovered.

Of course, after provoking someone as strong as Roja, they were totally restless.

“Mizukage, your decision was too rush, you provoked the Ghost…”

“Not only did we lose two people, but we also provoked a monster.”

At the meeting, several elders were protesting about the decision the fourth made.

The fourth looked coldly at the elders and suddenly said: “So what, even if he is strong, does a village need to fear one person?”

“He is strong, but he won’t be able to fight us if he comes to our village. And if we called back our troops from the front lines, Konoha would take the advantage.”

His words instantly silenced the elders, as the latter were too nervous to talk back.

Although Roja seemed to have fought on the battlefield, he didn’t attack any village before.

Roja was certainly powerful, but as one of the five great villages, the Mist wasn’t afraid of him.