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G.O.S.S Chapter 438: Anger!

“Is it necessary to kill? Kurenai tried to help Mei as she said while full of blood.

“Dealing with a traitor, of course, no mercy will be shown!”

The leader of the seven swordsmen who replied to Kurenai was a genius ninja.

He held his sword as he revealed his teeth and directly leaped and waved his sword at Kurenai and Mei with the intent to kill.

Kurenai bit her teeth and pushed Mei and jumped while suppressing the pain. Then she looked at Mei who barely avoided the strike. No one underestimated the girls.

Seeing that Kurenai and Mei avoided his attack even though they were injured, he was angry and directly swung his sword again.

The sword was very heavy as if a mountain was falling, sharp air rippled around it.

Kurenai noticed the power of this strike and wanted to avoid, but with her injuries, she had no chance and also Mie would be directly hit by this attack.

She bit her teeth and took a Kunai and tried to resist the attack.


The Kunai collided with the sword and sparks flew, even if she was at her full strength, she wouldn’t be able to take this attack head-on, not to mention trying with just one hand while she was injured.


Kurenai was bitter, and her eyes were filled with despair. The Kunai fell, and the sword was moving toward her, trying to split her in two.

Seeing that there was nothing else she could do, Kurnai just closed her eyes waiting for death.

But, one second passed, two and the pain she imagined never arrived.

Kurenai opened her eyes subconsciously to see a hand stretched out from the void and grabbed the sword directly.

The Leader’s heart froze.

His full power attack was blocked with one hand, and this hand was coming from the void.

“Time and space Ninjutsu?”

The other six people’s faces changed. They received orders to kill the traitor. They didn’t expect Mei would be so powerful, so they directly joined force and suppressed her and her companion.

Now, there was something they didn’t expect happening.

What was even more terrifying, was that the hand that grabbed the sword pressed on it.


Suddenly, a huge force pressed on the sword and cracks started appearing on it.

One of the swords they were proud of was actually crushed by this person’s bare hand.

If they didn’t see it with their eyes, they wouldn’t believe it.

After crushing the sword, Roja finally stepped out of the void. His face was colder than ever, his eyes seemed to pierce in the seven people.

“Sure enough!”

The Seven Swordsmen didn’t actually see Roja before, but the information about him already spread across the world.

Moreover, Mei was supposed to be one of them until she was captured by Roja and betrayed them.


Just as Roja appeared, one of the seven people who were fat directly launched their attack on Mei.

His fat body was flexible, he was the closest to Mei, and his sword directly moved toward her.

“Got you!”

The fat guy coldly looked at Mei, as he wanted first to kill Mei then join forces and try to kill Roja. Even though rumors said that Roja was terrifyingly powerful, they still had confidence in their retreat.

But, Before the sword fall, Roja who was far away suddenly appeared next to him in the next moment.

The last thing that fat guy saw was Roja’s cold and ruthless face.


Roja kicked directly, and that fat body was like a ball as it flew straight toward the distance.

Wouch! Wouch!

The fat body smashed into ten trees before finally reaching a rock and blast it. Blood flew everywhere.

“This is impossible!”


Seeing this scene, the six remaining were frightened. Destroying a sword and killing one of them that easily was too terrifying.

The strength of that fat guy was amongst the top in their ranking. He was almost second only to the leader, and now with just a kick, he was killed.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

The six decisively escaped, and they escaped in six different directions.

Roja coldly glanced at them and didn’t chase, he first squatted down and put his hand on Mei’s body.

Mei’s vitality was gradually disappearing, and it’s obvious that she was at death’s door. Her injuries weren’t a problem for Roja.

“Mist village’s seven swordsmen… Very good!”

After Roja’s hand was placed on Mei, he summoned Sen Maboroshi and waved his sword at the six who fled.

Regardless of the result, Roja unsummoned Sen Maboroshi and mobilized the Six-path’s power in his body and infused it into Mei’s body.

In the Original Story, Naruto could save Gai, who was on the verge of death after opening the eighth gate. Roja’s power currently wasn’t any weaker than Naruto’s, so if there is even one breath left on her, he could save her.


Just as Roja was treating Mei, Kurenai finally breathed a sigh of relief before falling down on the ground.

Roja flicked his hand, and Kurenai’s body appeared beside him, he placed one hand on Mie and the other on Kurenai.

With the Six-Path’s power, Kurenai and Mei quickly started to Recover, and their wounds healed at a visible speed, and their breathing became stable.