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G.O.S.S chapter 435: The Great Toad Sage!

“Is this Mount Myoboku? It’s really as the rumors describe, it’s like a labyrinth.”

Mei walked by Roja’s side as she looked in front of her while her eyes flashed with light.

The interior of Mount Myoboku was like the Shikkotsu forest, but outside was like a maze. If the ninja venturing here didn’t know the way, he would just move in circles without hope of entering Mount Myoboku.

But this was nothing to Roja.


Roja looked at the hills outside Mount Myoboku and nodded.

Mount Myoboku was located on the southeast part of the land of fire, if he goes further east, it was the sea leading toward the land of water.

However, the place was remote and desolate, there was no benefit of fighting over this piece of land, and also there is mount Myoboku here, so wars won’t happen here.

After passing through the labyrinth, light shone in their eyes, and a paradise-like place appeared in their eyes. There were countless of Huge plants, and the atmosphere was good, completely different from the labyrinth outside.

Wouch! Wouch!

Just as Roja and the two girls were ready to enter, two figures appeared in the air and fell in front of Roja.


Kurenai and Mei were instantly alerted, but when they saw the two small toads appearing before them, they relaxed.

Kurenai however, still was fully relaxed, because she felt extremely strong Chakra Fluctuation from these two toads.

“It turned out, the Great Shima and Fukasaku, does Mount Myoboku not welcome me?” Roja looked at the tow toads and smiled slightly.

The two of them were shocked by Roja, he actually called their names, this was the first time he saw them, how did he know?

Roja had a perfect Sage body and was still transforming it into the Six-path’s body. Ordinary people won’t notice this, but the two toads have survived for hundreds of years, they were able to perceive the situation with Roja’s body.


Just from a little look, that was the word they described Roja.

“You’re welcome as our Visitor!”

Fukasaku pressed the tension in his heart as he rushed to greet Roja.

Looking at the way Shima and Fukasaku were behaving, Roja was a little surprised. He just arrived here, but the two elders came to welcome him which can’t be a coincidence.

Did the Great Toad Sage predict this?

Thinking about this, Roja was a little bit interested.

His Haki was cultivated to the extreme, but he still could only perceive the future for a few seconds. And according to what Roja remembered, the Great Toad Sage really could see the future, a much longer one then Roja.

The only problem was the Great Toad Sage could only see a few pictures of the futures, not like Roja who can see what will exactly happen in the next few seconds.

“In that case, I want to look for the Great Toad Sage, I wonder if you can lead the way?” Roja looked at Fukasaku and Shima and asked.

Shima and Fukasaku seemed to be prepared for this, but seeing the Great Toad Sage was something really difficult, even Jiraiya saw him only because the Great Toad Sage asked to see him.

But Roja was different, Roja killed the Snake Sage who was extremely powerful! It would be stupid to refuse Roja.

Fukasaku and Shima nodded solemnly expressing their approval.

With the two leading the way, Roja soon arrived at the palace where the Great Toad Sage was.

“Please wait a moment, I will inform the Sage!”

Fukasaku directly bowed to Roja and jumped inside the palace, leaving only Shima to accompany him.

Along the way, Shima and Fukasaku tried to prob Roja, and the more they discovered, the more shocked they became, before Roja, they would be lying if they said they weren’t nervous.

Seeing Fukasaku going to report, Roja wasn’t in a hurry as he smiled and waited.

He was really interested in the ability to predict the future, because of that ability… Would probably unlock the time ability attribute. It was a control attribute and one of the strongest.

Throughout Naruto’s world, there were only a few abilities related to Space, the strongest amongst them was Flying Thunder God.

And time was without a doubt above space, the ultimate boss of the Shinigami world possessed something like this, Roja didn’t have any idea how would he be able to confront him until now, he could only think of ways to interfere a little.

Before long, Fukasaku returned and nodded to Roja.

“The Great Toad Sage welcomes you!”

“You wait for me here!”

Roja said to Mei and Kurenai and directly went inside.

Kurenai and Mei weren’t interested in the Great Toad Sage, they were more interested in the scenery here.

Inside the palace, Roja recalled this place from when he watched Naruto before.

This room was very simple and elegant, in the front, the Great Toad Sage was sitting on its soft couch waiting for Roja.

Roja looked at him and said: “It seems like you already knew I would come here. The environment here is pretty good, much better than the Shikkotsu Forest and Ryuchi Cave!”

“Hehehehe… We always were unable to get along with the Ryuchi cave, and our relationship with the Shikkotsu forest is neutral.”

The Old Toad opened his eyes and looked at Roja as if he was examining him.

Shima and Fukasaku could only perceive nature’s Chakra inside Roja’s body and nothing else.

The Old Toad could perceive deeper things, he could tell that Roja’s body was actually being transformed from the Sage body toward the Six-Path’s body. He was no longer a normal human, he has the power of the Six-path.

When the old Toad was examining Roja, Roja did the same.

Like the Slug and the Snake Sages, the old Toad reached the perfect Sage body, and he held immense chakra completely beyond the tailed beast level.

However, even so, he was incomparable to the Six-path’s power.

There was nothing surprising about this, the only thing that made Roja interested was the toad’s ability to predict the future.