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G.O.S.S Chapter 437: Mei’s crisis!

Because Roja only had the Six-path’s power without the aid of the tailed beast, he could only condense two Truth-Seeking Balls currently.

Compared to the Six-Path’s Sage, who had nine Truth Seeking balls, the gap was apparent.

If Roja could have the perfect Six-path’s body, he would have a power equal to Hagoromo, he could even put a fight against Kaguya.

But currently, Roja’s goal was no longer beating Kaguya…

One Day…

Two Days…

Ten days…

The impact of Roja on Mount Myoboku was even greater than what Fukasaku and Shima expected. He even affected the sleep of the Toads, which could be seen by the yawning toads all day.

Of course, Roja didn’t pay attention to this, no one dared to blame him anyways.

The transformation of Roja’s body was slower than Roja expected.

Ten days, Roja’s body transformed about one-tenth. This made Roja marvel at the power of the Ten-Tails, even after ten days, he didn’t get what is the Jinshuriki of the Ten-Tails gave.

However, thinking about it, Roja was relieved, after all, the Ten-Tails was made by the Chakra tree. Even if he only got tenth right now, he would scare Hagoromo if he heard of this.

Of course, Hagoromo no longer spied on him, first because Roja was much stronger now and he could detect him easily, and second because they had that agreement.
Roja didn’t like Hagoromo staring at him all day, even doing something he would need to use Sen Maboroshi’s space to be able to do it without him looking.

In addition to his body, Roja gained a lot more power as well.

Before he could only make two Truth Seeking balls, now he could make three.

Roja estimated that by consuming all Nature’s chakra here, he would be able to make four Truth-Seeking Balls.

With his strength increasing, Roja’s mood was very good. After a slight adjustment, he once again started practicing again.

Roja didn’t eat anything in these days, he could still go on like this for a long time, but Mie and Kurenai weren’t, but fortunately, they were ninjas, so they could go out and hunt.

The concentration of Nature’s chakra in Mount Myoboku made Roja surprised. He absorbed for about a month, and it wasn’t empty yet.

This place was obviously much better than the other two.

In the meantime, Roja’s Six-path’s body was perfected by two tenths, and he could already create dour Truth-Seeking Balls.

In addition to this, Sen Maboroshi was strengthened, and it was close from reaching the eighth stage while its space expanded a lot.

Although there was no qualitative leap in ability, it was slowly increasing.

When nature’s chakra started to thin up, Roja stopped absorbing, and the whole residents of Mount Myoboku looked at the waterfall and breathed in relief.

It’s finally over, I can sleep now.

A group of Toads with black circles under their eyes were relieved.

Under the waterfall, Roja stood up and stretched his body and touched his chin as he thought: “Shikkotsu Forest should have recovered by now.”

Now, If Roja wanted to go to the Shikkotsu forest or the Ryuchi cave, it wasn’t troublesome anymore. He already left a space mark there, and he could go straight toward that place.

Roja was preparing to look for Mei and Kurenai, but he didn’t find them and estimated that they went out.

Just as he shook his head and prepared to go, his face changed, and his eyes flashed with anger, and a terrible momentum emerged.

Kurenai and Mei were his maids. Roja left not only a spatial mark but also a special perception imprint, which can perceive the situation they were in.

Just now, Roja noticed the vitality of Mei declining at a rapid speed.

Undoubtedly, they encounter a life and death danger, and Mie was seriously injured.

Just when he was angry, Kurenai as well was hurt, and it was even more serious than Mie.


Roja’s anger rose. The strength of both of them was Elite Jonin level, when they fought together, not even five Elite Jonin could keep up with them.

And the power of mobilizing five elite jonin wasn’t something small villages could do, only the great five had that kind of power.

He was now well known in the world, and Mie and Kurenai should be recognized by all five villages that they were under him.

In this case, who would dare to attack Mei and Kurenai.

“Good, I have to see who is so bold.”

Roja was really angry, he seared and created a space passage and directly stepped into them.

Kurenai and Mei were stained in blood, they were tattered. Kurenai couldn’t walk on her own, she could only rely on Mei who could barely stand.

“Hold On…”

Kurenai bit her teeth while holding on Mie. In front of them, seven old and young figures were looking at them.

They weren’t interested in Mount Myoboku, they came here only to look for food, and they didn’t encounter anyone the past few days, they didn’t expect to encounter such a crisis.

With their joint effort, they could fight five elite Jonin, but these seven were too powerful.

They were… The seven swordsmen of the Mist!

“Do you want to resist?”

“Run if you can, we will finish with you and return!”

The seven swordsmen were looking at Mei and Kurenai’s bodies.

Unlike Mei, the Mist village didn’t give up on the idea of rescuing Mei, after the news was heard about what happened, the village directly decided to take actions.

Although Roja was strong, they didn’t think that Roja could take on the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. But when the traces of Mei were revealed, high-level instruction were directly issued to kill the traitor.