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G.O.S.S Chapter 436: Prediction Ability!

“Looks like you’ve already known that I would come here. Your reputation of predicting the future is well deserved.”

Roja looked curiously at the Great Toad Sage and smiled.

The Great Toad Sage’s eyes slightly flashed as he smiled slowly and said with a weak voice: “It’s just a little ability, it’s not that strong of an ability.”

The Great Sage seemed like an old-fashioned man, he was wise, even if a pig lived for so long, he would gain wisdom, not to mention the toads here.

Any of the three Animal Sages were extremely intelligent, but their actions are different, the slugs were elegant, the snakes were treacherous, and the Toad was clear-minded and wise.

It’s a pity for the Toads, even if he were three times wiser, he wouldn’t be able to predict Roja’s actions. The Snake tried to control Roja, and now it becomes a fallen legend.

When Roja saw the Sage smile, he directly said: “I’m very interested in this ability to predict the future.”

He was too lazy to beat around the bush, he was always direct. After saying his purpose, Roja paused. When the Toad Sage was about to speak, Roja suddenly said faster: “You will say, I don’t have the ability to predict the future, I can only see a picture or two in my sleep.”

When he said this, The Toad Sage was extremely surprised because Roja said what he was about to say.

An Idea suddenly flashed in the Toad’s mind.

Just as he was about to ask, Roja directly said: “No need to ask, it’s as you are thinking.”

Silence fell.

After a while, the Sage took off his hat and said to Roja: “This is really beyond my expectations, I didn’t think you’d have a similar ability…”

The Sage no longer concealed anything. Saying he can only see some pictures in his sleep, was in fact just a cover, he can predict the future whenever he wants.

This ability belonged to him.

But Unlike Roja, he can’t see a specific future, the pictures are random.

Some times he would say trivial matters, but sometimes he would see the most important future events. Like the son of the Prophecy.

Both Roja and the Sage were interested in each other’s ability to predict the future. For Roja, the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki to predict the future isn’t a secret, so he directly told the Sage about it.

And the Toad directly told Roja about his ability as well.

Roja was surprised, this ability has to do with Nature’s chakra!

Although the Toad sage couldn’t step into the realm of Six-path, His body contained so much nature’s chakra that even Roja whose body started changing into the Six-path can’t match it.

In his case, he can enter a spiritual state in his sleep and blend Nature’s chakra with the whole world, which showed him some pictures from the future.

This state was close to the power of Haoshoku Haki.

The problem was that this was a passive thing, he can’t initiate it at will. That is to say, he won’t be able to see what he wants.

This was a very different path from what Roja wanted to take.

“It’s a bit interesting. It’s worth studying.”

Roja’s eyes flashed with interest since the Toad Sage can do it, he should also be able to do it. His body was changing to the Six-path’s body, his body contained a huge amount of chakra.

After knowing what he wanted, Roja was satisfied. He immediately directly asked if he could borrow the Nature’s chakra in Mount Myoboku, which the Toad sage didn’t refuse.

In the end, The Toad Sage was wiser than the Snake Sage.

Of course, it’s because had the ability to kill everything, whoever was stronger had the last say.

After coming out of the palace, Roja was led toward the waterfall in Mount Myoboku.

This was the place with the most nature’s chakra in this place.

Roja was extremely satisfied with this, the concentration of nature’s chakra here was even denser than the Shikkotsu forest and the Ryuchi Cave.

“It’s at least two times denser here, Mount Myoboku is good, very good.”

A smile appeared on Roja’s face. He sat down and directly summoned Sen Mabroshi to absorb Nature’s chakra.

When Roja arrived here, he deliberately didn’t absorb chakra, so no one felt anything, but when he started, the whole place shook.

The movement was really too big.

Mei and Kurenai didn’t feel Nature’s chakra normally, but now, they could perceive it.

In their perception, nature’s chakra in this place was peaceful, but once Roja started, as a vortex formed, nature’s chakra in the whole mountain went toward him.

Even the elders and the Sage were shocked, and their chins almost hit the ground. Even their heart almost stopped.

The Toad Sage had a bitter smile on his face.

He could tell that Roja absorbed one-tenth and his sword absorbed the rest previously, but now it was three to seven.

The reason was that Roja entered the Six-path realm, his flesh was also changing into that of the six-path, which made him able to withstand that much nature’s chakra rushing in at the same time.

The chakra he was absorbing was also divided into two parts, one was being integrated with his flesh, and the other was being transformed into Six-Path’s power.